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  1. Glad to see this. There's a location on my way home that I kept wondering about but it's in a difficult shopping strip to get in & out and I hadn't braved the traffic to try it out. Now I don't have to.
  2. My mother grew up far in the mountains of NC, and went into the Army as a nurse. Being exposed to a much more cosmopolitan life, she educated herself via Vanderbilt's Book of Etiquette, and then made sure her children never suffered embarrassments of not knowing which fork to use, etc., so my siblings and I grew up with proper place settings at each meal, cups with saucers, cloth napkins for the most part, and other such things. My folks were also members of a golf club and 3-4 times a year, they would take us to dinner at the club, and while it was not "fine dining" in the strictest sense, it was definitely formal dining. I remember the wait/kitchen staff being very kind to prepare "rainbow parfaits" of sherbet for dessert for our good behavior at the table during dinner.
  3. Bizarre, indeed! Something must be going on in NY because on Friday we get an empty net goal courtesy of their forward dumping the puck into his own net , and today the goalie pulls a move that pee-wee hockey players on up are taught is an automatic goal against. It does tell me, though, that Ovechkin is totally in that goalie's head, which is a bit surprising, because Georgikiov stopped/blocked/deflected everything that Ovi had fired at him during the game....although he had to be hurting from them. And as a testament to how tough hockey players are, Shattenkirk took a puck in the face and had to get 6 stitches (3 inside his mouth, 3 in his lip) and only missed 4 minutes of playing time, and Kempny got a broken nose and only missed 3-4 shifts.
  4. Going into the final quarter of the season and all the teams are either gearing up for a big push for the playoffs or know they are out of contention and have traded away all their decent veterans for draft picks and rebuilding to the future. The Caps are looking good with their trades for Hagelin, who is slotting into our system very quickly, and Jensen, already signed to a 4-year contract, who is a speedy D-man with great hockey IQ, who will take a lot of the load off our top 3 defensemen so they aren't racking up 20+ minutes a night. Now that AHL players can be moved up & back without thought to waivers and cap space, I expect that defenseman Siegenthaler will return to the Caps come playoff time, even though he will likely be a healthy scratch. Smith -Pelly may also return, but the acquisition of Hagelin makes it less likely, since DSP's play was only so-so all season and he doesn't have the speed of Hagelin. Coming up tonight is a game with the other top of the division team, the NY Islanders, headed by Coach Trotz. A young team doing well this season that hasn't had to face the crucible of playoff hockey. It should be an interesting game. Coming up this month, we're seeing a lot of Tampa Bay, who is pretty much a lock on the President's Trophy, way ahead in points for the season, so these games will also be giving us a preview for postseason action.
  5. Eric continues to impress even though he didn't get the win this past week. Colicchio noted that he doesn't try to do all kinds of new, weird and crazy things, but focuses on his food and finding new ways to present & prepare it. It helps, though, that Eric's food is something that's already a different approach and flavor profile to what is routinely served up to the judges.
  6. To answer my own question, through other sources I have found Carlos Amaya, of Twins A Electric twinsaelectric.com 703--829-0276. He comes recommended by many of my neighbors.
  7. My boss is having a hard time finding an electrician for some small jobs here at the office and at his home. He has used Walsh Electric and will again if he has to, but he would rather find a small outfit to work with. Any recs?
  8. Trade deadline is Monday the 25th, and the Caps put Devante Smith-Pelly on waivers to free up cap space. No one claimed him (he's not had a good year) and so we keep him in the org and move him down to Hershey. In the meantime, we picked up Hagelin for some draft picks from the LA Kings, where he has not had a good year, but they play a different system and he doesn't seem to have found his groove there. He's a speedy player, good experience, and should be a good fit for the 3rd or 4th line, plus has 2 Stanley Cups from his tenure with the Penguins. Looks like a good trade on paper at least. My guess is that Burakovsky is still on the trading block as well. He's got talent but can't seem to reach break-out velocity with this team. Rumors are swirling but nothing has solidified yet.
  9. Went to the Falls Church location over the weekend and got a pork souvlaki platter with roasted potatoes instead of fries. I'll never get the fries again. Those roasted potatoes were awesome! Lightly dressed in a lemon-olive oil-garlic mix, some slightly crunch-chewy edges on some of the spuds, I want another plate full of them. The souvlaki was good and the salad was fresh and a good mix although the dressing was almost non-existent, but I just slathered forkfuls around in any dressing left behind from the potatoes.
