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  1. Sorry for the delayed report back.. hopefully restaurants will eventually re-open and this review will be useful. This was basically my first omakase experience and it was pretty cool. They did tuna in a variety of ways- ahi with the fatty and lean sides and another type which I'm forgetting, different types of mackarel. It was very cool to compare and contrast the different cuts and types. Plus, the experience of eating amazing quality of fish was great. The decor and everything about the Chinatown location was no frills. You walk in to a basement with minimalist decor, they grab your coats, confirm you want the omakase, pour some water, and start eating fish. I didn't expect the high efficiency of the operation. Prepping each bite for my wife and I was very quick. Just about the fastest way to eat through $50 that I've ever experienced. But at the end, I did feel fully satisfied and would go back. Really wonder how it compares to other elaborate operations like Sushi Taro and Sushi Nakazawa.
  2. Recent yelp reviews (Chinatown location) describe the 12 piece Omekase as reservation only at the counter, $50. Which sounds like worth a shot to me. Will try to report back if I learn/taste more.
  3. Still technically no bagel sandwiches, but plenty of everything bagels (only flavor) baked daily. Had one with cream cheese today. Not transformative, but very good. Everything isn't my go-to flavor, so possibly biased against, but would probably still choose Bethesda Bagel. That said- well-made as far as crust and texture. Pretty dense, salty, lots of very strong poppy, sesame, onion seasonings, AND CARAWAY! Heard good things about their breakfast sandwich, so will have to close my eyes and shell out the $9 at some point.
  4. This closed ..maybe a year ago? It's recently reopened as Lucky Buns from Alex McCoy who did several pop ups at Alfie's in Park View. One can only try so many fast-casual burger "start ups" before being jaded by a new burger restaurant opening. Fortunately, this is the real deal, food-wise. Crazy thai-influences, New Orleans-influences, all mashed together as spicy, unique drunk food in burger form. Solid cocktails and drinks list. The service is very similar to my previous visits to Alfie's. Super long, unexplained waits, forgetting/mistaking orders, and random menu changes. Right when you are so fed up that you're about to leave, a glorious platter of food arrives and the hours of hanger-ness evaporates. Another formerly mediocre restaurant with a social scene is now a beacon of amazing and unique food in Adams Morgan.
  5. It's been Taqueria de los Compadres for a few months now. It seems to be some of the same people in back of house, but definitely under new management. The menu's a little more streamlined, but still with lots of great taco options. Food seemed to come a little quicker, a little better managed (no "credit card not working" signs for weeks), and consistently busier. Hopefully, all good signs for a long tenure in a competitive neighborhood.
  6. Best seat in the house is the upstairs bar. More quiet than downstairs, has a great view down Florida Ave, and sit under their beautifully restored Victorian Turret. Delightful.
  7. This is really sad news. My wife and I have celebrated several special moments here including many early dates when we enjoyed it's romantic atmosphere and fine dining (on a budget). I even celebrated my 30th birthday here. Lot's of great memories. I will definitely have to get back a few times before the end of July.
  8. The always delightful John Oliver on Johnny's Half Shell at 4:14 - .. Further proof that Washington occasionally gives DC's dining scene a bad name.
  9. Also they do have a bartender and full on more adventurous cocktail program. Looking forward to trying it out soon.
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