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  1. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I should be able to bring 15 to 20 tomato varieties to the tasting. Just started to get a few ripe large tomatoes this week, but next week should bring a good selection. My basil plants are also going strong. Cherry whisky will also be brought, along with a locally made apple pie liquor. We won't be able to stay for the full time, however. My high school reunion picnic is on the same day, so we will check out early to attend that.
  2. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    No. I usually eat tomatoes undressed, or cheat with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Almost all the varieties are new to me. I am particularly excited to try some of the purple and black varieties. I had a few excellent Large Black Boar tomatoes last year and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye is supposed to be even better.
  3. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Everyone is welcomed to bring tomatoes to the tasting, though please record the variety name.
  4. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I am fond of the CA Olive Ranch oil sold by Trader Joe's. I will bring basil too. Growing Thai, Italian, lemon, and lime basil this year.
  5. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Alrighty! Tomato tasting will be happening.
  6. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    Would anyone be interested in a tomato tasting? I am growing about 50 varieties of tomatoes this year and I am seeing fruits on most of my plants. So most should have ripe fruit by end of July.
  7. Provence and Cote D'Azur? Basque/Catalan parts of Spain? Portugal? Nice weather, nice beaches, walkable cities, great food, drivable if you want to, and relatively easy to get around. Speaking for myself, I would push for Rome in a less busy month like January or February. Celebrating two momentous birthdays in the Eternal City just seems fitting to me. Plus I utterly loved Rome when we went in February 2016. The weather was pleasant and crowds mostly tolerable. I would probably have hated the experience if we went during a hotter busier month.
  8. astrid

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I will be there with +1, cherry whisky, and sundry.
  9. Lilypons in Adamstown, MD? Definitely go see Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in late July, when the lotus and waterlilies are blooming.
  10. This owned by the same people as Lucy in Silver Spring, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant.
  11. astrid

    Szechuan Boiled Fish (四川水煮魚)

    Grittiness is probably because you included the Sichuan peppercorn seeds in the grind. You need to remove them and only use the hulls, which contain the flavor.
  12. astrid

    Podcasts - What Are Your Favorites?

    These podcasts from my rotation might have more than niche appeal (I also listen to things like Davis Garden Show and Book Fight). After a while, content matters less to me than having hosts with good radio voices and non-annoying musical cues. Le Show Revolutions History of Rome Special Sauce The Allusionist The Bugle The Next Picture Show The Dissolve Judge John Hodgman Ask a Manager
  13. Tried them but I was unimpressed. The cheddar ones don't have much flavor and the bags have a high crumb ratio. Have anyone seen poke in their deli section lately? We really miss them, especially the spicy version.
  14. Speaking of Asian jerky, Costco is pricing to sell the last of their HTY sweet beef jerky for $8 a packet. Agree that my last few bags of Golden Island seems a bit off.
  15. They run out of dough by probably 9 PM seating, on most nights. If you don't get there shortly after opening, maybe up to 6:30 for a small party on a bad weather weekday, you're looking at a wait of some kind up to 8:30. But it's not quite the crazy wait of a DC hotspot. Probably more like 30-45 minutes for a smaller party during peak times. Though we just go right at 5 and always get seated immediately. The pizza there are excellent. The toppings were always exquisite. I used to think the crust lagged a little behind Pizza CS and year one Pupatella. Now I think they got it really right.