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  1. The Farm at Sunnyside wouldn't be far, they're in Rappahannock County. Mount Vernon Farm, which hosted Cathal Armstrong's solstice dinner, is also on the way to Luray.
  2. Both Red Apron and Meat Crafters were at Crystal City this week. No Cherry Glen though, and I'd been counting on goat cheese for a picnic dinner. Had to fill up on Meat Crafters' samples for our protein instead.
  3. Many of the restaurants now have their menus linked on the restaurant week website. Zola's four-cheese fusili was quite a hit at the kick-off Saturday at Eastern Market. Firefly's menu isn't posted for some reason, but here's what they're serving:
  4. FYI - Cookie/Gourmet's Kids' Restaurant Week is coming to DC this year, with special prix fixe menus from 5-7pm at more than a dozen local restaurants. Kids under 12 pay their age and a portion of proceeds go to Miriam's Kitchen and Eastern Market's restoration. (Those who hate dining with kids may want to consult the list to see which restaurants to avoid next week, at least before 7pm.)
  5. Mango Mike's owners are opening a new place (supposedly bbq?) in that former gas station/now construction site next to the Dairy Godmother. I guess they're participating to generate some buzz/goodwill in the new neighborhood.
  6. The Upper King Street Fresh Farmers Market reopened yesterday. Got in before the monsoon and was pleased to see quite a few more vendors than last year -- particularly excited to see Cibola Farms has joined. Breadline, Vera's Bakery, Maribeth's Bakery, Tom the Cheese Guy (of Del Ray & West End), Shlagel, Bigg Riggs, and a new favorite, Long Hollow Ecological Farms. Photos here.
  7. I don't know what the delay is at the markets, but you can find Red Apron in the deli case at Planet Wine (next to Evening Star in Del Ray) or on the panini served at Buzz. (Yum.) I was glad to see Bigg Riggs at Crystal City -- one more place to see them without having to go to Old Town. (They'll also be at the Upper King Street Market in Alexandria but it doesn't open till June.)
  8. The On the Gourmet truck, which appears at the Great Falls & Alexandria West End markets, has soft shells (cleaned & frozen) for $6/ea. Got myself some for mother's day, they were excellent. (Just dredged in Old Bay-seasoned flour and sauteed in butter.)
  9. We ventured to opening day in spite of the downpour, and were pleased to see more than a few other folks doing the same. Strawberries here (and at Del Ray) this week. Quite a few new vendors this year, including Wisteria Gardens with pea shoots, salad greens & homemade hummus and salsas, and J-Wen dairy. I have a more extensive report on the blog, but hope to see many more people there as the weather (I hope!) improves this spring.
  10. The West End market re-opens next Sunday, May 3rd! It's open 9am-1pm. New vendors this year include Wisteria Gardens micro-greens, honey, coffee, and North Gate vineyard - though the city won't allow sampling of the wine, you'll only be able to purchase it by the bottle. So pick one up, some fresh bread, Westmoreland berries and Tom's goat cheese and you have an instant picnic in the park. This has really grown into the best market in Alexandria, in my opinion (sorry Del Ray!), and Julie & Susan the market managers are going all out to promote it this year. You can read more about openin
  11. Three Way Farm returned last weekend with a limited stock of asparagus that sold out quickly - promised much more this weekend and strawberries likely next week!
  12. Toigo had the bourbon peaches at Del Ray last weekend, would assume they have them at all their markets.
  13. In honor of Earth Day today, ArugulaFiles and I are co-hosting "Blog for the Bay" to rally District area foodies in support of the Chesapeake Bay and our beloved blue crabs. We welcome other local bloggers to participate - or just stop by and sign the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's petition to the EPA. Round-ups are on FoodieTots & ArugulaFiles. (Apologize for the self-promotion, but it's for a good cause!)
  14. FYI - Del Ray's market officially reopens tomorrow! Mr. Biggs has already been back with greenhouse grown tomatoes, and the standard potatoes and greens. Can't wait for asparagus and rhubarb to arrive ...
  15. For anyone still on the fence about signing up for a CSA this year, it was mentioned on the milk thread but South Mountain Creamery is going to begin offering fruit & veggies for delivery along with their milk and other products. It sounds like a good option for anyone who's not up for the commitment of a regular CSA.
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