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  1. I have fond memories of going to the Houston's in New Orleans and Atlanta as a kid (both the Perimeter Mall and Lenox Mall locations, though the former is closed). I could devour the ribs and veggie burger and loved the shoestring fries. I read the Bon Apetit article this week when I got the issue and immediately pulled out my phone to see if there's one in DC. Not sure if I'll make it up to Bethesda, though.
  2. Searing before cooking sous vide also makes no sense. Food that come out of SV bags is wet, so any crust you built up would be gone. What you're supposed to do is cook in the bag then dry the hell out of it with paper towels and then sear. Wet meat won't build a crust when searing.
  3. Kenji's sous vide recipes are top notch. I've made his pork belly for bao buns, pork chops, steaks, chicken breasts and thighs, and carrots. Next project is sausages -- and I want to make those from scratch since I was given the KitchenAid sausage stuffer attachment for Christmas.
  4. Just had a lovely stay 4-night stay in New Orleans at the Q&C Hotel, booked through Hotels.com. I had 2 "free nights," which really just equated to a big discount on the bill, but our room was lovely. I've not had an issue using the site, and I try and continue using it unless I have to specifically book through a hotel's site (wedding/conference blocks usually).
  5. Someone posted on another thread that Tom seems to have a trend lately of going 3 stars on the initial review so he can bump it to 4 in the subsequent dining guide. Places like Rose's, Convivial, and there was another that I can't remember. And I'm also guessing he gives 3 or 4 to Metier but doesn't want the flagship to be below the "lesser" of the 2 places.
  6. Is there a way on mobile to have it default go to the latest post when clicking on a thread? It usually does this for me, but for some of the much older threads (like in travel), if you click on the thread title it'll take you to the first post. It's not very helpful if you're, say, looking for current recommendations in a city, and it takes you back to 2006 or whenever and you have to click through multiple pages (with no idea how many pages there are in the thread) before getting to the recent stuff.
  7. We went last year and had a great time. So much cheese! But I just checked and tickets went up $15 pp from last year -- is there a big difference in what attendees get? Perhaps more booze?
  8. The two I was cheering for most -- Marjorie and Isaac -- are the ones who went home empty handed. I like Amar and Jeremy fine, but it was cool to have a chef who has a restaurant a 5 minute walk from me (Roofer's Union) go so far. We have a reservation at Toup's Meatery in NOLA in a few weeks and looking forward to it. Had heard good things about it before even Top Chef.
  9. I reported it open the other night. When I got a confirmation email from Google they called it Fishnet, so clearly some work needs to be done.
  10. will there be a la carte drinks available? or just with pairings? if the former I could foresee several levels of tickets: the full-on drink pairings level, slightly cheaper with mocktails, and a food only one for those who abstain or want to just purchase a la carte (say one cocktail and/or a bottle of wine).
  11. Well last week's hot topic on here was the pricing/experience at the forthcoming Shaw Bijou. Tim Carman reports that Pineapple and Pearls will begin serving dinner starting April 7 at a whopping $250 per person. But! That includes food, drink pairings, tax and gratuity. Like Shaw Bijou, it will sell tickets.
  12. not sure where they're trying to edit their post from, but when on mobile (iPhone for me), there's no apparent button to edit your posts...but if you tap your post with your finger then the edit button comes up.
  13. it's an approach similar to what I've read about Thomas Keller. The French Laundry (and his other Yountville) restaurants make the most of local/seasonal (and have the great TFL garden), but he's not above flying in the best ingredients from around the world to make the best food possible.
  14. And interestingly, Marjie's first venture where she's the owner is a pastrami shop. A much different thing than what Kwame's going for.
  15. That seems like an idea he cribbed from Alinea. I know Grant Achatz has talked about doing that -- and his restaurant is under renovation now, so I would assume something like this is incorporated. But Achatz is a genius and can do what he wants. Kwame doesn't have the leeway.
  16. Their new website is awful and seems like it offers much less content. It looks like a decent blog vs a major(?) glossy publication. It's also odd that they haven't said anything about Kliman returning, especially since they've released the top 100 list, and I'm sure there are plenty of questions. His last chat was 12/8, and I understand he's going through a rough time, but it's been nearly 3 months without a word from him or the publication.
  17. Small plates here are more like a "racion" from a tapas bar in Spain. But even then, they're just scooping up a plateful of something for you to share.
  18. Been to Luke a few times, have always wanted to go to August, but they only do lunch on Fridays and sorta would prefer that over Galatoire's for a few hours. Domilise's has been on my list for a while. Probably will do that. Thinking about Cochon, but not sure if that's too much Link between Herbsaint and Butcher (gotta do Butcher -- that'll be our first thing after dropping bags at the hotel).
  19. We will be there in late March for 4 nights. Have reservations at Herbsaint, Toup's Meatery and Friday lunch at August. Planning on hitting up Mahonys, Cochon Butcher, and Cafe du Monde. Sazerac Bar and French 75 on the list. Planning on grabbing a Central Grocery muffuletta to take home. Still need 2 more dinners and a couple more lunch spots. And maybe a good spot to watch jazz. It looks like Kermit Ruffin no longer does his Thursday night gig.
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