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  1. So... what's the verdict, DR? I'm on the market for a machine as well...
  2. Thanks for a beautifully illustrated post, weinoo. IMHO, Grand Central Oyster Bar is a quintessential NYC experience. I like to keep it simple too - a couple dozen oysters and a couple dirty martinis at the counter. Best way to kill time before a train, but also a destination in itself.
  3. March 19 - March 29, 2012 is "Restaurant Week" throughout Brooklyn: Dine In Brooklyn. 195 participating restaurants, many solid choices, reasonably priced: Three course lunch for $20.12, dinner for $25.00. I usually take how a restaurant fares during restaurant week with a grain of salt, but it is a cheap way to check out new places, and then return for a full experience. Looking forward to trying Lunetta in Boerum Hill, and Blue Ribbon Brooklyn in Park Slope is probably a good bet as well.
  4. STL style pizza is thin crust, preferably with provel cheese and from Imo's. But, I have had the pleasure of eating Pi's pizza many times in St. Louis, and while it cannot be called "St. Louis Style Pizza," it is nevertheless from St. Louis. I wouldn't think this is true Chicago-style either, even though it is deep dish. They use a corn meal crust, which is IMHO, what makes this pizza delicious. The crust is flavorful, and has just the right amount of crunch and give, to hold up the high-quality toppings and marinara-type sauce. The big deal about this place in STL, (other than the pizza being good) is that Obama ate their pizza when he was in STL on the campaign trail, and he loved it. I heard (and this could be off) that when he became President, he liked Pi so much that he had it delivered... all the way to the White House. Were I still in DC, I would be very happy to have Pi as an option. But, luckily I'm in NYC and I have no pizza issues. Now, if you can find me Chicken Makhani on the UWS that comes even somewhat close to the greatness of Heritage, I would be ecstatic. Talk about a foodie wasteland - be forewarned. If you move to NYC, do not move to the UWS! Thanks for the heads up DR
  5. I would head to Ray's for that Crab Royale even if it was the only thing worth eating on the menu (thankfully it's not!). Last night was my first time at RTC (say hi next time ), and while I loved the steaks, sides, key lime pie, etc., I have to say, the crab stole the show for me. Fresh, huge lumps of well seasoned crab, with what tasted like a hint of Old Bay - All in a giant, beautiful pile. Best crab I've had that I didn't pull out of the shells myself. If you're a crab lover, you must try the Crab Royale here. And to echo the comments above, eating at the bar for $23.95 is a ridiculous deal. I wish I lived closer, too!
  6. I checked out Hell Burgers last night as well and was a very happy customer. The quality of the meat is unsurpassed by any burger I've had. I could taste the freshness in every bite and greatly appreciate the effort that goes in to making these beauties. These burgers are truly about the meat. I had Diablo Medium Rare with Hell Sauce, Grilled Onions and Smoked Mozz. Anyone know what's in the Hell Sauce? I thought I detected a hint of BBQ sauce somewhere in my burger, either in the Diablo or the Hell Sauce. I'm not a fan of BBQ sauce on my burger, so this threw off my taste buds a bit. Also, I probably won't choose the Smoked Mozz again because it dulled things a bit too much for my liking. Best part? I didn't feel one bit ill after demolishing my meal. Burger was moist but not one bit greasy. The only thing I left was a bit of root beer in my mug. When I saw the root beers on tap I was hoping they'd be served in frosted mugs. To me this was a terrific value at $10 for a great cheeseburger, watermelon, corn, pickle and a root beer. I am looking forward to returning and ordering a version of what I usually make at home - Diablo Burger with American, LT and grilled onions, mayo and ketchup. I didn't see any Mayo on the tables, and hope that next time I might be able to get some to mix with the Heinz 57. I also want to try a burger with Gruyere and mushrooms. One more thing - I got there around 6:30pm last night, had about 4 people in front of me in line and easily snagged a table. Took about 10 minutes for the goods to arrive, but by the time I was taking my first bite the place was really starting to fill up.
  7. I was sucked in by the Southern Chicken ad campaign - particularly the image of the chicken biscuit next to the perspiring sweet tea. I tried the biscuit last week, and admit that I enjoyed it. Since SuperSize Me, I have avoided Mickey D's, succumbing to a weakness for fries or an Egg McMuffin once or twice a year. I will definitely go with the Chicken Biscuit over the Egg McMuffin now, but hope that I can stay strong and limit it to rare occasions. I've avoided Chick-Fil-A since viewing a revelation regarding their ownership on this board. As they say, ignorance is bliss.
