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  1. I find the personal pizza’s to be excellent. When Fireworks first opened in Arlington the toppings were terrific and the pizza was not—the pizza imho was horrible. They fixed that long ago. Now the pizza is good and he toppings might be better— really good. I had a tartuffo off the Arlington menu the other day with lamb sausage. It was excellent. That makes one of (at least) several, possibly the majority that are worthwhile. Excellent alternative.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I saw a restaurant lease wherein the new restaurant, owned by an independent operator, was completely "snagged" by a landlord. The landlord who also owns a restaurant in the same building grabbed the prominent space above the restaurant and put in a large, in fact a dominant sign over the tenants space. I think the tenant is "fooked". In any case I used to lease and sell commercial real estate; represented the landlord, tenant, buyers and sellers. There were documents that highlighted points to pay attention to. I reviewed some of them in the current web environment and thought I would pass down some significant elements that would protect a tenant. I did see a variety of documents that highlight key issues with leases including a variety of worthwhile comments with this search Below are issues I'd focus on: 1. Hire a good real estate attorney. A few of my clients went with their own attorneys who might have been great. But they knew nothing about commercial real estate. I used to get the lease and then mark it up from someone who knew what they were doing and presented it to the tenants attorney. I don't recall them not accepting it. There are a wide number of issues that can start affecting a tenant immediately if not protected in the lease. Hire someone who knows what they are doing. 2. Measure the space. This was rather big in the 1980's. I saw it mentioned in current articles. I guess its still big. While I didn't measure every space "back in the day" I don't recall ever measuring a space where the size was precisely what the landlord quoted. It was always smaller. Measure the space. If smaller than what the landlord quotes go to renegotiate the lease. Also know precisely what the difference is between "rentible square footage" and "usable square footage" If your lease is for less space than what the landlord quotes renegotiate. See what happens. Higher rentible square footage will hit you on base rent plus all the pass through increases over the term of the lease. 3. Have the attorney protect your long term interests with regard to your use. Make it as broad as possible. 4. Negotiate to limit your liability. A long term lease with enormous liability will suck the cash out of you if the lease fails. 5. Negotiate everything you can with regard to signage. Learn the building requirements plus jurisdictional requirements with regard to the landlord. Get as much signage as you can. Great signage will add dollars to your revenues. I suppose this is mostly for new tenants, and specifically new restaurant tenants Any additional comments are more than welcome.
  3. When a team is purposefully tanking, rids itself of every Major League player they can, has to pull players from what has been one of the worst minor league program in baseball you tend to get plays like the following below, "Will There Be a Worse MLB Play this Season than this Orioles Blunder?" by Jason Owens on aol.com
  4. During games I watch for certain players and try and follow them on both sides of the court. Last evening I was a bit focused on one bit player, but not Hood. Can't really comment on him. If I'm not mistaken I think he had a bad leg injury. That could contribute to his relative slowness (that is a guess). Last evening between feeling sleepy and snoozing on and off during that game I did focus on someone less obscure; Zach Collins from Portland. Nothing much to say; Collins didn't play many minutes. He wasn't a positive. Meanwhile with Durant out the Warriors really work to get Klay Thompson and Curry the ball. Both shot a lot. Boy Steph Curry can and does shoot from very far out. So does Lilliard, Portland's star, and Curry's brother, Seth, who in a reserve role played well. (Damn, the older I get the more likely I'll fall asleep during late games. Damn) Oh and btw: There was a recent article/analysis about Hood and Collins
  5. ....and to answer the question, I walked out the door and the lien notice was taken down, there was someone bringing something in...then later their flat screen TV was on, there were lights on and I saw customers walking in. The closure evidently took place two days ago, so a principle, or their attorney arranged a stay or made payment(s) and they are back open. Great news for the rooftop bar denizens of Arlington.
  6. "Dining in Courthouse" or Not Dining, as the case may be. Rooftop Bar and Grill was suddenly closed. It seemed very popular and got strong crowds. The rooftop was VERY busy. A sign posted on the front door states that it was closed by order of the State for non-payment of taxes. I wonder if you can cure and reopen??
  7. My experience over the last couple of years is that soft shell crabs are far more expensive earlier in the season (i.e. now) than later in the season. They can also come in small at this time of year.
  8. Here is a beautiful sentimental story about Frank Robby by someone who evidently got to know him quite well. Evidently Frank Robinson, first as a player, and later as a coach, manager, and front office executive really loved the Orioles over all teams. Damn, wouldn't you know it, but his dissatisfaction with the evolution (or destruction) of the "Oriole Way" occurred during Angelos' years as owner.
  9. So this comment is only 8 years out of date. (I was looking up the term lease in content titles for a different post). By 2010, 2011, a number of very very very old leases in some of the buildings at roughly the corner of Ct and K had expired. The owners of those buildings (actually they owned adjacent buildings,, knocked down the old buildings and built new. Some of the former properties dated back to the 1950's or late 1950's. (to rephrase what Mel Brooks once said-- "It's good to be the King of Connecticut and K.) The more I thought about it and recalled old info I'm quite sure there was a lease in the old small 1700 K Street building that was both sizable and 50 years old at a crazy low price. l bet the landlord/owner(s) waited it out and then rebuilt. They also owned the building next door (much larger). The same owner were partners in the building at the NW corner of Connecticut and K which was built around the same time (circa 1959). It was quite possible they may have also negotiated a lease or two like that to get tenant(s) to move in. More than anything I bet those old leases finally ending were the reason for that construction at that time. Some other comments. By 2010 or so, much of the downtownish activity in DC had moved from the Connecticut and K area, the old 19th street retail restaurant strip and M Street from Connecticut to about 21st street, to the East Side of town with all those newer office buildings and better more attractive retail and restaurant draws. The hot spots of retail had moved. As to signs: A landlord should put up for lease signs ASAP imho. The landlord is doing other things to also attract retail tenants. The more interest the landlord generates the higher the rent and the better the tenant (at least theoretically).
