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Found 44 results

  1. Movie website with trailer The Search for General Tso will be playing on June 19 and 20 in DC in the AFI Docs Documentary Film Festival. Jennifer 8 Lee (wrote the Fortune Cookie Chronicles) was a producer (Variety review). Showtimes are Thursday, June 19, 9pm, at the Goethe Institute in Chinatown and Friday, June 20, 12:15pm at the AFI Silver Theater Tickets are on sale now. I'm really looking forward to seeing it!
  2. With due credit to Eater, where I saw it, here it is.... I was convinced when I started watching it that I wouldn't sit through all 10 minutes. But after 2 minutes, I was hooked, and after 10 minutes, I played it again.
  3. This is a continuation of the List of Restaurant Openings - 2013 thread. Please write me if you know of any others!
  4. Thanks to the football gods that the Lions are playing the Bears, cause the bears suck and we should get a win. That the Michigan Wolverines will get destroyed by the damn buckeyes and we will have another coach next year.......a few prayers for Jim Haurbaugh. That my cooks can finally get their stations set and ready to feed 200 of my closets friends....... Happy Turkey Day
  5. The Allman Brothers Band closed out 45 years at 1:30 am this morning at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Fittingly on the 43rd anniversary of Duane Allman's death. Rolling Stone with the review Final set List: First Set "Little Martha" "Mountain Jam" "Don't Want You No More" "It's Not My Cross to Bear" "One Way Out" "Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl" "Midnight Rider" "The High Cost of Low Living" "Hot 'Lanta" "Blue Sky" "You Don't Love Me" Second Set "Statesboro Blues" "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" "Black Hearted Woman" "The Sky Is Crying" "Dreams" "Don't Keep Me Wondering" "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (with drum solos) Third Set "Melissa" "Revival" "Southbound" "Mountain Jam" "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" "Mountain Jam (reprise)" Encores "Whipping Post" "Trouble No More"
  6. If you haven't see this film, go now. There has never been a better food-themed movie in history. I've see all of them -- Eat, Drink, Man, Woman; Clemenza's spaghetti sauce in Godfather II; Ratatouille; Chocolat; Tampopo; and earlier this year, Jon Favreau's Chef. Go see this movie. Trust me.
  7. Out of Many, One, a "landscape portrait" by Cuban American artist Jorge Rodrí­guez-Gerada debuts this weekend on the National Mall adjacent to the Reflecting Pool. Commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, Out of Many, One is 6-acre composite portrait comprised of 30 different males faces aged 18-25 made of dirt, sand, and gravel. According to the NPG, "The portrait is an interactive walk-through experience for visitors and is also viewable from the newly reopened Washington Monument and space." "'Out Of Many, One,' Commissioned By The National Portrait Gallery, Is A Fresh Face On The Mall" by Sadie Dingfelder on washingtonpost.com Photo Gallery on berksmontnews.com
  8. USA gets drawn into a Group of Death - Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA. USA Ghana Monday June 16 6pm ET USA Portugal Sunday June 22 3pm ET USA Germany Thursday June 26 Noon ET
  9. Interested in the international competition of basketball players I finally caught 1/2 of one game of the 2014 FIBA World Cup; The second half of the semi final game between Lithuania and the US. From a US perspective this year's competition has been riddled with questions concerning the youth of the team, the lack of the most talented big men, and most of all how would this team do without its very best players. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul, all first team All NBA aren't on the team. Likewise big men stars such as Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin and LeMarcus Aldridge; all of them 2nd or 3rd team All NBA last year were missing. Paul George a third team All NBA last year suffered a devastating injury during practices and had to be dropped. This was a US team devoid of many of its current best players. Additionally the team was historically young since international competition had been opened up to American Professionals. So what occurred during this 2nd half of an international Semi Final game against a Lithuanian team with several NBA players? The US: Outquicked them, Outrebounded them, Outdefensed them, Outran them, Outfastbreaked them, and out shot them from the outside. At the end of the first half the US was up by 7 or 8. By the end of the 3rd quarter the US was up by 27. Game over. Mop up time in the fourth quarter. Center/forward Anthony Davis was a star. He was quicker to the ball, grabbed rebounds and blocked shots, thoroughly dominating the middle in the third quarter. Fast breaks dominated as the guards and swing players scored continuously. The US outside shooters were dramatically open and kept hitting three point shots. It was a crusher. Both the starting center, Davis and his back up DeMarcus Cousins each fouled out with 5 fouls apiece, but the US had two additional big men, who mopped up in the 4th quarter. On a side note in one startling play guard Kyrie Irving, a former one and done Dukie who will get to play with LeBron James next year had one play where he crossed over dribbled twice and added one more fake that entirely befuddled a Lithuanian defender, gave Irving space and he converted a short jumper close in and inside the lane. Poor defender. After that move the poor defensive player might never again know East from West or Right from Left. What a fake. In the other bracket the home team and co-favorite, Spain was upset by France, whom they had crushed earlier in the tournament. During that game as a twist on the international cheer of Goooooooooooooooooooooooal....the French would cheer baskets with a hearty Vooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllaaa. A nice change of pace. France and Serbia will play in a semi final to face the US in the finals on Sunday. To be continued..........
