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  1. I have not had a chance to get out much lately, but I have heard of two interesting developments: 1. Manila Mart was closed for remodeling last winter, and is now open again with an expanded space. I plan to stop by and take out a halo halo soon. 2. A new Vietnamese place has apparently bravely opened this summer at Contee and Rt 1, near Cold Stone/Sardi's on the corner with Shoppers Food, "Lulu's Gourmet Vietnamese Cuisine" . Their online menu lists banh mi including an "Op La" egg version, plus the usual pho, bun, bubble tea, and an odd waffle section that has a photo of a classic waffle but describes two "Hong Kong bubble waffle" dishes, one with the expected candy toppings, and the other a sort of banh mi waffle. The website is here: https://pholulu.com/our-menu/ I intend to investigate the banh mi situation, as options have been extremely limited since the closure of the banh mi place in Langley Park a few years back. --- Gah Rham (Pool Boy)
  2. I have done some research, and they are not related. The owner of the Laurel Famous KnK previously owned Bano Kabob on Cherry Ln.
  3. I've been to the Kabob N Karahi that is on New Hampshire, any idea if this one is related? The goat karahi was really good at the other one.
  4. Just moved to south Laurel - I'm familiar with most of the Beltsville options, but have only sampled a few places around Laurel before (Pasta Plus, Curry Leaf, Sapphire). Definitely want to check out Amber Spice (used to live near Udupi Palace back in the day) and Thai at Laurel. Can anyone comment on whether any of the pho options are good or if it is better to drive down to Beltsville? I am also intrigued by Famous Kabob and Karahi. Presumably there is not much in the way of Chinese unless you want to drive down to College Park (or further), although I have had dim sum at Mai Dragon in Hanover some years ago and see that they have a Cantonese chef with some specialties on the regular menu as well. Any other suggestions, since this is an old enough thread that some of the recommended places have closed or moved, and new ones have opened?
  5. I believe this has now been replaced with a small taco shop, Taqueria El CosteƱo, still in the back of the Super Best.
  6. I have heard from some Baltimore folks that Chef Li is retiring and they are not renewing the lease. The last day open will be early next week (Nov 4 or 5).
  7. This is my reckoning of the dishes that we ordered, most of which were helpfully described by ktmoomau above: shaanxi cold stir noodles, thicker noodles in spicy oil and seasonings cold stir enoki, mild flavored heap of enoki chengdu bean jelly, sleeper hit of slippery gelatinous strips in a spicy sauce (with salty bean paste?) tendon and tripe in spicy sauce, I think there is a similar dish to this at Grace Garden called "triple treasure" spicy trotters, succulent and rich with heavy coating of szechuan peppers and spices pita in lamb soup, which is bits of bread sopped in the soup, and which came with a condiment dish of garlic cloves, pepper paste, and cilantro rouga mo beef "burgers", spiced beef bits in the flat sort of english muffin rolls shaanxi mixed vegetables, a large deep bowl of spicy sauce, heavy on the szechuan peppercorns, with various vegetables (mushrooms, fungus, bamboo, etc) shaanxi flavor fish: large chafing dish with whole fish and sauce with soft tofu iron pot lamb: lamb and turnip chunks in an iron bowl with propane burner Xingjiang Chicken, a platter of mildly seasoned chicken and shaanxi-style thin noodles This was more than plenty for a group of 10, although we ordered doubles of some of the smaller dishes. I don't remember anything being super spicy, although a few of the dishes were strong with the szechuan pepper.
  8. What was the name of the dish of chicken with noodles? I think I have everything else written down...
  9. Ok, right now my list is nelumbo +3 ericandblueboy +1 danielk +2 ktmoomau +1 Which is a total of 11. I plan to call and confirm the reservation tomorrow in the early afternoon, please let me know any changes or corrections by then.
  10. Reservation made for Sunday at 6 pm, 10-12 people, under "Nicky" (or possibly "Micky", neither of which is actually my name but works for this purpose). I will confirm with them on Sunday morning, so please let me know before then if anyone has a change of plans or headcount.
  11. Ok, I have an additional +1. So by my count, that is 10 with a possible additional 3, but with one person who might order separately. My inclination is to call the restaurant later this week with a count range (10-12), and then check back in again with a solid number on Sunday morning. If we end up on the 10 side, we might fit at one of the round tables with a lazy susan (looking at photos of the interior on google)? With a larger number, maybe two of the round tables or some of the smaller tables pushed together (are there only 4-tops or are there some 6-tops?).
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