  10. I am aware of at least one popular place in the DC suburbs that ditched OT and has been doing excellent. They saved big on the $1/head for a direct reservation on OT. At about a $25-35/per customer order that is a big hit. OTOH I am aware of restaurants local and national that ditched OT and had to go back. For many OT became a default source for reservations.
  11. Good story. Really great photo. The players on that team appreciated it.
  12. I recall it and I dined there. I never returned and I have no recollection of the dinner being compelling or standing out. It was more elegant than other Chinese restaurants. I also don’t recall feeling that it’s price or price to value was out of line
  13. I quite enjoy Fireworks Arlington. I'm sure there are and will be differences on the menu and the wine and beer coverage. BUT......I ran into this little enigma.... At HH I ordered the lamb and goat cheese meatballs plus a draft. Meatballs = $6. There were 2 of them. Beer = $2.00 off regular price. Nice deal. So I was back at lunch the other day and ordered the lamb and goat cheese meatballs: 3 meatballs = $9.00. Whoa. Price per meatball is THE SAME Well jeez that didn't make me HAPPY. So I whined about it to the day bartender. He knows me. He laughed. I whined again. He laughed some more. What are you gonna do? I'll order it some more, regular hours or HH.
  14. from the article: ...and I bought a ticket for the Woodstock 3 day festival in 1969 for $18. What happened?? When did prices "inch" up???
  15. A: Where does she dine that is interesting??? (oh...you answered it above) B. Crystal City, with all those places you mention can give her exactly what works.
  16. Had wonderful bagels with cream cheese spreads lox (Nova) tomatoes, and capers from Bethesda Bagel in Rosalyn. We loved them. For someone who grew up on his stuff and continued eating them for years I simply don’t often dine on them any more. Best? Best in DC? I don’t know. But quite good and satisfying. Too bad Bethesda Bagel in Rosslyn has only a tiny window side eat in area. If this was a full deli/bagel shop with seating I might “live there”
  17. While I didn’t see the game I find Houston the least watchable team. OTOH they compete for the best team in the league mantle. Harden is a remarkable player.
  18. The Co-Work space in Clarendon (formerly Boccatto) continues to put out tasty creamy gelato. A Small is 2 scoops (@$5.00) I had espresso and peanut butter scoops last week and the flavors were intense
  19. That part of the book and the article is extraordinary. Man the game would change. It would be fascinating; The excerpt: I love that part about Utah completely eliminating the 3 point line. That would absolutely kill Houston and fluster every other team that heavily relies on 3 pointers. Utah would possibly go 40-1 or better at home but have a real rough time in away games. The above diagram on the right would also dramatically change games. Offensive teams would no longer park 3 point shooters at the corners. Even if offenses parked a lot of shooters behind the 3 point line defenses could better defend the shooters and the shots would be longer. Teams would have to play inside the 3 point line and also devise ways to get shots inside the paint. I've enjoyed watching the Warriors offense at its best, even as it starts way outside. The reason is they've had creative passers who can whiz that ball around and get advantageous open shots all over the court including way down low. At its best its a fast moving offense with a heavy dose of assists. Unfortunately few other teams have enough multi talented players and passers that can replicate that skill.
  20. 4.5 months later and I finally made it over there. I've been "trying" but it took a while and last night I did it spur of the moment as a single diner after working a little late. It was pretty full. I think most diners had made a reservation (that is a good sign for a Wednesday evening for that type of place.) I'll give it an "okay" but that is based on my strong predisposition toward Italian food and restaurants. It's probably fine as a neighborhood dining choice. Although dish by dish most everything received a "meh". Not that I had a lot. The bread is not warm, and is mediocre...but its okay to munch on pre main meal. They should add butter and provide it warm. They have a veal piccata dish. That is a favorite of mine, but at $23 I should have known better. There are different cuts of veal and the less expensive cuts leave much to be desired IMHO. So this dish was a mediocre version of one of my favorites. I'd go with other dishes from now on. I did enjoy a house cabernet sauvignon, but I'm not a wine expert and I've had better. If I lived nearby I'd dine and take out from there. I wouldn't travel long distances for this particular restaurant.
  21. I’m fixated on the Chris Davis situation. He had five at bats yesterday with one hit, improving his BA to .178 for the season—better than last year. Since he broke his hitless streak he is batting .325 with 3 dingers in 40 at bats. That is good. Of course the Orioles still owe him over $88 million for the next 3.8 seasons. Glad it’s not my money or my decision. (I’ll help fund that with some ticket purchases) The Orioles batted him 5th in the lineup yesterday. That comes with power and hit expectations. Overall though the Orioles stink. Atrocious pitching, young players. They are on the path to a terrible season and high draft choices. (Good thing there is some “good baseball bbq” at Camden Yards and maybe next trip I’ll get to Icarus for dinner) --- "The Worst Defensive Play in MLB History?" (DaveO)
  22. The idea about a home team deciding what to do with the 3 point shot was radical and a real thought provoker. I haven't the faintest idea how that would work, but to see one team eliminate it in full, another team move it in, while a 3rd team would move it out would be "crazy" I'd watch to see how that plays out. I think it would play out dramatically more impactful than how it works in baseball which was the comparison sport.
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