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Found 38 results

  1. So Ballston Quarter...is it going to make it? I realize that it's not fully open but there's something off about it. Maybe it's just that it's not fully open. I don't know. I have been to Mi & Yu noodles twice. The first time miso ramen was bland and beef way overcooked. This time dashi ramen was way over salty (and I love salt) but the duck and egg were nice. Hubby and kids at new barbeque down in the belly of the beast and said it was bland. To quote husband it "tasted like reheated catered food." 5 yr old girl child did eat all of my extra noodles so there's that upside.
  2. Yes, I am very much looking forward to the new Turkish place. Apr 4, 2018 - "Istanbul Grill Expected To Replace Ballston Area's El Ranchero" by Bridget Reed Morawski on arlnow.com
  3. In my never-ending quest to find quick breakfasts in my neighborhood, today I tried the Marymount University Ballston Cafe next to the Starbucks at the Blue Goose location. I had a breakfast sandwich with sausage and it was quite delicious. Croissant was nice and buttery. Their morning fruit bar looked good too with fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pineapple, yogurt, granola toppings. Coffee was decent though no match for the Starbucks next door.
  4. Wanted to grab a quick drink and bite with a friend and I thought we'd try Stageplate, having read about it somewhere. Meh - they opened in August and their menu still has "coming soon" teasers of appetizers. There were two and we ordered both - calamari and shrimp. Completely average Limited options of wines by the glass. Entrees were mid 20s to 30s - not sustainable. And a very odd vibe - we both were unsure what to make of the place. I give it 4 months, tops.
  5. I can't think of another Indian restaurant in walking distance of the Ballston metro at the moment. We will definitely give it a try.
  6. I will be finding myself in Ballston with regularity and am looking forward to seeing what is close (or close enough) to try. I'll be most often about 4 blocks from the Ballston metro. I see there is a Mussel Bar, a Kapnos Taverna, a Super Pollo and other places to try. Puputella is not too far either. A dash to the German Gourmet to load up on nussschinken and fleischsalat is cool as well. What places should I be trying? Lunches most commonly but also dinners sometimes. I eat anything and am happy with cheap eats to nicer places - I am an equal opportunity eater. TIA.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place (apologies if it is) but curious to see what everyone's three favorite restaurants are along this area? My 3 in no particular order 1. Pho 75 2. Cava Mezze (esp Brunch) 3. TNR, go to Fish in Szechuan Broth Honorable mention: El Pollo Rico, Green Pig Bistro
  8. This place has been around for a couple of years but I only decided to try it last night because of NoVa Restaurant Week. I'm on the fence about the place. Nice venue, sort of modern Milan-like. My caprese was good though small. My husband's fried calamari was good. My cappricio di mare was okay - fish and shrimp good, but mussels, clams, and bay scallops chewy and lacked flavor. The sauce was good though but salty. The bread was good. The tiramisu was really good though small. I'm going to give them another chance because I want to like them. I can walk there from my house. So I will go again and try other things from their menu. Service is friendly and good. An organization I volunteer with holds Opera Buffs Happy Hours here once a month and the restaurant is very supportive of that. That also makes me want to give them another try.
  9. Is there a thread on Pepita? Google didn't find it. I had lunch there the other day. I had the tongue and goat tacos, the tongue was very soft and had good flavor, but the goat was really a star, the flavor combination was great with a little more texture than the tongue. We had chips and the salsa verde. The salsa verde was one of the best I have ever had- it was thicker in texture than most and had a nice kick to it. I also liked the music selection. $24 total for 2 people- 4 fairly good size tacos, chips, salsa and non-alcoholic drinks. Which isn't too bad. I would like to try the veggie taco because I think overall Mike Isabella restaurants have some great veggie dishes.
  10. I have been watching this place get whipped into shape and cannot wait for it to open. I love Spanish food and wine. I see promise for Ballston's food scene since the chef was the first chef at Taberna del Alabardero, which is a fantastic Spanish stable in the DC area. "SER Restaurant To Serve Up Spanish-Inspired Comfort Food In Arlington" by Mary Ann Barton on patch.com Team: Chef/Proprietor Josu Zubikarai Sous Chef David Sierra Business Operations/Proprietor Javier Candon Guest Relations/Proprietor Christiana Campos-Candon General Manager Merv Laihow
  11. Today, Dec. 12 and tomorrow, Dec 13, PV is open only for dinner. It is closed on Sunday, Dec. 14. Starting Monday, it is open from 11am-past my bed time (I stopped listening). I haven't been yet, but give me a few days. Their claim to fame is 36 wines by the glass for under $10.
  12. Rus Uz deserves a mention here. The prices are moderate, the portions generous (3 huge lamb shish kabobs for less than $20), and the food is very tasty. They're getting more popular, though we've been able to walk in and get seated each time.
  13. Okay, this is killing me. Not literally. More than a couple of times a month, I want late night Chinese food -- i.e., after 10 PM. On a Sunday. Mostly delivery, as I'm typically kind of sort of rather drunk. I live in Ballston - what's open? Who will deliver? I can't find squat.
  14. The Red Parrot in Ballston closed last December, and Ballston BID is holding a contest to determine who gets to take over the space (complete with a truckload of business incentives). Earlier today, the eight semifinalists were announced (details on the Ballston BID Restaurant Challenge page). Included among the contestants are several donrockwell.com members (some out, some not). Good luck to all the semifinalists - the winner will be announced in June, with the new restaurant to open later this year.