  10. Most of us remember 7'2" Richard Kiel as the lovable, bumbling assassin who played "Jaws" in the third and fourth James Bond films starring Roger Moore: "The Spy Who Loved Me," and "Moonraker." Kiel, however, was a good enough actor where he had several parts written for him, and one I remember best is the space alien in The Twilight Zone's 1962 Episode, "To Serve Man." <--- THE FULL EPISODE IS JUST BELOW *** SPOILERS - if you ever want to watch this, and you should if you haven't, don't open this link. *** In fact, I may even watch "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "To Serve Man" again today, in Mr. Kiel's honor. There are huge numbers of tribute Tweets today, honoring Kiel, with many websites highlighting celebrity tweets.
  11. I got a text message on my phone this morning from a friend up at the U.S. Open (official website): "Fed needs Murray or Stan to beat Jokodick." He's right. Federer does not want to meet Djokovic in the finals like he did at Wimbledon; he'd much rather face Murray or Wawrinka (of course this all assumes he'll get past Berdych in the semis, and for that matter, Monfils in the quarters (which he should - Federer has pretty much of a dream draw)). (Recall that Rafael Nadal missed the tournament this year with a wrist injury.)
  12. Sorry if already posted, but an old friend passed away in August. I knew Richard back in the '80s when he still owned F. Scott's, The Tombs and 1789. He told me at the time that he sold the restaurants to Clyde's (in 1986) because someone mentioned to him in passing that the liability for restaurant customers getting drunk and driving was on the rise, so he decided to sell and seek another way to spend his time. His vast collection of prints, which were stored in flat files in the basement of his beautiful Georgetown townhouse (at that time) were what fueled his next career move -- decorating restaurants. You'll see some of his prints on the walls of the various Clyde's restaurants....like the hunting scene on the back wall in Reston, and the Georgetown Crew prints in the bar at Reston. Details like the lighting of the prints in most of the Clyde's restaurants, or the silver plated screws that bolt down the boat-tie cleats at Clyde's Mark Center, are all Richard's doing. I have a few of his baseball prints hanging in my baseball room. We stopped seeing each other a few years ago after my divorce -- his wife and my ex were very close, so I lost Richard in the divorce. He will be missed.
  13. A movie directed by a widely-respected cult director about a bunch of comic book heroes no one has ever heard of just broke a bunch of box office records. The reviews have been nearly universally positive. It has inspired a bunch of articles about how this is possible and what it means (e.g., this & this). Anyone here seen it?
  14. I haven't had a chance to watch "Farang" yet, but will soon - it's a documentary by Vice Films about Andy Ricker of Pok Pok fame.
  15. Virginia announced the winner of their 2014 Governor's Cup today: 2010 Williamsburg Adagio which lists for $72.00 I believe that RDV, Glen Manor, Linden and Delaplane Cellars didn't enter.
  16. I'm currently puzzling over this trailer: From what I can tell, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler go on a blind date where she chugs french onion soup because the buffalo shrimp sauce she tried was too spicy. The date, quite clearly, is disaster. They agree not to pursue things. A few days later Adam Sandler shows up at Drew's house to return the credit card she left at the restaurant. Then in a completely unrelated turn of events, it turns out their bosses know each other (but this was NOT how they met in the first place). Both bosses, for unrelated reason, are also not going on a trip to Africa. So both Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore manage to get the tickets to this Africa trip for their respective families. Side note: it seems unlikely both bosses would have exactly the same sized families as Drew and Adam's respective families. They both end up on this Africa trip where a lot of bizarre jokes are made. Adam Sandler calls his son Frodo. Does this sound right?
  17. I don't care how bad this movie is; the promo video is so laugh-out-loud funny that it merits a thread here. I think it would be almost impossible for our readers not to have a few cheap laughs at this: "˜Devil's Due' Sends A Hilarious Demon Baby Onto The Streets Of New York, Scares The S--- Out Of People" by Jacob Hall on screencrush.com
  18. "New York City Red Guide 2014" by michelintravel.com
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