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  1. I stopped by for lunch when this place opened, and was pleasently surprised. The food is not the best in the city, but it's better Italian American than you would expect them to serve. It is a fantastic place to take relatives/friends who are visiting from out of town, especially the less adventurous. The portions are *huge* as mentioned. 1 app, a salad, 2 entrees, and a dessert would easily feed 6 people, IMHO. Maybe 8.
  2. The first time I went here for lunch *right* when it opened, it was great. So I went back. I even booked a table here for New Year's Eve. Not a great idea. If I can be honest, the other customers are very often fairly rude, and it think it wears down the servers over the course of the night. My entre on New Year's Eve was actually inedible. Too bad, as I thought it had potential to be a nice place, and not a wannbe night club with subpar food and weak overpriced drinks.
  3. I just used my Groupon here last week and also, for the most part, am not really in a rush to go back, but their gambas al ajillo is really something special. I mean, you see it everywhere as it's a classic tapas menu item, but I feel like this is the only time I really understood why anyone bothered. The flank steak was also good. The potatoes in mayo with caviar? Not so much. I know I ordered a couple of other things, but they were apparently not memorable. I'd rather go to Estadio or Jaleo.
  4. Hi, I've been reading the site for awhile, but never joined. I'm Sarah Boyce, this is my third year in DC, and I'm not in any way in the industry. I love trying out the bars and restaurants in the city - current favorites are probably Churchkey/Birch and Barley and The Passenger. Currently saving up for Komi. Looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts. Just today, I've already felt vindicated about my opinion of We, the Pizza.
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