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  1. There is a new Philippine Style restaurant in the old Green Turtle spot. I had a quick lunch there last week with a client. Bistro 1521 I believe.
  2. I go to Indy quite a bit, I will have to give this place a try next time I go. Normally the biz crowd wants to eat at St Elmos
  3. Don - Following up on twitter comments on why starting Stras matters more for game 4 since they will need to win game 4 and 5 to move on... They need to get to game 5. That's the entire goal...the ONLY goal. You have to give yourself the best chance to even make game 5. You cannot win without getting to game 5. Game 4 is basically their Game 5 and they have to play like it. This is where the Nats have blown it before. In 2014 the Nats lost the series with the following arms on the bench: Strasburg, Storen, Clippard. What were they waiting for? Who cares if they all had to throw 2-3 innings to win that game 4. If they lose, the team has 4 months to rest. If they win...you go with whatever you can to just move on. This is where Bruce Boche is so great...he gets this better than most managers. You have to manage the playoffs to get ever win...anyway you can. The Astros just did it. They pitched Verlander in game 4 as a reliever. If they lost that game, who knows who the starter would be but their manager went all out. Dusty needs to do the same. Re: lineup - For the last few weeks of the season a large % of the Nats runs came from HRs. It was alarming and it's been basically the same in the postseason. Turner is the key...if he doesn't get on they won't win. I'm hoping for a miracle but don't feel confident.
  4. Looks like it's closed. Went to order takeout and the number was disconnected. Driving by today there was new name on the front window, I think it was Banana Leaves Asian Cafe. I need to find a new take out place in downtown Bethesda.
  5. A new location is opening in Tysons, across from the Founding Farmers. I saw a sign on the new building go up a couple weeks ago.
  6. I've always wondered, is the use of the little Diet Coke bottles inconsistent with their Eco-friendly, sustainability message? Not sure about the use of thousands of glass bottles vs replacement of a standard dispenser.
  7. My wife was at ToS earlier today in Rockville and it sounds like they are closing down. She didn't get an date on the closing. I did ask her to try and get the recipe for the Saigon a Beef Stew. No luck.
  8. I haven't seen this mentioned but I noticed that Blue Star opened last week. I haven't been yet but it looks interesting. http://www.bluestarkosher.com/
  9. I love these machines, the first place I came across it was at the BGR in Bethesda, kids went crazy for it. The issue is that the average time someone spends at the machine has increased 10 fold. Maybe that's the price for progress. I hope the next version comes with a water dispenser on the side of the machine. I hate waiting >30 seconds to just get some water and in the end probably 20% of the people using the machine are waiting just for that.
  10. There is a new awning that says 'Smoke BBQ' up now. Must be fairly new.
  11. Hi - This is my first post, I'm Matt. FYI - Looks like a new Kraze Burger is openning in Tysons II. Saw the sign on the way to lunch today. Interesting location.
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