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  1. Yup, guess so. For those who require wine, there are plenty of selections including moderately priced ones.
  2. Count me in; how do I sign up? Afghan Bistro is wonderful although I haven't been there in a long time. My Afghan friends, from Kabul, give it an A+ for both authenticity and taste. Would also be pleased with a progressive dinner and cooperate, although it is recognized the human tendency is to stay put once enjoying a good meal.
  3. Agree completely. The Afghani members of our party raved about the food ... and yes they know how good home-cooked Afghan food can be. Another of the many factors to commend Afghani Bistro is that they serve halal meat (see my entry at that topic). We'll be back for sure.
  4. Afghan Bistro presented a delightful meal for our party on Friday 9.30. The kabob were tender and cooked medium rare as ordered. The vegetable combo entree included rice with carrots and raisins, sabzi, potatoes and pumpkin; all were excellent as was the eggplant appetizer. Even the American style salads with chicken on top were very good. The house provided complementary chopped Afghan salad (tomatoes, onion etc.) and pickle. Afghani Americans in our party loved the food. Wine prices begin reasonably at $32 and the whole meal was extremely fairly priced. On the east side of Alban Road (continuation of Backlick past Fairfax County Parkway) south of McDonald's. Our family's new go-to spot. Very popular and reservations for dinner are recommended.
  5. Curious Grape closed Saturday March 28. I noticed an email from Friday identifying the closing pricing for wines and describing the final wine tasting which was held on Saturday. Too bad. I wish the owner and staff well for whatever lies down the road.
  6. I was at the butcher shop today and the clerk said the restaurant would open for summer. Must wait: BooHoo! But bought meat treats I am looking forward to cooking at home.
  7. Hello all --- I'm Mary, a foodie from way back, now living in VA. Annandale, to be exact: and pleased that as it turns out Annandale has all kinds of unanticipated food options to explore. I'm looking forward to hearing everybody's opinions about the eats around the Washington area. Gardening, vegetables and history/ethnography and botany are other interests, so there's lots to explore. Glad to be here. Yesvirginia
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