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  1. You are correct, Paella is a result of Asian (and middle eastern) influence on European cooking, not the other way around. The biggest influence the Portuguese had on South Asian cuisine is introducing chilli peppers.
  2. There is a wonderful website from the Chiang Mai University Library that catalogs recipes from Northern Thailand in English with photos, Lanna Food. I decided to make Uk kai (aka Ook Gai) a Northern Thai chicken curry this weekend using the recipe from this website. It's related to Chin Hum (aka Jin Hoom, a recipe for which is in Andy Ricker's Pok Pok cookbook). It helps to know some Thai when using this website. For instance, the Thai work for Parsley (pak chee farang) is the same as the Thai word for culantro. Pak chee is the Thai word for cilantro, pak chee farang means foreign cilantro. Pa
  3. There is most certainly an historical connection between paella and biryani. Zora posted this article on Facebook awhile back, The Mexican Kitchen's Islamic Connections, a fascinating read about the connections between Mexican and Indian food. Here are some quotes relevant to the discussion; "The high cuisine of medieval Islam, one of the most sophisticated the world had seen, flourished from the eighth century on. It originated in Baghdad, where cooks had the advantage of being able to adapt a Persian cuisine that had developed over the past thousand years, and it was quickly adopted in the
  4. Night before last we had leftover Thai food (massaman curry etc. see above) along with a pineapple salad (ยำสับปะรด) made with the bottom half of the not quite ripe pineapple used in the curry, thinly sliced and mixed with sliced shallots, mint leaves, sliced Thai chillies, halved cherry tomatoes, roasted coconut, roasted peanuts, julienned kaffir lime leaves, and only needed a little lime juice and a few splashes of fish sauce (I've been using Megachef for salads) as the pineapple was already nice and sweet and sour, but still firm and I didn't need to add palm sugar. I'll m
  5. I got some from Bangkok 54. Older, thicker stalks, maybe at little ratty looking on the outside, but nice and purple on the inside. They worked well and have some fragrance. Freshworld in Springfield usually has good lemongrass, but I haven't been there yet this month.
  6. Sorry I've been neglecting this thread lately. I cooked some Thai food this weekend. Saturday: Jasmine and red rice with vegetables, Salmon salad (พล่าปลาà¹à¸‹à¸¥à¸¡à¸­à¸™ Phla pla salmon), chicken with chillies and green beans (ไà¸à¹ˆà¸œà¸±à¸”พริà¸à¹„ส้ถั่วà¸à¸±à¸à¸¢à¸²à¸§ gai pad prik sai tua fak yao), omelet (ไข่เจียว Khai jiew), panang curry with beef and pumpkin (à¹à¸žà¸™à¸‡à¹€à¸™à¸·à¹‰à¸­à¹„ส้ผัà¸à¸—อง panang nuea sai fak tong), Sly Fox Incubus. Sunday: à¹à¸à¸‡à¸¡à¸±à¸ªà¸¡à¸±à¹ˆà¸™ Gaeng Massaman, Massaman Curry with lam
  7. I also made Laap, but with chicken. I actually make laap about once a week. It's one of my "quick and easy" dishes. Last night Laap Gai ลาบไà¸à¹ˆ (minced chicken salad), panang fak tong à¹à¸žà¸™à¸‡à¸œà¸±à¸à¸—อง (panang curry with pumpkin), Kai Jiew ไข่เจียว (Thai "omelet") with Siracha ศรีราชา sauce (Grand Mountain Brand, my new favorite), vegetables, Jasmine rice. Victory Golden Monkey. ]
  8. Leela at Shesmmers.com just made a quick post about Thai geography, specifically pointing out that the North and the Northeast of Thailand "are separate and distinct in terms of food, dialect, culture, and geography". I've been seeing them conflated in many places on the web recently (including this thread, Khao Soi is still not an Issan dish). Take a look at the post. It's short, but it has a map.
  9. It's on the menu. PING: Kaw Moo. Kaw moo is Thai/Lao for pork (moo) neck (kaw) even though the English says pork shoulder. Ping is Lao for grilled.
  10. Transitioned from chapatis to rice. Same moong dal, carrots (from the garden) with fenugreek (methi) greens, raita with cherry tomatoes and radish, hari chutney, pickles and a Gujarati potato dish Batata Nu Shaak, simple but a long list of ingredients (coconut oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dried chillies, bay leaves, asafoetida, curry leaves, salt, hot chilli powder, turmeric, ginger, fresh green chillies, potatoes, tomatoes, coriander greens, ground coriander seeds, jaggery, and tamarind). Haven't made this in awhile. It was really good. Phone photo:
  11. Chapatis (ata [whole wheat flour] water), hari chutney (cilantro, mint, ginger, garlic, roasted cumin, black salt, chillies, lime juice, salt), raita (cucumber, yogurt, roasted cumin, salt, pepper), moong dal (garlic, ginger, turmeric, chillies, ghee, onions, panch phoran [bengali 5 spice], asafoetida, lime juice, jaggery), gobi aloo (cauliflower, potatoes, peanut oil, ginger, cumin seeds, chillies, coriander seed powder, turmeric, garam masala, salt), hot mango pickle, gongura chutney Andhra style (made and smuggled back from India by a friend's aunt).
  12. This is something I got from Mission Street Food by Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz. The recipe itself is a take on Peking Duck. I make this whenever I have chicken skin, which is frequently because I'm always breaking down chickens into parts for various dishes. The technique is simple. Put the skin on a cookie sheet layered with parchment paper. Add another layer of parchment on top and to with another cookie sheet so the skin lays flat. Bake at 300 for 45 minutes. When it's done you can pour the fat off and use it for something great and you get golden crispy chicken skins which you can s
  13. ลาบไà¸à¹ˆ Laap Gai (chopped chicken salad), ไà¸à¹ˆà¸œà¸±à¸”ใบà¸à¸°à¹€à¸žà¸£à¸² Gai Pad Bai Grapao (chicken stir fried with holy basil), ไข่เจียว Khai Jiew (Thai omelet) with ซ้อสศรีราชา Sauce Siracha (Sriracha sauce), หมูà¹à¸”ดเดียว Mu Daet Diao (Pork Jerky from Bangkok 54) and chicken skin with à¹à¸ˆà¹ˆà¸§ Jaew (dried chili dipping sauce), vegetables and jasmine rice.
  14. Mole verde con pollo (chicken in green sauce with tomatillos and jalapenos from the garden, pumpkin seeds and spices), arroz al la Mexicana (rice), frijoles negros de la olla (black beans), rajas de chile poblano with poblanos from the Four Mile Run Farmer's Market, (which turned out to be very spicy, hooray!), and tortillas.
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