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    NBA Coaching Matters

    The video "replayers", whomever they are --are missing highlighting that play on its own. Its a wondrous fast break. Immediately taking it out after the basket, an outlet pass, Carolina players must have and were streaking down the court.. Point guard looks up and sees it....a long pass...a beautiful touch pass and a basket. That was a beauty. Hadn't watched UNC play this year. Now I'd like to watch them during the tournament--hope they go far. I like their freshman point guard with the long wild hair. He's an offensive player, a shooter, a driver who sees openings and goes for it. Admittedly his hair makes him more watchable in my eyes; Coby White. I guess he'll go pro, which means he might not play a lot. Too bad. He is very talented (at least for the college game) and watchable.
  2. Oh man! So now I need to add mortadella...just when I thought I had it down pat. Spoil sport!!!! 😂
  3. DaveO

    NBA Coaching Matters

    The pro game is very different than it used to be. Clearly the 3 pt shot and it’s emphasis b/c of analytics is the biggest change. Changes in defensive rules have also been impactful. One key element of the article is How Milwaukee has made much greater use of the 3 pt shot and how. I’ve seen lots of old fans lose interest in the game over the decades—for myriads of reasons. Meanwhile the play of the weekend that literally took my breath away was in the marvelous UNC vs Duke game. It was NOT made by Zion Williamson, but by UNC following one of his dunks—maybe about 4-5 minutes into the video below: Killer fast break by UNC While the video features Zion they should have kept replaying that fast break—just beautiful team basketball
  4. An interesting article analyzing the tremendous season the Milwaukee Bucks are having, currently and for much of the season, leading the NBA in wins and winning percentage attributes much of their success to the changes instituted by Coach Mike Budenholzer. Budenholzer had one or two excellent coaching seasons turning the Atlanta Hawks into a playoff contender with a great regular season record, wherein he altered their game. He was a long time assistant under Coach Pop at San Diego. He took over from Jason Kidd, and Kidd's replacement from last season. Hmmm. Must admit Jason Kidd was one of my favorite players to watch, was an all time star, had a dramatic impact on teams that pushed them to winning records, seemed to carry that throughout his career,, even into the doddering end of his career and was clearly a player who had "coach" written all over him. Alas his coaching tenure's have also come with problems and his results as a coach didn't mirror his results as a player. Budenholzer has done very well...and this Milwaukee team has changed its character and is playing at an excellent level with a variety of changes that reflect the coaching changes. The article
  5. When I read your piece and the description of the dish, then checked the menu, I thought of the classic Crisfield's dish with crab. I too immediately wondered why Crisfileld's and Ikaros for that matter don't get more press. I think they are both so old school, having developed their reputations long before foodism became a popular press and public item. Cripes Crisfield's may have never changed its menu in the last 40 years (my frame of reference). I think Ikaros has stayed true to its original menu while adding dishes around the edge--the main menu changes having been adding Chesapeake Bay/ Baltimore favorites to the menu with their own Greek variations on the theme-evidently the dish you described above. Now I'm inspired to make a trip there to specifically focus on it. I suppose they developed their greatest kitchen and operational skills decades before food writing and publicity became big. They do have big followings. I suppose the owners never focused on following more recent trends. It hasn't been critical. Oh man...I think Ikaros is the restaurant I came closest to loving. I've had memorable romantic dinners, great fun dinners with small and large groups of great friends. The events were sometimes BIG and transcended the meals, but I've walked out of Ikaros many times in food awe. Its menu is mostly comfort food, which is the type of meal I most enjoy. In today's world they are both out of the public, press, and internet eyes. Too bad for a world of newer diners.
  6. Following the vicious, hate driven, White Terrorist shootings/mass murdeers in New Zealand, the Prime Minister of the nation is driven to change the gun laws. Possibly and hopefully New Zealand will react to this horrific event similarly to what Australia did before it. With that change in Australia it dramatically cut out these types of tragedies. One could only hope folks in the US would be so similarly smart.
  7. This topic stirred memories. Having grown up in Northern NJ and having now lived in the DC region for 4 decades I tried to estimate the number of times I've driven from DC to destinations North of Baltimore; guessing about 300 times with probably 2/3 of those having occurred in the first 2 of those 4 decades. Alternatively I might have driven South on 95/ 85 30-40 times with most of those drives terminating in North Carolina or the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area--actually not that long of a drive that it would precipitate a search for good off the road food destinations; I have none. Driving North to as far as Boston takes less time and miles than driving to Atlanta, let alone anywhere in Florida. In my case many trips terminated in Wilmington, Philly, South Jersey, Central and North Jersey, NYC, Long Island, Westchester, the upper Hudson Valley, and various points in New England. Between shorter driving distances and destinations that most often were with family or friends, and/or a mid trip layover with family or friends I am bereft of driving North off-highway dining destination points. OTOH this list of delis from another thread might be worthwhile Additionally while I haven't used this as an off road food destination Seabra's in the Ironbound Portuguese section of Newark seabrasmarisqueira.com is a fun interesting different tasty destination. OTOH upon review I have stopped in Baltimore a healthy number of times on the way back, most frequently on a Sunday evening. The diversion off the highway at the Eastern Avenue exit just North of the tunnel is not bad at all. Most of those stops have been at Ikaros. Additionally I've eaten in Baltimore's Little Italy and Fells Point and a couple of other places, only marginally further, and from there you can easily drive through the city to I-95 South and avoid the tunnel. Traffic in those areas of Baltimore on a Sunday evening, early dinner time is minimal.
