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  1. Hi Julien, Rockwellians. etc. Just wondering if some of the dishes here can be requested to be made without the "meat" as listed on the menu? I guess I see a few that are seafood based but include pork sausage or jowl. Side note; I love the hog. Just wondering for one in our potential party. Also is the menu online a good representation with a few differences on a typical night? Or is this the fast and hard menu? Thanks!
  2. I love my lodge carbon steel. Gets great color on just about anything. The texture of the surface changes with what I cook though since browning turns to blackening on certain food items. There's no way I could cook an omelet in mine. I clean it with kosher salt every once and a while. The problem I have had is that I tend to clean things too thoroughly and I think I have removed some of the pre-seasoning. If your omelet is sticking, try lower heat?
  3. So I tried to find some better evidence, I'm still having trouble finding a food grade of steel that isn't stainless steel. Obviously cast iron and blue/black/carbon steel used in cookware are safe, but I still don't really know what grades represent the food safe ones. I am thinking that maybe Dan's steel plate is not cast iron, because cast iron is just that, poured into a mold to produce a shape such as a skillet. A plate of steel is rolled out and cut. (Doesn't preclude them from being the same molten steel I suppose?) I found some interesting links that may be useful: http://slice
  4. Woah woah woah, there are many different grades of steel. Cast iron is not the same as many grades of steel you may be looking at. For $50, this was most likely not stainless steel. Heating galvanized steel and food can be very dangerous. I believe heating galvanized metals causes zinc vapor to be produced.
  5. Woah! This is amazing news. The closest LHBS is in Falls Church. I visited once and I don't think I would return again. It was tiny, nothing to browse, everything was kept int he back. Maryland Homebrew is the best in the area, but don't get out to Columbia ... ever. http://stores.mdhb.com/StoreFront.bok I will be checking out 3 Stars, thanks !
  6. I have to say that the beer selection at Shake Shack was deplorable. Miller Light or Killians. I can't stress this enough that KILLIANS WAS LABELLED A PREMIUM BEER. P R E M I U M !!! Is there any craft beer in the park? Even a decent pale ale would suffice. I would even drink Sierra Nevada.
  7. Wow, a couple of true baseball fans in here! Haha. Also, what about 15-20 minutes equated to missing the entire game? I'm also not a "Nat's fan" and I had never been to any Shake Shack before. Get there early, get some Shake Shack and you'll be satisfied for the rest of the game. *** "Nat's fans" (noun) natz fan: Being of the type that bought a National's hat in August 2012 and cheered until they fell apart in the playoffs.
  8. Shake Shack was fantastic at the exhibition game before the season started. The wait wasn't unbearable, maybe 15-20 minutes.
  9. Eastern Market or Whole Foods. Cooked some nice black bass the other week from Old Town WFs. I love branzino!
  10. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here last night. Although there was some wait for our reservation, not many, if any, hiccups with service on a busy night. They had just rolled out their spring menu, which is highly recommended! Ramps abound on the menu, white and natural asparagus, beans, peas etc. Browsing the menu itself was a treat, had me thinking that we were enjoying 70 degree temps a week early. There was not one miss with our meals. Everything is absolutely recommended. GRILLED OCTOPUS “EN PURGATORIO” asparagus, mushroom, radish, pickled ramp vinaigrette 11.50 Don't be fooled,
  11. The commercials on Food Network drive me absolutely bonkers. On his stupid show Rest. Impossible show, he does nothing but scream and rant about low quality, frozen, and pre-prepared foods. I'm sorry, but isn't Sysco the king of all of those things? Not that I ever bought into his crap, but that is the last straw.
  12. I just had the exact same thought when my wife said she was going here tonight... without me. Why haven't I ever even heard the name before?!
  13. You could try Lyon at Union Market? I have gotten pre-sliced sandwich type bread (sesame?) there, not sure about rye. It was delicious.
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