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  1. Just FYI, it's a wager with someone. A challenge... and I'm big on winning.
  2. Desperately seeking restaurant that serves octopus or squid cooked in its own ink. Jaleo has this as a special once, but I've never seen it anywhere else. I have seen squid ink pasta- the black kind- but not pasta with ink "sauce." This, too, would be a great find. Please PM me if you know of anywhere that serves something like this or something else with ink. Thanks!!!
  3. WHAT IS THIS?! Am I the only one who really doesn't like the upgrade?
  4. Actually... not sure about the beer selection, but I'm surprised no one mentioned Tabard Inn.
  5. Seriously.. wow.. MJ... defining person in my childhood. Wow.
  6. Maybe this isn't what you had in mind by "north of downtown," but what about Brasserie Beck?
  7. Thank you so much for your response! I actually have never been to a DR.com dinner, only the picnics. I certainly wouldn't want to put you and your kitchen to any trouble!
  8. I've never tried it so can't speak towards its quality, but there is an Asian noodle/pho place on L between 19th and 20th. I believe it's called Noodles Fresh or something like that.... Whenever I've walked by it's been pretty populated, but that could be due to the lack of lunch spots in the area.
  9. This sound delicious, however I do have a couple questions: 1) Is this metro-accessible? 2) What sort of oil is involved in the cooking (I'm allergic to soy, and "vegetable oil" is most often soybean-based, as is "blended" olive oil)?
  10. REally... I'd choose Juice Joint on VT Ave btw K and L. Organic for the most part, healthy, and you can ask about ingredients and specify to your heart's content (I know, I have food allergies). Otherwise, I'd opt for a Jose Andres restau, like Atlantico or Jaleo.
  11. Stopped by Potenza for drinks with a date a couple weeks ago. Can't recall the name of the drink I had, but it was some sort of strawberry/balsamic/basil concoction that was very strong, not too sweet, just not what I expected (Orvieto perhaps?) We also ordered the bruschetta with gorgonzola, which we thought would be toast topped with cheese. Instead we were subjected to bread absolutely soaked with a cheese sauce. It was... gross. I can't describe it any other way. I like gorgonzola, but this was like someone decided to make a Velveeta version of it. We actually laughed about the dish. On the other hand, the bar service was very friendly and helpful.
  12. Personally, I love my stemless glasses. Much less chance of breaking than my good stemware. I seriously don't see what people have against them... Throw em in the dishwasher w/out worry.
  13. If you can't split the bill - which is ridiculous for a group this large- grab it, calculate 20% tip and split everything evenly.
  14. No, I know that! I'm just surprised, b/c the last time I tried it, it really had all the flavor of H2O
  15. Hmm do you mean the tex-mex or asian rocket fuel? B/c to me the regular rocket fuel tastes like water!
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