  10. The heading given is a bit misleading re the noise level. It wasn't so much that the music was loud, it was just incredibly bad (think Korean SNL style satire of Olivia Newton John disco tunes), but the volume was just enough that you couldn't possibly ignore it. Easy enough to converse over but every second sans conversation, this earache inserted itself. The only good thing about it is that none of it was hooky enough to become an earworm.
  11. Got a late start on Saturday night and places were either closed or packed with no tables available until midnight, and we were circling around and ended up at Blue Sand for dinner around 10:00 or so. The menu isn't particularly easy to navigate for non Korean customers, but with some help from the server, we ended up with a double order of pork belly (double order required), and squid tempura. The good: about a half dozen banchan -- seaweed salad, kimchi, pickled eggplant, mung bean salad, spinach, a couple of other things I didn't recognize -- and two different soups came with the meal, a tofu soup/stew and an egg soup that eventually cooked into a soft custard. The squid tempura was very nicely fried, not greasy, tender with just a little chewiness, a good sized order, and came with soy sauce & onion to dip into. The pork belly was cooked at the table grill and was not seasoned or marinaded at all that I could discern, so a little bland. Definitely needed the gochuchang and lettuce wrappers to give it some oomph. For two people, the bill came to $50. The bad: the music. incessant 90s Korean disco pop, loud enough that it was impossible to ignore and we so wanted to ignore it. Also, this is not one of the 24-hour restaurants, and so we closed the place down at 11:00, but the tables that were remaining when we came in were all male and all 50+ in age, so not a hipster joint by any stretch of the imagination. The place was clean but the decor was tired looking.
  12. Eric wins this week! Good for him, a $10k reward for his efforts. And Sara must be getting some really nasty editing because I'm not seeing the other chefs, overall, being lukewarm to her and her 2nd-place finish this week. They all seemed genuine in their hearty congratulations to her.
  13. Sister and I stopped in for lunch on Sunday mid-day at this little Peruvian chicken joint in the strip mall adjoining the Wal-Mart in Burke (before engaging the huddled masses in said Wal-Mart). It's a clean but tired looking little place, friendly service, so-so- food. We each got a 1/4 chicken plate, dark meat, with 2 sides @ ~$10 each. I had the plantains and black beans, she had the mixed veg and plantains. No yucca on the menu, but they do have fries. Mixed veg were very evidently frozen bag stuff that was heated through, black beans were very watery and barely seasoned at all. Plantains were quite good and there is a $1.50 upcharge for those that the cashier told us about but isn't listed on the menu board. Chicken itself was a small portion but tasty, good skin and moist, properly done meat, nice charcoal flavor but less evident was any marinade. There was also a list of other typical Peruvian dishes, such as lomo saltado, huincaina, etc. Didn't see anyone ordering anything but the chicken. A few small orders of carryout while we were there and one other person eating in. My gut instinct is this is mostly a mid-week carryout dinner sort of place.
  14. Well, she didn't brag about her waffles, just the chicken, and the judges all agreed it was great fried chicken. But I, too, hope she has to pack her knives and go soon. Really happy to see our hometown guy, Eric, doing so well.
  15. Nuts.com NutsInBulk.com GustiAmo.com I've found Mediterranean pine nuts at Giant, sometimes in the nut & dried fruit area in the produce section, and sometimes the jars of Cento pine nuts in the international food aisle with the other Cento products.
  16. I believe that lower capital gains tax rates should be eliminated and a limit on how much money should pass free of inheritance taxes (say $1M per individual) and no avoidance of taxes based solely on trust ownership of assets. And in counter to an argument that estate money has already been taxed, it's mostly not true in large estates. The money was invested, wealth grew untaxed because there was no sale and there was dividend reinvestment and splits, etc.,, and then rolls over to the next generation at the current purchase price and not the original purchase price. So Granddad's $1k purchase of a stock that has grown to $100k moves to the next generation with no tax paid on that $99k gain. Interesting article on distribution of wealth worldwide: "Are 26 Billionaires Worth More than Half the Planet? The Debate, Explained." by Dylan Matthews on vox.com
  17. But the good news is it's about half a block away from the Crate & Barrel outlet store, so it can be a two-fer destination.
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