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  1. Hi -- we will also have a few (15# maybe) paw paws at the Dupont Market on Sunday. Come early!
  2. Wow, thank you everyone for such great replies. We will definitely take into account all these cooking tips and tricks!! I have already seen an increase at our Dupont stand (actually sold out of our 2.5 dozen bunches ...compared to 7 dozen lacinato kale bunches...) so I'm hoping we are having an effect on the greens situation in DC! I really love the idea of a collards enchilada...that is a great way to get them on the table in a way kids (and others who might not like them) will try them. Again, thanks so much!
  3. Hello all! You may know me from the farmers market forum where I sometimes post updates about our season. I want to talk here about collard greens. Every year, we at New Morning Farm grow the most AMAZING, beautiful collard greens and barely sell any of them at our markets. You may ask us why we continue to grow them, and I wouldn't be able to answer, except that we like them and can sell them to the cooperative. I realized this situation was bringing us down. So many beautiful collards go to market and just come back again, sad and wilty. I want to change that situation! This year, I'
  4. Perhaps this is a bit unconventional for this forum, but we are getting desperate! New Morning Farm is looking for several reliable, friendly, and vegetable-loving market workers for our weekly farmers markets. We are quickly approaching our busiest time of year and can't be caught short-handed. We need good people to help us out at our Saturday morning market at the Sheridan School, Sunday AM at the bustling Dupont Circle market, and Tuesday afternoons at the Sheridan School (from now until end of September). Working at our markets is hard work but we think it's a fun time, too. Fast-pace
  5. Hello! We've got incredible news! We harvested the first of the SWEET CORN this morning!! That means that our Tuesday afternoon market today at the Sheridan School will have the FRESHEST sweet corn possible, first of the season, can't get any better than this, folks! And not only that -- we just got in PEACHES. YES, that's right - today, Tuesday June 23rd, we will have PEACHES and SWEET CORN! Almost unbelievable, it's not even July!! In addition to those amazing items, we will also have blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, two types of cherries, (probably) apricots, and TONS TON TON
  6. Update: Due to the warm spring, we will be harvesting strawberries, summer squash, and MAYBE some snap peas THIS WEEK! That means we are returning EARLY to the Sheridan School! We will be there THIS SATURDAY, May 30th (8am - 1pm), with strawberries, greens, and so much more!!! We will be there again on the following Tuesday, June 2nd, from 4-8 pm, and on Wednesday, June 3rd, we return to the Watkins School market, 3:30-7:30. And as usual, we will be at the Dupont Circle market on Sunday mornings. Please feel free to contact me with questions, and please, SPREAD the WORD about our new ope
  7. Hello everyone! New Morning Farm will be returning to the Dupont Circle Market THIS SUNDAY! We will be bringing beautiful butterhead lettuces, bunches of kale, scallions, fresh herbs like cilantro, dill and thyme, and RHUBARB! Plus, lots of carrots, beets, cabbage and potatoes! We will be returning to the Sheridan School on Saturday, June 6th, and our Tuesday and Wednesday markets open the week following that (unless, of course, our strawberries come on sooner!). Hope to see many of you out this Sunday--it looks like it'll be a beautiful spring day!
  8. Due to the extreme cold temperatures tomorrow am, we are CANCELLING market at the Sheridan School. WE WILL NOT BE AT MARKET SATURDAY, JAN 10 (tomorrow)!! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! HOWEVER, we will be at Dupont Circle as usual, with extra produce and eggs, plus baked goods! Thank you and stay warm!
  9. Yes, that is correct. And we have unfortunately decided not to continue coming to that market for the rest of the winter, as we have been struggling to build momentum to make it profitable. But we will be back in June! Sorry for the short notice, everyone. We will still be coming to the Sheridan School and the Dupont Circle market through March.
  10. Hi all! Happy Holidays! We would like to remind you all about our winter schedule! All markets are closed Saturday 27th, and we do not go to Dupont Circle that Sunday (the market itself is open, however). We return to the Sheridan School and the Watkins School on January 3rd. Winter hours at both markets are 9 am - 1pm. The Dupont Circle market changes to winter hours on Jan 4th, opening 10 am - 1pm. Hope to see you out this winter! We have a wide array of produce -- our own greens, roots, kohlrabi and cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and more! Plus at Sheridan and Watkins, lots of apples
  11. In conclusion to this thread, we decided to continue going down to the Watkins School through November and perhaps into the winter, with a twist - -we are going now on Saturday mornings instead of Wednesday afternoons. So come find us there Saturdays, 9 am - 1 pm! We're bringing our regular selection of produce plus breads, cheeses and baked goods!
  12. Great news! Our market at the Watkins School in SE had a surprisingly successful summer season and so we have decided to continue going there through the winter. HOWEVER, we are switching from a Wednesday afternoon market to a Saturday morning market (we will also be at the Sheridan School as usual on Saturdays). So, Watkins Neighborhood Farmers Market -- 13th and E St SE -- Starting on November 1st, we will be there 9 am - 1pm, with loads of great produce and other local items! This Wednesday, 10/22, is our last Wednesday at that location. Be sure to stop by tomorrow and pick up an Apple
  13. Ah yes, Randy is one of our neighbors and part of the cooperative. The hybrid CSA model is a very interesting model -- we know several farms doing this and it seems to work out really well for everyone involved. I had one of our new carrots last night and they are beautiful and SO tasty. Will be a great winter for all things carrot!
  14. Hello all, We at NMF are discussing plans for the winter and are considering a few options outside of our standard two weekend markets for the winter months (Sundays at Dupont through March, Saturdays at the Sheridan School through March!). We are harvesting a LOT of winter storage crops (literally tons of carrots) and of course, can source more variety from the cooperative, including organic citrus. I was hoping to get some thoughts from people about shopping at markets during the winter time--how many of you regularly shop at a market during the winter? How many of you shop at a WEEKDAY
  15. FALL has arrived at New Morning Farm markets across the city. We're harvesting our own organic broccoli, kale, broccoli raab, and red raspberries and MORE. Look for these items, plus our own winter squash, at all of our markets. We love this time of year because the bounty is so beautiful and so tasty. Not only do we have fall items, but we also still have loads of peaches, sweet corn, green beans, and tomatoes! Come by and stock up, start preserving our harvests so you don't have to go without local produce in the winter. It's a great time to process tomatoes -- contact me if you want to
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