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  1. Is it possible that there's anything approaching Jin River out near Reston?
  2. In my experience, there's never a straight answer to the question "Is Peter Chang here tonight?". At least not in Atlanta, nor in Knoxville. I can thank Mr. Chang for opening the door to flavors and dishes from Sichuan, but in all honesty, I have since had Sichuan cuisine as good (on a good night at Jin River) and better--Chengdu Taste in Las Vegas and the street food stall at Flushing's New York Food Court. What's most important to Mr. Chang is his family, centered in the D. C. area. He's had years in kitchens, and in all frankness its not an easy life. Kudos to him for finding a way to stay out of the kitchen, rather than in.
  3. On a marathon morning a while back, sampled were both John's and George's. Perhaps because in my misspent youth I cooked thousands of cheese steaks, my preferences run to roast pork with broccoli rabe. For that reason, George's, with its counter stools and enticing bain maries of daily specials, did it for me. That said, parking is much better at John's.
  4. Thanks for the 411 re lunch at Joe's. Home style lunch--Cumin Beef , Sichuan String Beans and Hot and Sour Soup--were exemplary of their kind. Next weekend finds us home and at Peter Chang's (Atlanta) opening night party. Carpe diem--it's a very challenging location nigh by somewhat adjacent to Ray's On The River in a cavernous '70's architecturally grotesque vaulted ceiling cedar planked white elephant. Think disco sleek decor from a coke deprived decorator at his worst. Nice windows, though. So what's all this 'Hook' buzz about Mr. Chang opening a like eponymous Peter Chang's in Charlottesville?
  5. Mr. Chang and wife are ensconced at Tasty China in Marietta GA. Details: http://285foodies.com/forum/index.php?topic=105.msg11971#msg11971 Carpe diem.
  6. vg food, very small portions. Three courses, still hungry. Swiss chard wrapped around faux navaronnes of lamb cut from the leg was kind of fussy but very very tasty. the local lamb was certainly no slouch. sigh. It's a trend I've seen often elsewhere--farm to table expressed as small portions. I go on record as resentful.
  7. Quick lunch before beating feet to Union Station. The waitron came. "Round eyes, Chinese stomach" I said. "Oyster ginger scallion" she said. "Salt and pepper crab?" I said. She shook her head.. "Ok" I said. "And gailon broccoli with garlic". I have eaten these dishes many many times, albeit on this side of the pond. These were exemplary. I will return often. The specials are all on the wall--so that's the secret menu I guess.
  8. On the universal scale of wonderfulness, how wonderful is Amsterdam Falafel? I know it's an inexpensive meal, that's not what is being asked. Rather, is it Israeli style--i.e. all chick peas and lots of parsley? Or Egyptian style with fava beans? Many thx from this intermittent visitor.
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