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  1. Update: Fortune went dark for “renovations” many weeks ago, with a report of plans to reopen earlier this month, but is now closed permanently from what I can tell. I haven’t been since HK Pearl opened years ago (and never thought quality was great), but I know it’s been an institution in 7 Corners for decades & it’s always sad to see a longtime business go dark.
  2. Update: Working on a story and just got confirmation that chef Luc Dendievel (hired in 2014) recently left -- he was a big proponent of their 'foodie in training' kids' dining program, which looks like it will be changing or going away entirely. Too bad -- it was a nice menu and dedication to young diners.
  3. One bad and 2 "eh" meals there, plus a really creepy vibe from staff and male ownership -- it would be a miracle to get me back there with all of the other great options around.
  4. Well, I just did an Indian piece for Arl Mag, so you can send it to your friend with options for the future (if she can overlook the Kohinoor Dhaba mention), Also, I didn't include this because it just changed hands and I wanted to see if things changed, but Saffron is Falls Church is amazing. My go-to for sure. PSA: Kohinoor Dhaba still has a buffet. The last update above, before yours, Don, indicated it was gone, but I definitely have eaten it several times since 2013.
  5. Damn. I have always enjoyed my food from Kohinoor Dhaba, the buffet has always been excellent (though it has been a few months since I last was in) and their kulfi is fresh and lovely. Very sad to read this.
  6. Great sentiment but was this meant for today? It's 12:38 and the site is still up.... (maybe not meant to be inside pages?)
  7. Not many details on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/WaterWallRestaurant/ Hope that this community can help the displaced staff -- as I am sure Tim and Joey are also working to do. As a writer and resident of the area, it's so disheartening that the few higher-end restaurants in Arlington continue to struggle. I am begging for a new Willow to step up. I want to give you my business.
  8. Update, and a juicy one ..... Jonah Kim is out, and so is the uni .... "Chef Jonah Kim Splits with Mike Isabella and Yona" by Jessica Sidman and Anna Spiegel on washingtonian.com "Jonah Kim and Mike Isabella Part Ways" by Laura Hayes on washingtoncitypaper.com
  9. Does anyone have an email contact for the following spots: Rocco's Italian, McLean (website contact bounces) Bob & Edith's, Arlington (no site) McLean Family Restaurant, McLean (website contact bounces) Calling has not proven effective so far, and I have some quick questions to cover -- any contact help is welcome!
  10. Melissa -- To be 100% clear, nothing fell through the cracks in my situation. I wrote three articles for Flavor and was paid for them -- loved the concept and the editing. I then was contracted to write a piece for Inspired (via Flavor) in June 2012, delivered it and sent my invoice for that piece on time in the fall of 2012. After not receiving payment for several months, I was directed by my former editor Pam Hess to connect with you in Feb 2013. I have since been emailing you -- for more than one year -- about my payment owed. You told me on 2/18/13 -- "We are trying to get our final paym
  11. I can confirm the "subscriptions and advertising were not generating sufficient income to pay contributors" part. My email to Melissa this morning -- checking again on delinquent payment of $250-- bounced. When I am in Jamaica in May for a wedding, maybe I'll run into her on the beach ... Unreal.
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