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  1. It is bread, brie, crisp apples, and onion jam. And it was delicious.
  2. Since no one has made any guesses about my "Where did I dine?" I'll give a hint: It was at a very popular Northern Virginia location of a DC area restaurant chain.
  3. The Foxfire Grill, on the Little River Turnpike, in Alexandria. I had never eaten there until recently, but have had several good meals in the last month.
  4. Here is a photo of he last meal I had at Mama's Fish House:
  5. In Maui I have had several excellent meals at Mama’s Fish House in Kuau Cove. Not only is the food good, but views around the restaurant are beautiful.
  6. That’s it. The beignets were very, very good. The caramel sauce did not appeal to me, but the other added a nice taste to them.
  7. They are beignets. The sauces were "salted caramel" and "bailey's crème anglaise."
  8. I’m sorry about this. That was at L'Auberge Chez Francois, as was guessed. I thought I had posted a “yes” to that guess, but I don’t see it.
  9. On a recent trip to Charleston, in addition to breakfast at the Vicious Biscuit, I had a wonderful meal at a restaurant I had never heard of, the Coda del Pesce. The restaurant in not actually in Charleston, but on the Isle of Palms, about a half hour drive from the city. It was well worth the drive. There is a nice view of the ocean from most of the tables in the restaurant. They began by serving us some Italian bread with an olive oil and basil dip. For the first course we shared the “Local Flounder ‘Braciole.’” It was delicious. For my second course I had “Heritage Bone In Pork Chop.” (In spite of this description in the menu there was no bone in the serving I received.) It was excellent. They have a good selection of wines to go with the meals—mostly Italian, as one would expect. We had a bottle of J. Hofstätter 2016 Gewürztraminer which was very nice. I was with a group of three and all of us were extremely happy with our meal. If you are in the Charleston area, and have time to drive to the Isle of Palms, you should not miss having a meal at the Coda del Pesce.
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