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  1. I just put a batch of banana-plum (CSA plums, not from the orchard. The boy ate 95% of this year's harvest.) fruit leather in the dehydrator to set up. This is my second batch of fruit leather, the first being Nanking cherry from the orchard. I think it's my new favorite easy way to process the harvest. This year, we got a bunch of Rainier cherries (eaten), apricots (eaten and processed into jam and mostarda), peaches (eaten), pears (eaten, baked into muffins, made into brandy, and used with figs in mostarda), and the Nanking cherries (fruit leather and jam). It was a good year. ❤️
  2. The last two pears from this year's harvest. They're so freaking good, and the crop was way less buggy than two years ago. I hope that means the organic orcharding strategies are working.
  3. Leftover mac 'n cheese with sausage, spinach, and mushrooms, plus most of an orange that his dad bought him because it was the least objectionable thing he grabbed at the store.
  4. Homemade gyoza (Japanese potstickers), rice, and grapes. Goat loves him some Japanese food.
  5. Potato and leek soup with rosemary/olive oil bread. He didn't want to try the soup at first, but after he did, he was cramming leeks into his mouth.
  6. I had cocktails and snacks in the bar back in April. The roasted carrots with goat cheese were delicious, but I don't remember much about my cocktail. It wasn't terrible. And the bathrooms are *amazing.*
  7. I love veggie straws more than I should. I was always excited when someone brought them to concert rehearsal -- or now, when we go over to Goat's friend's house and they have them. Goat participated in our chutney tasting the other night. My mother-in-law and I had each made chutney using apples out of our orchard. He preferred my caramelized onion, ginger, and curry version to her sweeter -- think bread-and-butter pickles -- relish-like one. He was especially happy if we kept the sharp cheddar and French bread accompaniments coming.
  8. "Beanie-weenie" using Hebrew National hot dogs and black beans, along with cumin, oregano, and a smidge of red chile, and cornbread. Goat ate a ton of the beanie-weenie (he loves black beans, so I wasn't surprised) but was skeptical of the cornbread at first. He finally ate it after breaking it up with his spoon. Goat is cutting a bunch of teeth right now, so his appetite isn't always the best. But even if he doesn't want to eat his meals, he'll gladly eat his weight in grapes.
  9. We all had burritos filled with a mix of beef, whole pinto beans, and zucchini. Azami and I had ours with green chile sauce from our favorite restaurant in my hometown; Goat has a rather limited stomach for super-spicy foods, so he skipped the chile. Goat is a much bigger fan of veggies than meat, so he primarily ate the zucchini, beans, tortillas, and cheese.
  10. I made applesauce spice cake using this Saveur recipe. I used slightly sweetened homemade cinnamon applesauce. It's delicious, and really dense.
  11. This week's projects involved turning a boatload of organic Gala apples from the orchard into dehydrated slices, applesauce, maple bourbon apple butter, and salted caramel apple butter. Some of the applesauce will likely go into a cake or muffins tomorrow. I just got an apple corer -- so much faster than quartering and cutting the core out! -- so dehydrated rings will be coming soon. Chutney will likely also be forthcoming because I'm not sure how much more apple butter I want to make.
  12. I love this. "Cold plate" sounds awesome. I'll have to remember it. I also have a fruit eater. He loves the organic Gala apples out of our orchard and strawberries most, but will also scarf down grapes, peaches, and bananas.
  13. We nicknamed our little one "Goat" early on because he sounded like one when he complained ("Maaaa! Maaaa!"). Goat is now a fitting name for him as at 13 months, he eats pretty much everything, and he generally wants to eat what we're eating. Last night we had vegetarian burritos -- beans, broccoli, carrots, and onions, plus green chile for me and Azami -- which he scarfed up.
  14. Unlike last year, we did not have bumper crops of apricots, Nanking cherries, plums, and pears. The apple trees, however, are going off. We had a full tree of sweet cherries, but the birds picked that thing clean while I was in Vegas for the Stanley Cup Final. I'd rather have the Cup. We are already awash in slightly premature windfall apples. So far, I've made a batch each of bourbon apple butter, dehydrated slices, and applesauce. I've also got a gallon jar of apples fermenting on the back patio.
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