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  1. They don't have scotch All of the food on our menu was sourced directly from a local farmer or waterman. All of our spirits are from the US and their materials are thoughtfully sourced. All of our wines are organic, biodynamic or local, leaning towards the latter two. All of our beers are from farm breweries in Maryland.
  2. I ate at Husk in May (never posted about it...oops) and there were zero complaints. We still think about the browned butter ice cream for dessert. We also had a good experience at lunch at Woolworth's On Fifth....transformed lunch counter that played a role during the protests during 1960. For an Aslin-type beer visit, Southern Grist is awesome.
  3. Forgot to post half the reason I opened this thread Sean Brock Leaves Charleston Restaurant Group to Focus on Nashville - Eater Charleston What Sean Brock's Move to Nashville Means for Charleston Restaurants - Eater
  4. 100% on FIG. I'd also suggest Rodney Scott BBQ (or Lewis depending on your tastes) Unless you're going across the bridge to the beach or something, you'll have no problem taking ride sharing apps a few miles
  5. I dont doubt it - the progression between your post to start that thread a month after the third chef started and then erica's to end it two years later summed it up quite well
  6. My thoughts - most of those either tried to do upscale American but just couldn't keep up with the market, chose bad locations, and/or dealt with poor management/decisions. "Baltimore Restaurant Closing vs. Openings in 2018: How Do They Stack Up?" by Sarah Meehan on baltimoresun.com As far as ones I'm familiar with: Bagby Pizza Co. - lease ended, owner leaving the restaurant business Ryan's Daughter - business slowed, lease was ending, just got left behind a little Dimitri’s Tavern - dive bar with a 75 year old owner Dino BBQ - not good food (sorry upper New Yorkers) with poor service and a poor location Waterfront Kitchen - got stale in the words of the owner and rebranded Jack's Bistro - closed to open a bigger space in Blair’s on Hudson Bluegrass - changed owners and the quality dropped Aggio - weird location, got neglected and/or stale Wine Market - rebranding Corner Restaurant and Charcuterie Bar - owner had health problems HarborQue - mediocre BBQ surrounded by better options for the same price Regi’s American Bistro - where you take your grandma - was stale five years ago In Bloom - another expensive option in a weird location that got left behind - I wanted them to do well, but there were cheaper options for almost everything on the menu within a five minute walk La Tolteca - nothing ever does well, it's just too big and rent is probably too high to really run a successful restaurant without some serious name brand backing Modern Cook Shop/Fork & Wrench - same owners, got stale and didn't evolve itself Rachel - that spot has probably averaged a restaurant a year over the past five or ten years
  7. My two food-related ones are The Sporkful and Bon Appetit Foodcast - I liked Alton Brown too but that disappeared
  8. I also had the grilled octopus, which was delicious. Apparently they usually have some sort of tartare - we got the lamb. The cavatelli was indeed very good, but as far as the pasta I think I liked the gnocchi the best. Half pastas were perfect to split and try and graze on the menu, and no sticker shock when the bill came was nice.
  9. website Baltimore Sun review The sister restaurant of La Cuchara, I haven't been yet but I've gotten enough raving reviews from my friends that we probably deserve a thread
  10. https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2017/07/12/jacks-bistro-to-close-as-owner-prepares-fornew.html Closing soon at an unknown date to move to a new restaurant & location. Sounds like the entire staff and most of the menu/vibe will be moving with it based on the article and a Facebook post from the restaurant.
  11. Indeed it is, and worth mentioning because I don't think Fishnet was open the last time this thread was active.
  12. Planning a couple meals in Chicago in a couple months...and frankly I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'll ask a fairly open question - what are some restaurants that look and feel like you're eating in Chicago?
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