  8. An outstanding breakfast (first time!) at Colorado Kitchen. I cannot believe that was my first time at the place; it certainly won't be the last. I am still thinking about those doughnuts, and I'm not one for sweets. I hadn't gone until now because of the posts of long waits - I went on Saturday at around 11:30, and the place was only half full. I won't be as discouraged from now on, particularly on Saturday morning. And I am going to make a point to get out there for Burgers and Fried Chicken! A very disappointing dinner at Tackle Box. Love the concept for this place, but I was completely underwhelmed. Lobster roll comprised of a small amount of very small bits of lobster, which were actually overpowered by the roll in terms of ratio of bread to filling, and even flavor (meaning, the bun had flavor, the lobster little). Is this a case of the Monday's? Little fried bay scallops were good, had a nice taste, good portion. Grilled corn was the highlight for me, love the grill taste. GF got the cheeseburger and remarked it tasted like a frozen patty - it did (Don't know if it actually is or not, but it did taste like a thick frozen patty that had been slapped on the grill, slight char on the outside, no discernible seasoning, flavor or juiciness). Bun tasted stale, particularly as compared to the one with the lobster roll. Mac n Cheese was okay, nice amount of cheesiness but I think I prefer mine with a more cheddar tang, and cheesier oven-like texture instead of the velvetta-sauce like consistency. It reminded me of Bourbon's version. Didn't really like the lemonade either - combo of too much sour, and too much sweet going on. I should have watered it down some but didn't. Blueberry pie didn't really hit the mark for me either - crust was soggy and it actually appealed to me less because the pie was sitting out on the counter under a glass. Kind of wish it had been served with some creme fresh or some kind of whipped cream or ice cream. I was originally excited for the lobster roll at this place, but from the comments and my experience, if I go back I might stick with the grilled fish options.
  9. Checked it out yesterday - it was refreshing and tasty. Not as good as Pinkberry for me, but I think they're still tinkering with their formula. I liked their Pomegranate flavor and got a swirl with the regular, with berry toppings. Fruit tasted fresh and was solid. I think they're going to do great in this location, and for me it's a welcome addition to Dupont Circle. But not sure I would go way out of my way to get there just yet. Also, the design of the place is pretty cool.
  10. I've stayed away because of a personal bad experience and the overwhelming number of bad experiences of others. The thing is, I do find myself thinking about the place. Despite all the real issues with the service, I believe the food can be great, and I find myself wishing that I could have a positive experience. However, in my post a while back, I said (and have stuck to), the only way I would go again is if I know I am guaranteed the good food minus the aggravation. It's not worth chancing on my own, certainly not on my own dime. Such a shame.
  11. Yes, I was going to do the CI low-oven / sear method. Hmm... good point, maybe I need to consider other options.
  12. Alright, going for attempt #4 tonight. This time with a good-sized Porterhouse from Whole Foods. Not frozen, bought on Sunday. Should I remove the meat from the bone before putting it in the oven, or is it good to go, bone-in? Will report back, I'm really hoping I don't screw this one up!
  13. Okay so before I answer, I cooked a steak that night - it was an 1-1.5inch thick ribeye from a grocery store in St. Louis, but in retrospect the meat did not compare to Whole Foods quality, though it was fairly marbled - I have to confess I'm not exactly sure what *good* marbling looks like though. This steak ended up being juicy, but lacking in flavor - the amount of juice leaking while sitting was not as great as in past efforts. But, I realized I forgot to post about another consistent problem I have with this method - the steak is luke-warm at best by the time I eat it after it's sat for 10 minutes, even with a foil tent. I prefer it to be a little warmer - anyone know, does it have to sit for the full 10, or would 5 do? 1. First time I tried this method, the steak came from Whole Foods - Dry Aged 2-inch Boneless Ribeye. Second time, Ribeye from butcher at a grocery store, but still somewhat good marbling. Third time, Ribeye from good grocery store, perhaps not good quality meat. (As an aside, I showed my bro this method, and he's become quite adept at it using Frozen ribeye steaks, says they come out juicy and delicious. I've never tried this method using frozen steak). 2. No manipulation with a fork. I use tongs to take the steak from the oven rack and place it in the pan, tongs to flip, tongs to put it on the cooling rack. 3. First time I did it, used a pyrex bowl for my cooling location, loosely tented. This was a fairly large steak, and the amount of juice underneath was a good sized puddle. The steak being of such great quality, it still tasted delicious - but the meat definitely tasted dry. The second time I did it, I used a wire cooling rack, there was a puddle underneath though not as large as the first time, and the meat again was tasty but dry. Third time the meat was juicy, but the steak wasn't as flavorful. Also, obviously I've not mastered this method, but the first steak I cooked (the whole foods one) still had the gray area in the steak the method purports to eliminate... I'm determined to keep trying, thanks to everyone for the advice!
  14. Thanks to the advice on this thread, I've now tried the Cook's Illustrated 275 oven -> pan method twice and I love it. Each time the steak has come out incredibly flavorful, perfectly pink (not rare), and.. DRY. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, but here are the details - I don't have a instant-read thermometer, so I'm playing it by ear, leaving 1.5-2 inch boneless ribeye steaks in the oven for about 23-25 minutes, then directly into the hot pan for 1.5-2 min per side. After the pan searing is done, I leave them on a wire cooling rack for 10 minutes, loosely tented. When I come back, each time I have noticed a lot of juice under the rack - I have not cut in to the steak or anything, yet somehow my juices are leaking out. Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong? I'm going to try again tonight, and leave the steak in for less time in the oven in hopes it will retain the juice. Less time in the pan as well. Thanks in advance!
  15. Bar Pilar for drinks, love the Viking beer; Cork for a feeding frenzy through the menu, two orders of the steak with brussels, the roma tomatoes are a must, chicken liver didn't wow me, duck was delicious, fries were great, chicken was moist, kale had great texture and flavor, sunchokes were okay, love that goat cheesecake, GM's hospitality was outstanding; Coppi's for cool atmosphere and thin and crunchy pizza, pancetta is thick sliced and fantastic here, on pizza and in salad, zabaglione is now chocolate flavored and I miss the original.
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