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  1. Plus, cleaning it up and wondering if you need shoes in house! It is not elegant, but for casual we use short Bromolio glasses for wine. Naughty kitty!
  2. So sorry LauraB. I am sure Labs can get into just about anything. You did nothing wrong. We try our best with our fur babies. My kids do not get it that I go ballistic over small bottle tops left where the dogs can get them. You never know what our doggies will do. Hugs over doggie passed.
  3. Eggs are great! Mine can eat (not a good idea)/shred paper towels. You must have gourmet doggies! Mine are little snackers. Any one knowing dog nono foods- please chime in. That whole Suez canal stop up and the live stock have me pretty freaked out about what "meat" might be passed off.
  4. Shemali needs a bump! For in town car people and I use street parking, it might be tricky otherwise- they have some great things. I get my working olive oil (that huge thing), house made labneh, the veg dolmeh are awesome. The freezer has molokhiah (spelling?). I bought a lot of tabbouleh today. Savory pastries- with and without meat. For people who want to get out and not run into a crowd. They are great source. I park on the Starbucks side. Pass the wine store (stop if you want), wander the halls and you get to Shemali.
  5. Sorry I went a bit dark. My little doggies are going to town on SPK (pizza place on Macarthur) Brussel sprouts (hope they are okay or maybe they will just fart a lot 😉) and little bits of pizza crusts. I work from the kitchen on an Ikea perch so I am a bit of a food machine to my doggies. Have to work on the squash and more simple stuff. Avocado sushi went over well (over ordered for my kids) , as did the Aracosia rice that came crashing to the kitchen floor from my COVID stuffed fridge. Going to get on the Spring holiday menu- so Sunday dinner/Monday they will have treats.
  6. Fiola Mare can be great. Went yesterday- we do not eat out weekends just in case of crowds. Two tables of Insta type people near us. Awful! Lots of pictures (okay if done quietly- but these were bad), over ordering and demanding a ton of help from the people trying to work. I am happy Fiola had customers- but these ones were awful. My waitress is from Ecuador- name not recalled. I have always had the nicest help there. So with no travel for long we ordered on the high end. I had a cold crab dish with salmon caviar on an avocado. Me and hubs shared a Colors of the Garden salad- ne
  7. We are mostly dry kibble. We have a puppy and older dog. Been having treats of apple slices, avocado bits, goat gouda, over night oats from TJ's (but just a bit for older dog). We always do it small. Older boy might be 8 lbs and little around 4. Happy doggies, but no upset tummies! Might try some korean pumpkin. Lots of vitamin A. Thanks for the note on the macadamia nuts. They have never had them and with your advice there is no reason to try. Today was National Puppy day.
  8. Wrote something with too many "i" and "me" things. Age- behind you, but not too much. Sounds like you have a great spot for exercise. Watch out for those feel free shoes. Had some Nike Fly somethings, landed on a rock wrong and spent the summer in an awful boot for my fractured heel. If you are clocking up the miles- I have seen lots of people with "OC"- on a cloud. I love my Ice Bugs- goofy. Take care of those tootsies!.
  9. Torshi (pickle, has passed). Pashmak (cotton candy, is my maltese going strong) and Alu (plum, is our maltipoo puppy.) My Pashi loves the Goat Gouda from TJ's- keep it limited just in case there is a lactose issue. Avocado, apples. My doggies free eat, but a friend with structured eat puts a bit of olive oil in the food. Eggs? I think eggs are great. Just no Onion, Grapes, Choco- I am sure to be missing some. Pashi loves TJ's overnight oats. Only give him a bit, because darn if that little guy is not dense!
  10. Winter is hard. With Spring, those 5 pounds won't even chase you! Wow on the running. So great you are getting out. A super cook, food loving friend has had to go on a low sugar, vegetarian diet- bunch of other stuff that are "no"'s. She is not so happy- but they did not take all her lactose away. (Medical diet) Congrats on your success. It is not easy at all. I rarely eat out these days, but do buy expensive fruits from 99 Ranch and Hmart (leesburg highway). Logan, passion fruit, jack, guava. I also buy fresh turmeric to make a night milk drink. Just keep healthy and happy. Sou
  11. Went to Foxtrot yesterday. I did not get an in a coffee, smoothie or food (Still a bit COVID skittish about those waits, etc.) Plus they just opened, so I want to let things die down bit and the staff to get their legs. Okay, it is Gtown, so you are going to pay. The La Clombe coffee cans were at lest a dollar more than at TJ's up the road. There is some super good stuff in there! I got Pan's Mushroom Jerky, Bananas ridge cut organic plantain chips, some coconut lemon elderflower "yogurt" (looking for it around the city). Lots of ice cream! They have serious ice cream.
  12. I know these times are tough and so many are in need. He has a "go fund me" page for his wife and kids. Do not know how to link it. It is under Andrew La Porta. Just so you know it is out there.
  13. That sounds so good. Love it all. Happy eating.
  14. Glad you took a look. I would get extreme headaches, so I went into research. Nothing against TJ's, just it is a good idea to look into the packaging. I get lots of great things (COVID eating!) from there. Sometimes you can mix a lower sodium thing to thin out the original version. We are all kind of stuck, so I hope you can find a way you can enjoy your soup.
  15. Despite my visit with a 5:45am raccoon in my trash bin, made it to TJ's before 9 in mental okay state- those little eyes staring at me gave me a shock. At TJ's there are some strong fans of Dorthy's smoked soft rind cheese. I liked it, dog did not. It was different. I like Delice and something more messy. But let's try new things these days. The almond butter chia overnight oats was a win with doggie and me, at 340 calories a serving gotta watch it. The country roses were pretty for those of you in the market! In the Georgetown, they were tucked back into the upper aisle. 7.99 a bunc
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