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  1. Everyone should have some del taco "del scorcho" packets on hand. Excellent for homemade breakfast burritos. The California Burrito (burrito with french fries) is a regional speciality, from San Diego. Done well or even passably and it is a delightful experience. This style of burrito has spread widely now - in Idaho it is something of a contentious issue as they are famous for their taters, and so you'll see an "Idaho burrito" which is actually a "California burrito" rebranded. But they are definitely best south of Oceanside. Burrito Brothers on capitol hill, to my surprise, is
  2. The Passenger opened shortly after I moved back into the city proper from a few miserable years in suburban exile where the closest thing to a cocktail was the Greenbelt Marriott or (shudder) TGI Friday's. I was so happy to find a non-pretentious bar serving excellently made drinks at a reasonable price. We were good friends for quite a while, and although we've drifted apart in recent years, this is a spot I will truly miss. Tom and Derek, I pour out a little liquor for the Passenger's closing. -it was a hell of a great spot - thank you.
  3. You definitely want to open the box and repackage in your fridge. I'm sure they'll include instructions - but mussels need to breathe and you want to make sure the little fellows don't freeze. I usually transfer to a large bowl and cover lightly with a damp paper towel.
  4. For my daily grind (mostly Chemex) I love and also recommend the Baratza Encore burr grinder. You can buy it from Stumptown as well ... http://buy.stumptowncoffee.com/baratza-encore-burr-grinder.html Very reasonably priced and does a great job for anything in the drip, press, pour over family. For espresso I also have a Rancilio Rocky, which I like but is prone to jamming.
  5. The 11th Annual t r a n s f o r m e r Silent Auction & Benefit Party Saturday, November 22, 2014, 8-11pm Featuring over 150 artworks by locally, nationally, and internationally based emerging & established artists Savories, sweets, and drinks provided by several of Washington DC's finest restaurants. A great opportunity to pick up some art & support local artists . [I'm one of 'em] untitled #10 from 19 Hot Biscuits getting prepped for auction.
  6. Last night was a beefeater with 4 olives . I favor rinsing the ice with vermouth: ice + glass + vermouth. stir, pour out liquid. Vermouth is toothy enough that just the right amount will stick to the ice and mix well when the gin hits it. At home I stick the finished drink in the freezer for a couple of minutes to get it colder. Temperature not vermouth is what vexes me most in DC . Passenger will make you happy if you like Martinis or even if you don't . Am going to miss that bar.
  7. Open and awesome. I love this place. Very friendly - has a great vibe going. Not my top choice for just hanging out (that would be coffee bar's chill patio) but good, consistent coffee and espresso & super convenient. (right next to Trader Joes). You should go (and over to coffee bar as well, esp while weather remains tolerable).
  8. I really wish Bestworld would get its act together. I've given up after one too many run ins with moldy produce and , to Tweaked's year ago post - I'd stay far away from anything requiring refrigeration - coolers are regularly too hot. The market next to the 7-11 is a better bet for produce and spices etc. Bestworld Supermarket 3178 Mt. Pleasant St. NW Closed Sept. 23 because of a failure to minimize insects, rodents and other pests. Reopened Friday. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-maryland-and-virginia-health-code-violations/2014/09/29/743f98b2-471f-11e4-b72e-d60a9229cc10_stor
  9. A word of caution regarding the croque madame, which at Le Diplomate is served open faced (no top bread - egg directly on ham). That lack of top bread made for a very unenjoyable sandwich, as did the ham which was tired and tough. A small lamentation, a gnat in a world full of larger disappointments, but if you like a good croque, don't bother with this one. Ending with positivity: The fries were good and so were the drinks and I appreciated the manager who gave us free coffee and pastries after the busser dropped dishes down my back.
  10. An amazing painting and worth a field trip to see in person. Online, you can look at the work with a "deep zoom" - you can see all the way down to the brush strokes. Click the zoom button: "Green Wheat Fields: Auvers" And you can also download a high resolution image for free.
  11. Today they are knocking down Rick's Drive-in in Pasadena. Rick's was the originator of the spuderito, which I suppose you would describe as a french fry burrito , which as a description is sort of like saying a diamond is a compressed piece of black coal. that is, it's a really amazing food item far greater and more wonderful than the sum of its ingredients. The food (including Spuderito) lives on Bobby's Place (opened by a former employee) but I will really miss Rick's the original.... It was a wonderful and humble and enjoyably distinctly southern california experience. Very sad to see s
  12. I've only been once but I had an amazing steak sandwich at Duke's Grocery. Definitely worth checking out.
  13. Tynan has reduced the size of their coffees from 20oz to 16oz. Insert frowny face here (oh I can!): . Strange decision - for regular house coffee 16oz just doesn't do it for me / never a big fan of Tynan anyway and now less so...
  14. I was a regular at the old location. Liked it. New location : I'll say only that in a lifetime of eating tacos, these were the first I ever returned for a refund. Offended me in their badness. Skip it and go over to Chilango.
  15. My friend Jim wrote a long and poetic essay on the topic of "best tacos in LA" in which he articulated, for me, the central questions pertaining to taco evaluation: Did it taste good? Did you eat another one? Yes to both at Tacos Chilango. This is a solid place- good tacos, well crafted and tasty. Definitely worth a stop by when you are nearby. Not a destination trip, but I'm glad to have it.
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