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  1. I guess I was thinking something that taught the basics of butchery, and maybe showed a cut something akin to Landrum's class last year....Not really sure, that's why I posted this.... I would like to learn large cuts for beef & pork, the proper way to break down and debone fowl, etc...
  2. Probably just some primal cuts, but with a few more advanced cuts........
  3. Does anyone know where one might find a butchery class to enroll in??? I looked at L'Academie and didn't see one there....Anyone? Anyone?
  4. There is an Indian fusion (Indo-Chinese) place in Centreville called Masala Country....Never been, but I read an article about it the other day...here is the website. Good luck!
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I just found Chef Nathan Anda's recipe on the Washingtonian website. http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/recipes/3708.html I'll let you know how it turns out.
  6. My wife and I are intent on reproducing the bacon-wrapped figs from Eatbar....Does anyone have a tip on where we might find a decent variety of fresh figs? Besides "Whole Paycheck" which we think will probably have some available, we are looking for quality figs...Any ideas?
  7. Darcy O'Neil provides a review of the book The Art of the Bar: Cocktails Inspired By The Classics in the following link. On this page he provides a recipe for Dr. Schwartz's Cherry Vanilla Bitters Hope this helps! Bitters
  8. I have to say there is truly no substitue for fresh coconut. I can only speak to chamorro (Guam) food, and in my family and all other self-respecting Chamorro households coconuts are grated with a Kumyu, a metal grater attached to a stool. This tool allows a person to grate the coconut in to small pieces for use in many dishes such as kelaguen manok. I have found them for sale at Phillipino stores in the area, most recently at Manila Oriental store in Bailey's Crossroads. Here is a pic of a child sitting on a Kumyu grating delicious fresh coconut! By the way, the easiest way to open a coconut is with the dull side of a meat cleaver. Rap it around the circumference....It should take no time at all!
  9. I have been lurking here and eG for a few years, but decided I would add some insight to a great local place. Mrs. ft and I eat here quite regularly. The prices are just right and the food is better than the other local Indian places. I would recommend the following dishes: Keema Samosa- What's better than seasoned lamb turnovers? Fried seasoned lamb turnovers. These little gems are good to the last bite. Plump to the point of too much ground lamb, seasoned with a variety of traditional Indian spices and delicately sprinkled with mango powder to offer a contrasting sweet to the savory fillings inside. Vindaloo- This dish is deadly. It is so good that even though you are literally burning your GI tract from the heat, you can not put your fork down to take a break. The description on the menu describes it as "Hot & vinegary lamb or chicken, with potato from Goa on the western coast" I would suggest the lamb and be prepared to, as the Great John Cougar Mellencamp said, "hurt so good." Onion Kulcha-Indian bread as it should be. Fluffy, freshly made, stuffed full of softened, spicy onions. It serves as a great foundation for the basmati rice and lamb vindaloo. Stack it all up and wash it down with some ice cold Stella Artois. You will be in a fiery heaven. Finally, the popadums are deliciously spicy and crunchy and are a great snack the day after.
  10. My wife and I frequent Guajillo for three very important reasons. I will list them for all of you to enjoy and learn from. 1) We would rather spend or dollars at a locally-owned joint than at Don Pablo's or Rio Grande. 2)Every time we have eaten at Guajillo's, we have been served DEE-LISH-OUS food and drinks by attentive, and polite staff. 3)This might be the most important part so, please pay attention here, the carnitas at this place are fan-freaking-tastic. They are deeply flavored, with hints of cumin and cinnamon,fall-apart-on-your-plate tender, and served with a yummy quesadilla constructed with gooey quesillo and earthy huitlacoche. That is all. Thanks and goodnight!
  11. Jettie's serves lobster rolls at lunchtime during the week...Deliciously lobstery...
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