  15. According to Kelly Andrews' tweet, Republic is having their grand opening next weekend.
  16. So in exactly 3 weeks I'll have sold my place in Cleveland Park for a move out to a town home in VA (Ballston to be exact). To that end, I'm going to also be leaving a dog walker that we love and trust (he's helped us since our english bulldog Lucy was 10 weeks old) and searching for a new dog walker. One thing that's important to me is that the service (or individual) walks the dogs individually as opposed to having a handful of leashes with dogs crowded together. Cost is less important to me than quality here. Appreciate any help! Best, Dave Hofman
  17. AvantReston.com has the announcement of the World of Beer which will open in the 15 story Avant Apartments across from Passion Fish. Here is the link to the background page of the World of Beer. It would seem that the World of Beer (which has an Arlington location) features beer and music with food serving a purpose. Perhaps Town Center needs something like this to help the serve the market that Jackson's bar appeals to. For myself, hope of a tapas bar (or an Estadio West), a destination restaurant or simply a restaurant that I could be proud to take a friend to...has returned to the back page. World of Beer. When I first saw the name I thought it was a store that sold beer. Note: for whatever reason I am having difficulty posting a link that works for the announcement. Please google "Avant Reston blog" and you will see the link which should work.
  18. I don't remember how I heard about this joint. It could've been Tyler Cowen, or it could've been Chowhound. We ordered from the Chinese menu, which has pretty pictures and English translation. We had some mapo fish with tofu ($14), cumin lamb, ($14) pot stickers ($7), and hand scratch pan cake ($4). The cumin lamb arrived first, along with its body odor-like smell. Luckily it tasted much better than it smells. The lamb had some gaminess, but the cumin and chili peppers did a good job of covering that up. Other than 1 particularly chewy piece, the lamb was tender and plentiful. The mapo fish with tofu arrived on a plate rather than a bowl. The tofu was tender and the fish was not the least bit fishy. The more I ate of it, the more I enjoyed it. At first it was just spicy and salty but I detected more flavor as I continued shoveling the stuff down my throat. The pot stickers were nothing special, the dough being rather thick. The pan cake didn't have any flavor. A decent authentic Chinese joint (which makes it 10x better than any American Chinese restaurant in my book). They also have a buffet but I didn't see what was on there.
  19. If this restaurant is already in the Dining Guide, then please move this post. But I couldn't find it and it's not a chain, so here I go....good find! Shiki Sushi had me expecting a typical suburban sushi place with some Asian fusion and so-so sushi. After all, the good sushi places are all downtown, right? Get your butts to Shiki Sushi in the Ballston Mall, and get there soon, before they discover that their quality is high above the typical suburban sushi joint. The sushi in this place is pristine as all get-out, and the quality is top notch. Lady KN and I had ample amounts of tuna, salmon, toro, shrimp and eel nigiro -- each one was spectular -- as well as spicy tuna roll and spider roll. I would eat here daily if I could. What a pleasant Mall surprise. I asked and asked and asked again, and they are not part of a chain. I don't know if that's good or bad in their case, because Mall rents can be rather hefty, but this is a first-class sushi restaurant. But this place is quite the surprise as far as quality goes, and I'll need to circle back to confirm that over multiple visits and multiple menu selections. But suffice it to say, as Northern Virginia sushi is concerned, Shiki Sushi is now in my rotation. http://www.shikisushiballston.com/
  20. This reminded me I've been meaning to post about Fabian's for some time. Located in Ballston Mall's food court, their location is not ideal, but the food is markedly better (and cheaper) than other nearby Mexican places (the now defunct Chevy's and Uncle Julio's). The beef and chicken enchiladas and tacos are quite good, and the tortillas are marketed as house made. I have never tried the South American dishes outside of a pupusa, but, for what its worth, this place is frequented often by what I assume are people of South and Central American descent. The proprietor is nice and eager to please. Many of the menu items are cooked to order, the wait time for those dishes is usually a few minutes. Caveats: the pupusas are middling at best, along the lines of Tortilla Cafe's, and the rice and beans are unremarkable by themselves. Website
  21. Leek American Bistro is now open. I stopped by for a quick to go lunch earlier in the week. I am not sure I am buying into the "homemade apple jam" on the "Carolina" pulled pork biscuits. Maybe if they dropped the word "Carolina" I might climb on board. I will reserve judgment further opinions while they work out the kinks (kick out the jams?). I think they just opened this week.
  22. So, I just moved over to Ballston Park, and I'm exploring my new neighborhood. I live right behind a number of places including Ravi Kabob #1 and Eastern Carryout. One of the managers for the complex suggested Eastern Carryout. Having had some issues today getting to work, I was stuck running late and decided to just grab something fast from there. Being starving, I decided to grab a few things - after all, this place is literally spitting distance from my front door, and I wanted to know if it'd be worth my usually-hungover Chinese food cravings. A "small" wonton soup is $1.65. It is easily a pint or more of soup with five wontons floating in it (that I've found so far). The broth is dark but not as rich or complex as I'd like, but not bad. There's a plethora of green onions diced up and floating in it, plus some chewy bits of unidentifiable meat (the best kind of meat!). A steal at that price, really. Whoa. Steamed dumplings ($5.25) come with eight of them. They're not the plump doughy ones I expected - instead, they're more of what I'd associate dumplings from a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant. Still, they're not bad at all, just way more than I expected. They don't stint on the filling. The lunch special "chicken with garlic sauce" ($4.75) is mammoth. There's probably solid two pounds of food in here, and most of it ain't the fried rice (which has a texture and feel to it that reminds me almost more of couscous or something, it's kind of weird but it's not bad). There's a nice spice to it, but not overwhelming, though overall it's spicy but not complex. If I was sick, this would be a MONEY dish to break up the congestion while not overwhelming my stomach. In the end? No, this is not great food. But it ain't bad, and holy crap there's a lot of it! I'm thinking the sodium or MSG must be high in this, because I'm guzzling my accompanying beverages (Coke Zero and water), so keep that in mind. But I cannot complain about the price!
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