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  1. That looks awesome! Did you use vegan cream cheese? If so, which one? Never had much luck.
  2. Sorry about fur baby. Never good. With regard to Pete's, and I have not been there in ages, I liked that you could do two different toppings on a fresh pie. The kids could get something simple and the adults could get more fun stuff. I usually do not like the rolled up pizza thing as they under cook it. Not sure if they have worked that out. My aunt is in Penn and the stromboli is awesome- so maybe I am picky.
  3. You cannot eat in at Shanghai Lounge these days. I do not drive around too much- so I do not have a good answer for Rockville or Alexandria. Not sure I would take a one trip for their dumplings. If you get into Rockville, there is so much. I would head out to Rockville make a project of it and go nuts- travel without travel.
  4. This is local to me. I usually use the pick up window, but I think Doordash delivered yesterday. Their version of soup dumpling is Shanghai Pork Steam Bun, but not sure it travels well. The fish dish, I believe is A11 Sichuan Chili Boiled Fish. Dry Hot Pot is great, but can be a bit potato heavy- I still recommend it. Not sure which protein to pick, because my husband eats that part. They have many interesting things on the menu and would recommend. They are a small place so not sure when they could even consider inside dining.
  5. Should have replied earlier. If you have the patience for the process, look up recipes for Torrisi Turkey. I think I used the NYT recipe as I figured it would be the most authentic (NYT also has the technique), but maybe it is not the best. With your sv gadget you could just put the breast in the sealed bag and skip all the mummifying. There are tons of copy cat recipes. Hope you had good luck in the meantime.
  6. Okay, not in season yet. But please do not bum rush my supply. Cherries and Apricots are at the Georgetown location. After this almost no travel (we are really careful and people are crazy) I was just happy to see these items. For those in town there is this thing called The Peach Truck coming up in June. You have to reserve- I keep getting FB notices. Back to TJ's, I have been trying the tiny cucumbers to dip in hummus type spreads. Fruit and veggies after this crazy winter look great!
  7. My dogs are under 10 lbs so I even check for onion powder, but the badness might be broken down by then. Grapes can lead to renal failure. I have to find it again, but my boys have been loving Krinos Greek Caviar spread. I just ran out and have to find it again. The boys are little so I cut down Pep Farms thin white bread and give it in bits. (BTW, that bread is great for adult caviar). Those with bigger dogs might some other options. My servings are tiny, but it might be tasty enough to a big dog.
  8. It is well priced. We enjoyed a good sized order with two friends and three kids. They did very well with organizing a take out order- pre-ordered the day before. I did buy some Martin's buns for the pulled type food. They are definitely worth a try.
  9. I have Bormioli Rocco mini glasses (Amazon), not elegant but do the trick. Better than a coffee mug! Maybe check them out- there are a house staple for us. "they" ug! Ha ha about the poo! Don't kiss your dog!
  10. We used to get it at Holy Cross School (the one with the church) were I went for a couple of years. Then when we had a family lice melt down years ago and went to a nearby specialist, C was the easiest place for food (Yeah, all four of us with those buggies. Long day). Continental has nostalgic pizza for me. But at least it does not make me feel sick like most of the quick pizza places. Lynx has the review right.
  11. Nice me- she is not worth your time. It is really nasty talk, maybe enough to get thrown off the chat. Mean me- tells her don't post when you are a drunk, dumb, racist b*tch. If you do the mean me, she might engage just to be a pain. See if you can get her chat banned, but do not engage with her. It is a waste of time to talk to people like this.
  12. Plus, cleaning it up and wondering if you need shoes in house! It is not elegant, but for casual we use short Bromolio glasses for wine. Naughty kitty!
  13. So sorry LauraB. I am sure Labs can get into just about anything. You did nothing wrong. We try our best with our fur babies. My kids do not get it that I go ballistic over small bottle tops left where the dogs can get them. You never know what our doggies will do. Hugs over doggie passed.
  14. Eggs are great! Mine can eat (not a good idea)/shred paper towels. You must have gourmet doggies! Mine are little snackers. Any one knowing dog nono foods- please chime in. That whole Suez canal stop up and the live stock have me pretty freaked out about what "meat" might be passed off.
  15. Shemali needs a bump! For in town car people and I use street parking, it might be tricky otherwise- they have some great things. I get my working olive oil (that huge thing), house made labneh, the veg dolmeh are awesome. The freezer has molokhiah (spelling?). I bought a lot of tabbouleh today. Savory pastries- with and without meat. For people who want to get out and not run into a crowd. They are great source. I park on the Starbucks side. Pass the wine store (stop if you want), wander the halls and you get to Shemali.
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