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  1. Buck's Fishing & Camping springs to mind for some reason. Maybe not out-of-the-ordinary enough?
  2. Vola's Dockside. She can get some plain broiled fish and a salad.
  3. The produce vendors are all back at Falls Church. Asparagus and strawberries and radishes and lettuces galore! Lots of bedding plants as well.
  4. Can she do BBQ? There's Epic Smokehouse in Crystal City and Mixon's BBQ in Old Town
  5. Visiting a friend this weekend up on the top of the Beltway and we went for a stroll through the Wheaton Botanical Garden and followed that up with dinner at Ruan Thai. Wish I had thought to check out DR for what to order, as our selections ranged from OMG! to meh. The OMG! was the crispy duck with a spicy sweet & sour tamarind (?) glaze. Perfectly crispy, with a smoky undertone from the wok char, a good lingering heat that wasn't overbearing, and that wonderful final note sourness. I think we would have been happy ordering 3-4 plates of this and nothing else. The only knock on the duck dish would be I wish the kitchen had been more precise in chopping it evenly. Some of the pieces were a bit difficult to wrestle with because of size and shape. Didn't stop me, though! Also got the chicken larb which was a good, straightforward preparation, and ordered an eggplant appetizer with chicken that turned out to be basically more larb but with eggplant in it. It was more interesting than the straight chicken larb, so at least we learned something with the side-by-side comparison. Very good was the panang curry: strong, balanced rich sauce and tender meat. Decidedly meh was a rice noodle/watercress/pork dish in a broth. It just didn't come together, the pork was small slices and dried out and flavorless (honestly couldn't tell if it was chicken or pork), the watercress was the best part of the plate but tough and cut too long (hard to chew through and I stopped eating it because it seemed like it could be a choking hazard), and the broth was not spicy and had no depth of flavor. The service was a bit slow and not terribly attentive when we first arrived but improved as the meal went on, I think because more servers arrived for the dinner shift (we arrived fairly early). So, definitely worth going back to for more of that wonderful duck and to explore the dishes flagged as good earlier in this topic.
  6. Definitely that was part of the coaching errors combined with player errors -- both in trying to move the puck up the boards, getting pinched down and then turned over. Yes, both teams were gassed, but the Canes team overall is one of the youngest in the league and the Caps are middle-aged, and young legs are young legs. A weird little factor that helped the Canes last night was the ice got worse as the game went on. The 'Canes arena has really lousy ice and has had it most of the season, so their players are very accustomed to playing on it. It's part of the reason we did so badly in PNC Arena, since the Caps are known for play making through passing and puck handling (as opposed to shoot it at the net with a scrum there and jam it in). The Ovi to Wilson goal illustrates that style beautifully. If we can't pass well, that pretty much negates Backstrom and Kuznetnov. That's just part of the puck luck.
  7. A sad day for Caps fans. Tough loss last night in a double OT in a game that saw the Caps start strong and slowly lose their mojo. From my POV, the loss is almost equally spread between coaching errors (esp. power play), injuries, player errors, bad officiating and bad puck luck. One or two can be overcome if the other components are solid, but not when they all are present. Hats off to Ovechkin, he played lights-out hockey all series long. curious to see what the off season will bring.
  8. A gorgeous game by the Caps last night in a pounding, all-in, 200-foot effort all game long for a 6-0 shutout. The goal above shows just how in much pain the 'Canes are in at this point, with Dougie Hamilton makes the decision to not touch the puck as he sees Ovechkin coming up behind him. As Laughlin said after the game "it was a business decision" to leave the puck. Fabulous penalty killing, and it looks like rookie Jonas Siegenthaler is a wonderful fit beside John Carlson, settling the D pairings into 3 solid L-R pairs. Scoring last night was Backstrom, Backstrom, Connolly, Wilson, Dowd and Ovechkin. Ovi's goal was on the power play, and was in the back of the net 1 second after an offensive zone puck drop on the far side of the ice from his office. A lot of stats in this game, but star among them, Braden Holtby becomes the top playoff shutout goalie for the Caps, with 7 in his career, besting Olie Kolzig. Nic Dowd scores the first ever playoff penalty goal by the Caps.
