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  1. Topic title needs to be updated, as this summer Goodies opened a picture-perfect walk-up location in an old Ice House substation they rehabbed at 200 Commerce Street in Alexandria. Wisconsin-style frozen custard on point as ever. On my recent visit, while I enjoyed both a root beer float with vanilla custard and a peanut butter and vanilla custard shake (OK, excessive but I was celebrating a great-nephew's birth.... and a beautiful day... I asked if they made malts -- nope, but server said he'd make it thicker to mimic a malt somewhat if I'd like -- I did), I saw charming owner Brandon pop down to take an order from a car that pulled up on the street. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing, but I overheard him tell apparently regular customer, no worries, you can pay me next time. 1950's-inspired treats and customer service. I have no connection to this business other than being a fan.
  2. Couple other suggestions -- check the availability the same morning you might be able to go -- some small number seem to be released. For example, this morning, 2 tickets were available for 10 or 10:30. Also, for the rest of February, if you arrive by Montgomery Co Ride-On bus (there's a stop at Glenstone), admission is guaranteed without a reservation -- I assume you show your ticket (I'm old), pass, whatever.
  3. Q. Speaking of Harrys, who was the third baseman in the famous Cubs' double play trio, Tinker to Evers to Chance? A. Harry Steinfeldt
  4. Do be careful! Aug 14, 2014 - "Potential Dangers of Homemade Tonic Water" on alcademics.com
  5. I like this recipe for brioche buns from the Post. I have commitment issues so I can't say that I really like them, but give them a try. WaPo Brioche Buns recipe
  6. Risotto? Someone above suggested Serious Eats recipe. Also, take a look at Chi Trib article and recipe
  7. We've done your kind of thing on the way from WI to DC -- makes a long trip fun. This cute little burger joint with cute little burgers in Urbana OH: Crabill's Hamburgers Old fashioned steakhouse in Dayton OH: The Pine Club Ice cream in Yellow Springs OH: Young's Jersey Dairy
  8. How about the Pirates' Harvey Haddix pitching 12 perfect innings and losing in the 13th on May 26, 1959 in Milwaukee against the powerful Braves and Lew Burdette. The game was scoreless until the bottom of the 13th. It ended on a bizarre note when a confused Hank Aaron (who had been intentionally walked after a leadoff error and a sacrifice bunt), was passed on the base path by Joe Adcock*, who had hit an apparent 3-run home run. Aaron was ruled out, the home run declared a double, and the official score ultimately became 1-0. Haddix pitched 12 2/3 innings, one hit, no earned runs. He went to 3 balls just once (other than the intentional walk in the 13th), in the first inning against Eddie Matthews. No other perfect game has gone beyond 9 innings. *In another oddity, Adcock had nearly ended Haddix's career 5 years earlier when he lined a drive off Haddix's knee. Box score 2009 SI article on game
  9. Thought of another place for you just off Beltway at 450, a stone's throw from Just Jerk. Second location of Peru's Chicken, which sounds promising possibility per Tim Carman's review of original spot on Central Ave in Mitchellville.
  10. The writer of a January 1,1859 (that's correct) NYT review of NYC restaurants ended by noting that unlike certain London saloons, he knew of no establishments "...where the knives and forks are chained to the table to prevent their being stolen, and a Newfoundland dog is kept under the table for guests to wipe their hands on." Jan 1, 1859 - "How We Dine" by the Strong-Minded Reporter of the Times HowWeDine.pdf
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