  8. The above piece got me thinking and wondering: How does the above compare w/ Crisfield’s flounder w/ crab meat??... and BTW what does Crisfield charge for that dish today? (the Crisfield version being one of my favorite seafood dishes in the region)
  9. Absolutely. It can be in both. It should be in both. It is possible I’ve eaten at Ikaros between 50-75 times. I’d call that a conservative guess. In the 70’s I was probably a semi regular gradually eating there less frequently in the 80’s and 90’s. I have pulled off I-95 a healthy number of times returning to DC from the North magnetically being drawn to Ikaros around dinner time. Over the last 2 decades—maybe I’ve been there independent of highway stops, 6-8 times Not familiar with the dish you ordered, Don. Sounds great. I don’t go there enough now to make recommendations. I sort of fell in love while eating there, have had great group fun meals, family meals, oh and i’ve Gotten loaded there. It’s a 50 year institution. I’d put the post in both threads. (edit- addition). I wouldn’t describe it as an easily accessible, obvious destination off of 95. It is on the East I-95 side of the Southern side of the city, but NOT South Baltimore. It’s not a long detour, but it does involve driving through city streets and traffic lights and it’s relatively direct and easy. I primarily consider I-95 destination meal detours as being outside of cities On second thought it is possible I’ve had that dish or alternatively a dish or two like it. The original menus as I recall were exclusively Greek. It took a decade (my guess) before they started to incorporate popular seafood from the Chesapeake and bam when they started to do it they did it well.
  10. More people recognize that Sato is a quality player. He is NOT an athletic star that jumps higher, moves more quickly, or is faster than everyone else. He knows how to play: Here is a recent piece on his overall game from Zach Lowe at ESPN. When Sato is in the game the Wiz move the ball better. Overall there are more shots of better quality: Lowe on Satoransky's play this year: (go to espn to see the video's. They aren't remarkable plays featuring athleticism, they are smart plays that create good shots) Tomas Satoransky just knows how to play Every trade deadline leaves two or three makeshift teams in its wake: random collections of free-agents-to-be, guys acquired for reasons that are no longer relevant (Trevor Ariza), guys acquired later and for different reasons than the first guy (Bobby Portis, Jabari Parker), and maybe Dwight Howard holding a player option for reasons only Ernie Grunfeld understands. (The Grizzlies have the most fun Flotsam Team.) Everyone is marking time until the season ends. But these Wiz are fighting, and Satoransky is a joy. Viewed with the wrong perspective, he might leave you wanting. He doesn't run the offense as much as a traditional lead guard. You might not trust his jump shot. Elite point guards and physical scorers give him trouble on the other end. But Sato just knows how to play. It would be really fun to be on his team. He's unselfish, and a very smart passer. Few guards cut with his sense of timing, and such revved-up urgency. Some ball handlers disengage when other guys run the show. Satoransky is always searching out little ways he can help, and he sees those opportunities earlier than most. Why stand still or beg for the ball when you can plow away the defense with an improvised screen? The Wizards have posted a healthy scoring margin for two years running now when Satoransky and Bradley Beal share the floor. Satoransky is shooting 43.5 percent from deep combined over the last two seasons. Satoransky will be a restricted free agent this summer, and he will have a market. He can play real minutes on a good team.
  11. ....and the gosspy dirt from ex employees: It lost money every month. The investor shut it down and will redo it into something else. On the location "thing"...I agree with Josh
  12. Yikes!!! What a return from an injury. 13 shots-> 13 baskets. Boy the Syracuse zone has befuddled opposing college teams for not just years but decades. More than anything it has and should keep opposing teams from scoring inside. Zion Williamson is simply too strong, too wide, too talented, jumps too well, and has extraordinary timing to be contained by the Syracuse players and zone that theoretically should double team him down low. He out talented them. He crushed them. A man among boys. Jeepers. He was dominant.
  13. This poor guy is past his peak. Over his last 3 games Harden has only scored 29, 28, and 20 respectively, a humble total. Okay so the Rockets have been on a surge, they are rocketing up the standings with a long winning streak (just ended last night) and they have Chris Paul and Clint Capella back in the starting lineup. As was predicted earlier and acknowledged by Harden; when the other starters came back Harden would ease off the scoring load.
  14. Assuming you live near Laurel I'd go to Pasta Plus in a minute. While its been years since I've been there I thought the home made pasta excellent. Don't recall the bread but if I didn't wow it, I didn't complain about it. How does it rate against the "best"? I wouldn't know and again its been years, but my recollection is that the home made pasta was of excellent quality, and after that I don't care about or seek out the best of the best. When one finds very good quality in something like pasta--keep going back is my thinking. Support your local better restaurants. (I'd look at recent reviews in the national review sites--see what recent diners say!!). If I was going into the District and wanted to stick to the Green Line Dino's in Shaw near the Howard U stop has good fresh made pasta, and I am partial to the bread that comes with it.. Excellent for dipping in Olive oil with pepper. Best??? Probably not. Very good for an Italian pasta meal with carbs from pasta and bread. Both above are reasonably priced. If I ambled off the green line I like ZGast's suggestion for Sfoglina and Breadfurst. Great opportunities for some of the very best bread in the region and of course good pasta. Edit: I did go to recent reviews for PP in Laurel: On the question of fresh? A reviewer answered that question this way--> " Except the penne and rigatoni, yes. They also bake their own authentic bread. Both bread and fresh pasta are available in the market."
  15. Are you looking for photographs?
  16. Oh no. If one thought last year was bad this article depressingly predicts/suggests more of the same for 2019. I guess when a team goes into full tanking mode this is what it looks like.
  17. DaveO