  9. The hit on Oshie was dirty (late, off the puck, cross-checked in the back in the numbers into the boards, should have been a 5-minute major. Hope that Dept. of Player Safety reviews and gives Fogele a game suspension. I know playoff hockey they don't call so many penalties, but the refs are letting this series get out of control. It could be a turning point for the Caps in terms of determination. Remember when Backstrom had his finger broken in the Cup run last year and was out several games, or when Kuzy had his shoulder separated, or when Wilson got the multi-game suspension, the guys rallied and brought the series back. As far as lines go, Hagelin's style is probably the closest match to Oshie's, but he doesn't have that same hand-eye coordination that Osh uses in front of the net to deflect shots in. However, no one was establishing a net front presence last night, so that becomes a moot point. Kuzy really needs to show up in this series though. He was looking better last night, but it's not enough yet. Calling up Siegenthaler is helping the D, he was steady and smart. And I know that Reirden doesn't seem to have chemistry with DSP but maybe it's time to call him back from Hershey for a 4th line grinder that comes up big in clutch situations. ETA: Devante Smith-Pelly has been called up from Hershey
  10. Awful game last night by the Caps. 5-0 and they set (bad) records for lowest shots on goal in playoff games, etc. They were out-everything'd by the Hurricanes. The only Caps' achievement of note was Ovechkin KO'd a 'Canes young forward with 3 punches. Hope the kid is okay, but he was dazed and confused and helped off the ice and apparently taken straight to the ER. A fair fight, by hockey standards -- the kid called Ovi out, both dropped gloves and no sucker punches. But just because Ovi isn't known as a fighter doesn't mean he can't fight.
  11. Went here with a friend last night for an early dinner. I hadn't been for quite a while. It was fairly slow when we arrived, but was about 3/4 full when we left. The atmosphere was pleasant, not too loud, and mostly attentive service, with one glitch. There was a complimentary plate of a couple of pizza crust rolls (about 2 bites per) brushed with a little olive oil and sprinkled with S&P and grated parm. Tasty and a little chewy. We split orders of arancini (smaller than a ping-pong ball, about 8-9 on the plate, with a nicely gooey fontina center and a bright tomato sauce for dipping), grilled octopus with a tomato and roasted red pepper? sauce with grilled baby zucchini. My dining companion found the octopus a little salty, and on its own I would agree, but with the sauce I thought it was balanced. Then we shared half orders of the mushroom ravioli with greens and abit of olive oil and parm, and the gnocchi with a slightly spicy sausage in a creamy sauce. I liked both very well and kept going back and forth on which I liked better and that seemed to end up with whichever was the most recent bite I had eaten. Overall, I thought it was tasty and well executed and glad to see they are keeping up standards. We were going to order a margherita pizza to share, but our server disappeared after dropping off the menu and by the time she finally came back around, our meal had settled and we weren't hungry anymore, so we passed. The check (with a glass of wine @ $10) came to a little under $60 for the two of us pre-tip.
  12. Good game, not a great game last night. Scary at the end of the game when we were up 3-2, Oshie got a penalty and the Canes pulled their goalie with about 3 minutes to play, for 6 on 4 action. We managed to kill the penalty and then Eller got an empty net goal with about 12 seconds left to close it out. Overall, Caps did not have enough shots on goal, and they dialed down the hits after the first period, so they can play a better game than the one last night, but still a good game overall.
  13. Cool that you got to see Rod Langway. My boss got to meet him thru a special all-access invite from a client/friend who is a big team supporter. Boss is not a hockey fan, but he and Langway are from similar little run-down mill towns in Massachusetts and knew a lot of the same landmarks, etc., and the two of them were just chatting it up like old friends, while the client was staring, mouth agape, while boss casually hobnobbed with one of the client's heroes.
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