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  1. Hey - I was there today too. Not Amazon, but Boeing, whose building is adjacent to the southern part of the park. They made a significant enough donation that Arlington Parks named the soccer fields for them.... i.e. Boeing Fields at Long Bridge Park.
  2. I drove by today and saw a For Lease sign in the window, and then checked online and saw this: "F.C.'s Argia's Italian Restaurant Closes after 18 Years" on fcnp.com
  3. We were there a couple weeks ago for my duaghter's birthday and it was great as usual. Kids meals are great deals here. Kid's salmon is $8; Kids steak, which I'd guess was about a 6oz sirloin is $12. Bisque still tasty. The key lime pie wasn't as good as I remember but the dark chocolate mousse still tasty. It was unusually busy for a Tuesday and the wait staff was getting slammed so service was a little less timely. It didn't delay the food coming out, but it did hinder drink refulls, etc. They were apologetic about it and they started going to more of a teaming approach with some of t
  4. Would Rasika or Bombay Club be possibilities? It may also be worth seeing what Corduroy could do for you. My wife doesn't eat 4-legged creatures, and they kept coming back asking about whether this would be a problem or that would be a problem. For instance, I wouldn't be surprised if they put together a vegetarian tasting menu for them, while the rest of you indulge in the regular tasting menu.
  5. It sticks in my head that Urfa, Kanlaya, and Burma were all open at the same time and not in succession. Burma was up on the 2nd floor, Facing that block, Urfa was on the left of that building, and Kanlaya was in the middle.
  6. Was back for the first time in awhile on Monday for my daughter's 6th birthday. For her birthday dinner, she said she wanted to go to a steak restaurant. This would be her first experience with steak in a restaurant, except for steak kababs, which don't really count. Otherwise, her prior numerous experiences with steak were off of the grill out in the backyard. Derek and company treated her fabulously - and she loved her kids sirloiin. It looked like about a 6oz cut. Both girls (the other is 4 years old) liked the crab bisque, but it was a bit more watery than I remember it. I had the NY
  7. When I was at Montgomery Mall yesterday aroound lunch time, I noticed it wasn't open. It wasn't deserted (i.e. there were still veggies in the fridge and woks resting on the stove) so wondered if they were just taking an extra day or two off for the holidays, but the thought of permanent closure definitely crossed my mind.
  8. yes, basically, if you've enrolled in any of the CBP trusted traveler programs, you will get TSA PreCheck. if i recall correctly, Global Entry expedites arriving in the U.S. via airplane. SENTRI expedites land crossings on the southern border, and NEXUS expedites land crossings on the northern border. One of the main things to remember is that PreCheck only applies to U.S. airports (i.e. those whose security are managed by TSA). It generally won't help you with international airport security.
  9. Love this place. Most of their ice cream comes from Great Falls Ice Cream. Apparently they make some small batches in-house, but as Don mentioned upthread, it's not always clear which those are.
  10. Kyle Bailey is at Sixth Engine now? Even though this place is a couple blocks from work, I only went once, in part because it's not open weekday lunches. But now I have to make a point to hit it up for happy hour once in awhile. See Washingtonian.
  11. We have routinely gotten birthday cakes from Pastries by Randolph. raspberry and lemon fillings in particular have been very tasty. Ms. RBH loves the dark chocolate mousse cake for her b-day.
  12. A couple weeks ago, our annual winter getaway took us to Miami this year. With two toddlers in tow, fine dining is rarely an option. And often on vacation these days, after a day of activities, take-out is often a preferable option. And we had to have some Cuban food while we were down there.... which brings me to El Palacio de los Jugos and specifically the Flagler Street location. Wow... absolute lifesaver for the trip. Yes, it's pre-prepared hot food that you order over the counter.... the seating available is just picnic tables.... don't let the looks deceive you. Separate counters f
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