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  1. On October 22nd, I'm going to be going to Palladio, the restaurant at Barboursville Vineyards, where Cesare Lafranconi, the chef from Tosca, is going to be guest chef for the night. Has anyone been to these wine dinners at Barboursville before, and would you recommend them?
  2. Did anyone go last night? I was thinking of going with my girlfriend, but we ended up making tacos instead...
  3. In terms of bar burgers, I've always been a fan of the New Yorker at the Penn Ave. Pour House on the Hill - grilled mushrooms, onions, and cheese with a 1/2 lb patty that I always get medium rare. It's the best thing they have there (which, honestly, isn't saying much) but it's one helluva burger.
  4. I've never had Palena's famous fry plate or the fries at Les Halles... But the best fries I've had recently have been right around the corner from my new digs at Amsterdam Falafel on 18th Street. Damn those are some fine fries...
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