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  1. I have really been enjoying the BBQ from 2Fifty. Tonight, we had the St. Louis pork ribs, Wagyu brisket, a side of corn bread, and the key lime pie. Both the brisket and rib meat are very moist, and I enjoyed the smokiness of the ribs. The sauce (which comes in small containers) is not overly sweet and enhance the flavor of the meat. It has been some of the best BBQ I have had in a long time. There is a parking lot across the street that was quite full. It also looked like the outdoor dining was doing brisk business, with a lot more foot traffic than I remember from my college days in Co
  2. I don’t actually go to these places but can think of three of them. The Limerick Pub in Wheaton on Elkin Street. McGinty’s Public House on Ellsworth Dr. in downtown Silver Spring, and Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring. I would like to see more business development on the eastern side of MoCo, I'm seeing a lot of empty buildings. The Discovery Building is half empty right now.
  3. I find the Mediterranean veggie sandwich to be pretty good. I haven’t been there since they were bought by Krispy Kreme, I didn’t think that was a good sign.
  4. Good thinking about the wine. We also ordered a bottle at a 33% discount. We just had a small pour and took the rest home with us. It sounds funny for just two people, but next time we plan on ordering a bottle for each of us. Everyone seemed to be drinking wine!
  5. MC Horoscope and I went tonight and thought it was fantastic. We had the sommelier arrange wine pairings and each one went perfectly with our courses. We hope to make it back before the end of the month. We’re going to miss this place!
  6. I definitely need to get to The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm for dinner sometime soon. So far it’s only been for brunch, but based on what my husband and I had today it’s definitely worth a drive out there. For appetizers I had the Wild Rice Risotto with bacon, honey, goat’s cheese, and blueberry capers. I was a little skeptical of it being wild rice but this was my favorite dish of the three course meal. My husband had the “Dippy Eggs” which were sunny side up and had crispy breakfast sausage, crimini, cheddar, and semolina brioche to sop things up. By the way, the bread service of “Litt
  7. Trying to plan a short vacation in May. It looks like some great options are available. Are there any restaurants that I shouldn’t miss? Also, any recommendations for places to stay? Last time I visited Charleston I was a kid so I’m sure much has changed.
  8. Frankly Pizza in Kensington is also very good. I still like Pizza CS in Rockville the best but I’m always willing to go to either Inferno Pizzeria or Frankly Pizza. We have some pretty good options in Montgomery County right now.
  9. I went there with my husband this past Saturday and it’s still a great place to go. We were seated in the front room next to the big window overlooking the street which was enjoyable. We also loved the fish inspired artwork on the walls. We split the tuna tartare for an appetizer and for our main course we both had different preparations of butterfish. The waitress (I don’t know her name, but she’s been working there for years) said all the fish is good but she encouraged us to try something different and it was well worth it. The butterfish was crusty on top and very moist on the inside.
  10. MC Horoscope and I were also there last night, we’ve been trying to go to these dinners as much as possible. It really is great food and wine at a reasonable price. Last night was a little different in that two beers were served, both were IPA’s and went with the first two courses, the Po’ Boy and the softshell crab blt. It’s hard to say which course I liked the best, I liked them all! I can say that MC ate the brownie sundae in record time and the Po’ boy got the thumbs-up, which is a compliment coming from a Cajun.
  11. Willie Mae's Scotch House in New Orleans is probably the best fried chicken I've ever had. They get a big lunch crowd and it's a very relaxed place. Planning on going there again this June and I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. So true about finding Louisiana food outside of Louisiana. For some reason it just doesn't seem as good anywhere else. Copeland's on Rockville Pike was one bright spot many years ago, but is no longer there. I'd love to get away from all this snow and be in New Orleans right now having some great food!
  13. I also live in Silver Spring and have been here a few times, it's always been pretty good. One time they had live music when I was there. I believe they have bands on a regular basis, so you might want to check their website to see when it starts in the evening if you're concerned about the noise level. I also like the atmosphere and unpretentious vibe to it. We could use more neighborhood place like this.
  14. We were there last night at 6pm. I had the wine pairings which were all from New Zealand. My favorite was The Doctors' Riesling which had a sweet start and a dry finish. I usually don't like Rieslings very much but I really enjoyed this one. It paired with the sesame tuna tataki which was fantastic. Another highlight of the evening was the pan roasted black cod which was cooked to perfection. The Maryland crab fried rice that it came with made it perfect. We really need to get to Grapeseed more often, these meals are too good to pass up in my opinion.
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