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  1. I had dinner at Floriana last night. What a great evening. Walked in early with no reservation, they asked to give them 15 minutes so we went downstairs to the bar, which is a treat in itself if you have never been. Went back upstairs and was seated on the top floor; they are doing some renovating right now but were very apologetic (though they didn't need to be). Our server Matthew was great. I ordered a galls of wine I was not thrilled with and he got me another with no fuss; very much appreciated. I had the Oxtail Bolognese (20.00) which was AMAZING. Hearty, tasty, wonderful on a chilly nig
  2. Good Morning all, My name is Scott and am new to the site. I work for an NGO here in DC and live to eat Not necessarily overboard but love to dine out. Looking forward to sharing! Scott
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