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  1. Macarthur- I just had the fish taco last time with the salad side. Pretty much ate the inside of the taco with the salad. Snacked on my kids beans. It's easy and local. Usually I grab some candy from the convenience store in the same center. Wander over to the Co-op to see what is there.
  2. You have to find your passport!! You do the online app, then grab an appt at the end of the online process.
  3. Online app, but they can be pretty quick. Do the online app to jump start the process. When you are done entering info they show you what appointments are open. They are going to take your picture at your appointment so be sure to be pretty that day!
  4. Do the Reagan Building. It is quick and painless. I take the earliest appt and show up a bit early. Easy peasy. Everyone in my family has it. If you are coming into Dulles, When checking through immigration, you go where the airline attendants go (to the far right). For customs, you go to the far right again. People not in the know will look at you with ire :-) Kind of like when I learned years ago if you ordered your Gtown cupcakes in advance you skip the line and people wonder who that uppity lady walking right in is. Kids like the cupcakes when we are not at Baked and Wired.
  5. Rainy day and craving chai- it made me very happy The spices look wonderful- I plan a return trip. Got some chutney, kewsick yogurt, spiced chickpeas, and some tomato salad. They do not sell the chai tea though. Why to go- grab a cup of chai, look through the beautiful books, get some spices (you scan get premixed curries that will do you well), grab some keswick yogurt without dealing with dupont market- just take a moment in a peaceful space. Hope this space treats you as well as it treated me today.
  6. Notes from Thanksgiving 2013 Our Thanksgiving got crowded so we added fish cooked on the grill to reduce kitchen traffic. It went over quite well- bought salmon from A&H marinated in soy, oil, garlic and made a tahini sauce from the food blog MidEats (this sauce is like crack to me). A bit of relief from the heavy food. I also made a West African Peanut soup based on Moosewood's recipe, but with chicken stock- made it two days prior and put it in the slow cooker for the big day (you could probably do it post Tday using turkey stock and some left-over yams). I cannot recommend this sou
  7. Excited for Galileo tonight! Been lurking about for years, but felt that you guys had covered most things and said it way better than I could. Look forward to joining you now.
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