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  1. Hello! Just making some updates to the Really Good Coffee map... -Really Good: Cameo (promoted), Ceremony Bethesda, For Five Alexandria & Arlington, Sweet Science (Arlington) -Closed: Blüprint, Java Shack (see Sweet Science), Little Pear (closed for coffee) -Watch: Artifact (Baltimore), Grape & Bean (meh? coffee program?), Misha's (Old Town Waterfront) If anyone knows of listed places that are closed, please post here.
  2. This is interesting. Not familiar with Trager Bros. but I do buy coffee at WF. :) In Old Town they carry a few verities from Ceremony, based in Annapolis, 32 miles away. (It’s excellent, BTW) in Pentagon City, they don’t carry Ceremony, but have many types of Commonwealth Joe coffee, based in Arlington. They also carry Mayorga, which is based somewhere in Maryland (Rockville, Silver Spring, or ??). So I guess their excuse doesn’t really float, although their stock is “influenced” by locality.
  3. Misha’s moved to 917a King St on 31 May. The old location is closed up a city hearing notice for change of restaurant ownership. The new location is an upgrade, though some will not like it over the kitchy original. The new one is larger, has some outdoor seating and a rear entrance by the new roaster. There is some counter space along the walls suitable for individuals. The communal table is now a high top toward the back. Had a nice iced latte.
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Glad to help out. :)

    What is the beautiful scene in your profile banner? Is that George Clooney's town?

    1. DIShGo


      You're welcome!

      It is the view from Restaurant Alain Llorca in Colle-sur-Loup, France, looking toward Saint-Paul-de-Vence. The only Clooney connection was the Nespresso machine in our hotel! 

  5. Well done. As traumatic as that was, at least subsequent viewers won’t be teased by the possibility of still going!
  6. Hey, @DonRocks, I see that Black Rooster is still listed on the dining guide (un-closed, that is).
  7. Has anyone had experience at Gregory Coffee, with a couple of locations in DC? I’ve been to some in NYC and it was pretty decent. Was not impressed with two visits to the locations near 19th & M NW. Went to Bourbon for my second or third visit. Just had a Cortado. Acceptable, nothing to remark about beyond that it was superior to Compass. 😉
  8. I’ve been pretty disappointed with Compass of late. Of all DC “good coffee” places they are the worst. After a string (3) of successful cortado visits at the Rosslyn location, they couldn’t duplicate. They made it three tries and it was still poor. Never had anything more than mediocre at Gallery Place location. Wondering whether they deserve a downgrade. I might give an independent shop a pass but Compass is a (local) chain with big investors $$$. Any thoughts?
  9. Got a mailer for the new Bistro Sancerre last week, so I walked over to check it out. I knew there was activity in the space some months ago, but somehow missed that it had opened already. This may be telling. I walk by this area to Whole Foods frequently, but not this secluded plaza. The restaurant faces onto a plaza with fountain which is the side of the Embassy Suites. Inside, the dining space steps up 2 levels, with a private dining room and art display, extending all the way to the Duke St side of the building. I only ate in the bar. A few beers on tap, but good ones. Extensive beer bottles/cans selection. But I think the wine is more important. The bar seats about 10+ 3 or 4 high-tops for 2 people, and one for maybe 4 people. It looks nice but a bit hard (lots of stone), not much character. Had some sliders and winter squash soup. Sliders were pretty tasty. Good beef and brioche buns. The soup was a little gelatinous. Good flavor. The bartender said it was made with emulsified fish (cod? don't remember now). I'm pretty sure I heard that correctly. Anyway, it looks like the place is worth a try for a real dinner. Maybe this week... Looks like they specialize in steaks. Some pics attached.
  10. I guess the Prince St location didn't go anywhere. Honestly, I missed this until now. However I did see this at 917 King St yesterday... Unfortunately, they've removed their application from the BAR docket, so nothing happening on Dec 19... http://alexandria.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=57
  11. We'll be watching Colony Club and Cafe Kindred. Looking for endorsements from anyone else...
  12. I’ve tried a number of ways and have not problem: logged in/out, private browsing, Firefox, Safari, mobile... no other reports of problems. 🤷‍♂️
  13. You're right. But the Compass is in the new CEB Building across from Metro, not the old CEB/Deloitte building on Ft Myer Drive. They do alright. Not as good as CA was but then I guess they aren't skimming cards, so there's that!
  14. Hello all. I'd like to announce some updates to the Really Good Coffee Map. View the map here: Really Good Coffee - The Map I'm helping @porcupine update the map and we're rolling out some new "features." First, the Map description now references this thread as a place to discuss the Map. Discuss. Second, the Map now has three layers: "Really Good Coffee" with green, blue, and red markers for consistently good coffee or espresso experiences; "The Watch List" with places (yellow) under consideration for RCG or places where we're still evaluating consistency, etc; and "Closed" will feature places (gray) removed from the RGC list when no longer in operation. Please discuss the list here. Looking for new places to visit and information about places on the list -- both good and bad. We'll try to keep the Map up to date. As a reminder, the metric here is "good coffee quality" and not necessarily "a good business" or "a good place to hang out."
  15. I will set aside the "banked" issue, and address the food/beverages. I was excited to drive by BL's "West End" location on a recent business trip into DC. My wife and I visited a location in Hoboken last year. It was a "café" location vs "coffee shop" per their web site. We had no prior knowledge of Bluestone, and no idea the were "Australian" inspired. The food was great--one of us got an avocado toast (yes, it's everywhere, but it seemed, in fact, quite good). The other thing I don't recall. We had a cappuccino or cortado. That was fine. On par with "good" coffee locations in DC; perhaps not with the "best". I don't recall whether we had coffee or not. Overall, our experience was rather good. This wouldn't be the first time something was ruined by "cash inflow". The report of the poor coffee is sad and unfortunate. I'll have to give it a try, but it's been knocked down from my "soon" list.
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