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    I live in Hampden and volunteer my time with pit bull advocacy and rescue. I prefer my ingredients local, natural, and in-season, my proteins medium rare to medium, and my chocolate dark.
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    Baltimore, MD
  1. Here's a guest post I did for the Baltimore Sun's Dining@Large column about my August 7 trip to the market (I go weekly). It's very brief- someone typically gives a short report of the goodies to be found as the 32nd Street Farmer's Market is a good tip-off for what to find at the larger Baltimore Farmer's Market (under the JFX/83) on Sundays. Waverly Market report With our usual Saturday farmers' market correspondent away at the shore, BaltimoreGal graciously agreed to check out Waverly this week. Sounds like she had a great time. Here's BaltimoreGal. LV It was a gorgeous day at the marke
  2. just enjoyed a Maryland tomato and black pepper/smoked paprika/tumeric goat cheese sandwich.

  3. Hello All! I'm Ann, from Baltimore, and recently joined this site on the urging of Ms. Minx. I do NOT work in the food industry in any way but am very interested in local food and what I consider good cooking and business practices. I'm the daughter of a farm girl so my expertise, as it were, is in the simple preparation of fresh and in-season produce. Although I do have an inheritance of southern recipes that some may kill for, including Mama Hilda's pound cake (which calls for a pound of butter) and the Smithville Men's Club Brunswick Stew. I also know how to make a BBQ sauce, courtesy of
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