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  1. Would you be so kind as to tell Nancy we enjoyed our first pawpaw harvest this Fall?  She did a nativescaping recommendation for us in 2013 which included a pair of the trees.

  2. Well, we did it up well. Thanks for the suggestions and between the four of us we did everything that was mentioned last week. The night started with a bang by getting a metered parking space right across the street from the restaurant! The pre-meal Negroni was delicious, as was the Ric Flair cocktail with rye, an amaro of some sort and some other tasty liquids. Restaurant Week pricing was extended until the night we went, so we sampled a good chunk of the menu. Burrata appetizer was fresh and tasty. It included a cool little stewed tomato with a bright, palate cleansing tang from some unknown
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Dinner’s not until Thursday, PLUS they’re extending Restaurant Week pricing through that night. Good for me!!
  4. I’m super excited to finally be able to go to Dino’s Grotto after many years of wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. It will be a rare event for us, unfortunately, so we won’t be able to plow through the menu over time. What items can’t be missed.
  5. Have you ruled out Natta Thai in the shopping center with The Virginian and Renaissance Cafe? Locally owned, family run. Good chow, IMO.
  6. Just made some bread and butter pickles and canned them using my Anova sous vide implement. I formulated a plan from a combination of info from ChefSteps and the USDA pickling recommendations. From what I can tell, if I get the interior of the jars >180°F for more than 10 mins, then they’re safe to store. My question to you experts is this: if I only can high acid items, can I get rid of my huge canning pot which takes up lots of space in my pantry?
  7. Mrs DrXmus and I went to the Cock and Bowl for the first time at the end of the summer. I had a Croque Monsieur and my wife has some sort of veggie version (is that a Madame?). Both were very good, incredibly rich and neither of us could finish the sandwiches. We did a number on the fries, which were excellent. They had a great Belgian beer selection although my first two choices couldn't be found by our waiter. Service was mostly adequate. There was one server but there aren't many tables and there was only one other couple eating. It to a while to get the check when we were done then it took
  8. Mrs DrXmus and I had lunch at The Sandwich Shop this afternoon. We were there a little after noon and the place was about half full. There wasn't much more business before we left around 12:30. The inside is unchanged from Chase the Submarine, I'm fairly certain. I had a Cuban sandwich which I enjoyed. The bread was a ciabatta, so some would have a fit, but it was quite fine for me. The ham was replaced with a couple of slices of salami, which I liked very much. I got an order of fries which were great, if slightly undersalted. They seemed to be battered and were crispy as expected and c
  9. I'm very sad to say (for all of us who have enjoyed ABC Canteen) that they'll be closing as of 11/28. I went today with my wife and visiting mother because I couldn't think of a better casual lunch for our group after a turkey overdose yesterday. Wes had a sign on the door stating that Tuesday, the 28th, will be their last day. I'll miss all the dishes I ate there and I'm kicking myself for not having eaten at least one of everything. I'll miss the tamales and hushpuppies most of all.
  10. I came here just to find anything about this situation. Maybe someone knows more details because I'm very confused and suspicious. Lotus Garden closed in April to improve the kitchen, the sign said. It also said they'd be open in a few weeks (5 weeks IIRC). Fast forward to mid-August and the website says they're open again. Why five months? Having walked by there several times in July, I can tell you nothing was happening inside. To add to the confusion, the much lower quality East Chateau restaurant two blocks away had a kitchen fire in March and has been closed since then. Earlie
  11. Sorry, I didn't mean to generate a shitstorm. My general, subjective impression of the new site was that there were fewer sig lines, not that that mine or anyone else's is missing, just that it seems there are fewer. I was simply asking if I'd missed a request that we. It have them, that's all.
  12. As an introverted, married, slightly more than middle-aged guy with not a hint of "game", the idea of servers doing this makes me cringe. I am getting palpitations even thinking about going in there by myself! Great review, by the way!
  13. I have to admit I haven't visited the boards in a few months, but it seems that fewer people have signature lines. Is this the new norm or am I misremembering? I actually used the search function to find this thread and it worked, so I'm over the moon!!
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