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  1. I wholeheartedly agree, and it leads me to an unfortunate observation about Old Town. As an avid home cook, I used to very regularly shop in Old Town for meats at the phenomenal Butcher's Block, kitchen equipment and specialty goods (Italian flour, beans, grains, spices) at La Cuisine, bread and cheese at La Fromegerie, and a variety of goods at Society Fair. Over time, BB closed. La Cuisine closed. La Fromegerie stopped its retail component and switched to a restaurant. And now SF will likely close. If it does, I don't imagine I'll make it over to Old Town much anymore, and that's unfortunat
  2. I'm honestly not that interested in trying many of the offerings at the Wharf, but I've driven there multiple times now (from Arlington) specifically for the mercato at Officina. It is awesome - highly recommended. Excellent fresh pasta, semolina loaves, cheese, house cured salami, biscotti, fritti of various types, roman pizza al taglio, and a whole butcher case. Delicious quarts of housemade soups. Chicken liver pate. Pints of housemade gelato. Seriously, as an Italian-focused home cook, I love this place.
  3. I know I should just get over it, but I'm still really disappointed that Little Viet Garden never brought back the incredible banh mi that they sold at their bakery before renovating. When they first reopened, they would always tell me banh mi were coming back soon. After two years it appears they are gone for good. They were a completely different animal from the other banh mi sold in eden center, in terms of quality of ingredients, freshness, etc. I'll get over it eventually.
  4. Last time I went to Little Viet Garden, they were actually not offering the excellent banh mi that used to be their focus when they were the deli. Does anyone know if banh mi are back on the menu (at the counter in the back)?
  5. I love Dino's Grotto. It continues to be an inviting, familiar, comforting, reliable standby for us (though we have used it for special occasions as well, which has always been a great time). Nothing like a few negronis and dinner in the grotto bar after getting home from a boring work trip.
  6. I enjoy Taco Bamba but visit (very) sporadically because of the tortillas. I guess I don't understand why they don't seem to be interested in putting their quality meats/fillings on a tortilla of equal quality. Though they do keep expanding and must be successful regardless, so what do I know? I do my best to hit Oyamel and Espita at happy hour for excellent fresh masa tortillas at reasonable prices (again: happy hour).
  7. Went into Banh Ta a couple of weeks ago and had two incredible sandwiches (as always). These folks simply do not disappoint. Layers of flavor, quality proteins, and they actually CARE about the food they are cooking (can't say the same about DC Sandwich, in my experience). They are getting ready to close (in the next month or two) to renovate after which point they'll become a sit-down restaurant. I asked if she'll still do banh mi and she said some, but not all of what they currently offer. They're also no longer keeping the market component, which I really enjoyed - picking up pickl
  8. Before Chase the Submarine opened, there was some talk of a butcher-shop component (in addition to the sandwich shop). For those that have gone - has this come to fruition? I believe there was an interview with Tim Ma where he was discussing selling housemade pates, cured meats, etc. Don't make it to Vienna very often but just curious.
  9. As someone who enjoys 2 Amys but doesn't go as frequently as I'd like, a question for those of you who go more often: can you order all of the exciting "bar" menu items (the stuff that seems to be very seasonal and sits out at room temp) at a regular table, or do you have to sit at the wine bar? I'm trying to figure out the best time to go to take advantage of summer bounty. Also - any word on if they are still doing porchetta on saturdays?
  10. Went to Dino's Grotto tonight and had an incredible time. We had the "Fuck Restaurant Week" special and it was truly a steal. $35 for 5 courses - every course was well conceived and absolutely delicious. Dean opens with a chickpea/tomato soup - it was so tasty that several folks in our party ordered extra servings. The boar stew was also a highlight. We had some first timers who all agreed they would return to Dino in the immediate future. Just a note to Dean. Someone in,our party loved the whole grain bread (complementary at the beginning of the meal) so much that they purchased a whole
  11. Just FYI - we attempted to go last night around 6:00 and they had about a 2.5 hour wait. So plan accordingly - just because it's Tuesday and rainy doesn't mean it's necessarily any easier to get in.
  12. I missed out on the reservations as well.....good (great) for Rose's, but WOW. On a related note, has anyone had any recent experiences there? I noticed the menu has changed quite a bit (family style veal parm now offered). I am considering taking my mom there on a whim for her birthday tonight. I figure a Tuesday, bad weather, just after Thanksgiving...fingers crossed we don't have a 3 hour wait, but you never know.
  13. I agree about the difficulties in this new Penrose development. Not sure why, but I've noted that the businesses in this development (including Red Rocks and T. Poblano) seem to be struggling quite a bit whereas Bangkok 54, Drafthouse, Bob and Edith's, etc. continue to do brisk business. That said, I think that Society Fair's closing is mostly due to their own failings. I absolutely love the Old Town location, and I think it was foolish to try and bring an outpost of that into such a small space. They had an inconsistent menu (and lacked dinner options), they had almost zero seating (bes
  14. Do you know what else is slated for Liberty Center? All I've heard about is another Taylor Gourmet. Excited for a version of Kapnos.
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