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  1. I think the fried chicken word is out because we sold a metric f ton of chicken. Also new shared apps of sour and sweet eggplant dip which is really good and Berkshire pork ribs also equally awesome.
  2. Sold 6ish chicken tonight, some people tried to tackle solo although meant to share. Hopefully some more changes tomorrow down some staff today.
  3. Working on a new menu format, trying to change up the first course, second course, tasting format. Either way I'm starting a shared earth and eats heritage fried chicken entree with sides tomorrow.
  4. Honestly no need to be sad. The restaurant will still have the same concept. My team is strong, and will have a good leader. This will still be a great neighborhood restaurant for Bethesda.
  5. That all sounds fair. Perhaps if it was that Friday, things do get a little hairy with the outdoor seating and happy hour going on. We did just change to the spring menu. No shackles really, just a little off night or at least for that period of time I guess. We will be anouncing the news next week.
  6. Good deal JonS. It's funny to hear that news about the pork dish, I literally just ate a plate of the mash and sauce the other day and it was so delicious. But its certainly always best to say something while you are there. It's not something that is upsetting to me, its upsetting that we put out a product that isn't enjoyed.
  7. Thanks Don, glad you enjoyed your food. JonS I encourage you and anyone who dines in our restaurant to make your issues known while you are eating. It doesn't do any good to read this here if you didn't enjoy something. If its not enjoyable then there was clearly a mistake in preparation, I would much rather prepare another dish properly. Its the only way my staff and I can learn and get better. Thanks for the comments.
  8. Hey all, just wanted to post an updated menu. Perhaps I was a little premature earlier posting that first draft. There are some substantial changes to make the food a little more approachable and comforting. Barrel and Crow Opening Dinner Menu.pdf
  9. The menu reads fairly simple and straight forward, (ex. The tartare dish). The key to the success will be taking these bistro dishes and pricing and giving them the execution of fine dining dishes. There will most likely be some flavors that you don't see listed, but you will be happy that they are there.
  10. I will be taking the Executive Chef role at Barrel and Crow in Bethesda. We plan to offer regional American food mostly in the the $18 to $24 range for dinner, along with a couple items in the $30 range. We are looking to be a great neighborhood restaurant for people to come to and enjoy some great comforting food and drink, at a decent price point. We are hoping to open in about 4 weeks with a little luck. I have attached a sample of the opening dinner menu, still haven't tested everything yet so there could be some small changes. Barrel and Crow Opening Dinner Menu.pdf
  11. Here is our fall menu, we have lowered prices all around and have added some more approachable dishes to the menu. We also offer a few verbal specials on the week ends, usually shortrib, dover sole, and something else. As far as the green circle chicken goes, its an organic amish chicken raised by dartagnan. The diet that the chicken is fed comes from the vegetable and bread scraps from 4 star NY restaurants. 09.26.2014.pdf
  12. Sorry haven't posted in some time. Thanks Son. I have recently added (starting tomorrow) the green circle chicken to the menu and it is just ridiculous. If your not familiar it is the chicken that is fed from the scraps from the four star restaurants in NYC. What an unbelievable bird, it will literally change your life. Thanks Judi for your post and I'm glad you enjoyed. We have also changed the structure of the brunch menu so that you are not required to get two courses. Fall menu debuts next week.
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