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  1. If I was you, I'd go someplace with a nice outdoor view on the water. Any of the restaurants on the river in the Navy Yard (Ana at District Winery, Osteria Moreni), the Wharf (Del Mar, Kith/Kin, Rappahannock Oyster Bar), or Alexandria (Blackwall Hitch). They all have the contemporary decor you're looking for and I think a graduation calls for looking out at the bright horizons (instead of being stuck on a crowded city block or in a strip mall or an office park). The Wharf would give you a good backdrop for pictures on the piers with the Washington Monument in the background.
  2. You might try the brick-and-mortar Bladensburg Road location of Roaming Rooster. While you're there, you might as well also check out the Eritrean food next door at Eden's Kitchen.
  3. The cigar bar, on the street of baby strollers. Opening February 2. "District Soul Food Opens on Barracks Row Saturday, February 2" by Larry Janezich on capitolhillcorner.org
  4. Thanks, Mark. I've been to Oxford in the summer months for Doc's Sunset Grille and the Scottish Highland Creamery. But I've never had a meal at the Robert Morris. Might be too much of a drive for the day, but I'll bring it up to the group to see if they would make the trip. You have the same initials as chef partner Mark Salter.
  5. Any new suggestions for something affordable in a scenic country setting for a family of seven? In the past we've been to Comus Inn, Normandie Farm, Mrs. K's Toll House, Cedar Knoll, Old Angler's Inn, and Potomac Point Winery, and we're looking for something in a similar price range (less than about 65$ per person). Goodstone, Ashby Inn, Patowmack Farm would all be ideal surroundings, but they're probably out of our budget. Someone in our group has already been to Field and Main, so we're looking to avoid a repeat and there's not much of a view once you're in the building. Looking to
  6. Kingbird at the Watergate Hotel is an easy walk.
  7. Non-gringos go to Hyattsville. Best Mexican in the country. But it's not high end.
  8. Thanks very much for the offer, but this was for a Valentine's Day gift for my office so the immediate need has passed. I'm always looking for a place like this though, so if anyone has any other ideas I'd still appreciate the suggestions. I haven't tried Nino's yet near Franklin Square. I'd like to know more about the offerings at Catania because I've rarely been there with their limited hours.
  9. It would be great if DC had more blue-collar Italian bakeries like you'd find in NY or NJ or Philly. I've tried the Pretzel Bakery before but their pretzels tend to get hard and stale if you don't eat them within 20 minutes.
  10. Can anyone recommend a bakery or restaurant that makes good gift trays of cookies, doughnuts, pastries, chocolates, or any other kind snack that a group might like to receive as a gift? I'm thinking something fresh baked to eat right away rather than a gift basket of canned goods. Downtown DC in close proximity to the Capitol would be best.
  11. Someone like David Rubenstein could easily donate enough to the NPS to buy it back now that it fits into the plans for the site. Or the Wharf developers could buy it for the other side.
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