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  1. If you take another look at Belgium's goal, after it was scored another Belgian player smacked it back into the net for emphasis. The ball bounced back and hit him in the head.
  2. The 1st-place team in that group was destined to end up in what is considered to be the harder Round of 16 bracket. Going into the game England and Belgium were both headed to the Round of 16. But they were tied in points (6 each) and goal differential; one of the other tiebreakers put England in 1st. So to be blunt, England probably didn't mind that they lost and slipped to 2nd place. Not that they should think that they're on the easy train to the final. The last 10 minutes or so of Japan's last game was an exercise in wasting time; Japan knew they were through into the Round of 16 even if they lost and Poland was just happy to be able to go out with a win. Crowd was very unhappy.
  3. Mason Dixie is making its debut on QVC right now; co-founder Ayeshan Abuelhia is doing the presentation. They're selling 18 biscuits; options are buttermilk, cheddar cheese, sweet corn, or a combination of the three. The show host is from North Carolina so he's a really happy guy right now. Here's the listing on QVC's website.
  4. I figured out the scenarios for Argentina, Nigeria, and Iceland in Group D based on Argentina's 3-0 loss today and speculating on the result of tomorrow's Iceland-Nigeria match. Lots of them involve tiebreaks. The final Group D matches will be June 26 at 2 p.m., with Argentina vs. Nigeria and Iceland vs. Croatia.
  5. District Dumplings: Jun 6, 2018 - "District Dumplings Set To Open New Location in Arlington Ridge Shopping Center" by Alex Koma on arlnow.com
  6. If you want some interesting reading, look up Argentinian newspapers right now. I don't know Spanish but could figure out a few unhappy words from the headlines.
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