    MAGA Yelp

    This is a function of how fractured our nation is primarily by those that are extremely political. The right HATES the left and vice versa...all of which is further hyped up by the internet, social media, instant news, and now apps. Its pretty ugly out there.
  18. It might have additional/new owners. Overall it wasn't doing great. Hence the change. (I know a little about it from grad(s) that were hired though never made it over there)
  19. I happened to attend a home game for Georgetown this year--against St Johns. Ewing, Georgetown's greatest player ever coaching against St John's, coached by its greatest player ever, Chris Mullins, (who played against Ewing in college and with Ewing on the Olympic Dream Team in '92). Here is my version of the "Ewing theory" Better to watch him play than coach!!!!
  20. Hah!! Ooh that rang a bell. I haven’t had grigliata Mista in ages—but never w/seafood, always meat and poultry. Now I’m interested, but no imps
  21. What is the Impact of a Player 11 games ago the Wizards "blew up their roster". John Wall was diagnosed with a second injury that will probably wipe him out of not only the remainder of this season but possibly all of next season. Additionally the scope of the injury is such it puts his future "stardom" at question. The Wiz were tied into enormous salaries for Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter going forward (3 former high draft choices). The injury forced the Wiz to reverse course on a pledge to keep their 3 high priced "stars" going forward. The Wiz traded Porter to the Chicago Bulls for two forwards. Since then the Wiz are 4-7, and Chicago is 6-5. The Wiz are losing ground on their effort to get to the playoffs, losing some winnable games. Chicago's record has improved and Porter is playing better and more vitally on behalf of the Bulls than he showed for the Wiz this season. All that being said I agree with the effort. The most recent team had a "big 3" in Wall, Beal, and Porter that wasn't big or good enough. At best they were a mid level candidate for the playoffs. Not that different from the former "Big 3" of the earlier 2000's with Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, and Antwan Jamison--a trio that was good but not good enough. Porter, at his best, was a complementary player; he developed into a fine 3 point shooter, he filled many roles, but he never took over. His role was limited. Interestingly though, since that trade, admittedly a move to "blow up" the roster and restart, they are simply not as good. Porter, a middling player seemed to add wins. In any case as a long term fan of the Wiz/Bullets, I muddle along as with other long term Wiz fans. They have never been as despicable as the SnyderSkins. They just can't rise above mediocrity, and for most of the time since the end of the 70's they have been worse than mediocre. Its more fun to eat well and drink.
  22. The following is a list of some of the local businesses that are suspected of having fake reviews on google. Google reviews are and have been for the past few years the most visible to searchers and they increase in volume far faster than any other source of reviews. A Pretty big list; over 2,000 of them. It appears to me that restaurants are NOT a major category among the spammers/targets of spammers (I only scanned the list). OTOH I am sure this list is incomplete and possibly very incomplete
  23. Christy Mathewson!! Aha!! I plead ignorance of baseball “prehistoric” times LOL— thanks. Well I suppose the 1960’s is also “prehistoric” but the early Mets were so bad—historically horrifically bad (they made last season’s Orioles look good or relatively good) that when Seaver joined them and they made their run in late 69 to win their division, win in the NL and then upset the mighty Orioles it was simply— Anazing. Seaver was the star. They had a great staff; Nolan Ryan was the weak link the very young fireballer who was terribly wild. Anyway Seaver was one of those athletes that inspired idolatry
  24. The 69 Mets were inspirational and exciting: A championship team that arose from the dregs of baseball. Just learned that “Ya gotta believe” became the team’s rallying cry via Tug McGraw in ‘73, another year where the Mets made a late season rush for a championship. Those were very cool lovable teams. Seaver was their icon- the amazing star among the Mets—probably the best pitcher to pitch for a NY City team
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