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Found 74 results

  1. This is kind of exciting: ARLNow is reporting that paperwork has been filed that shows Four Sisters Grill will be taking over the space last occupied by Fatshorty's.
  2. Has anyone heard what's going in at the old Dan Kain trophy shop location next to the post office on Washington Blvd.? Construction is underway. I just love that space. -Wendy
  3. Thank you. Of course, we are dissapointed we didnt actually "win" the tasting, but like someone else said "different strokes for different folks". I think that statement holds true to most food items, as it is a very subjective matter indeed. As for our chocolates, we hope you all try them out and make your own opinion.
  4. My husband and I were walking in Clarendon Saturday night looking for a place to stop for dinner (we had planned to get a salad at Northside Social, but squatters who weren't eating were still taking up tables for work at 7:30 p.m.). We walked past Bar Bao, which we've been looking forward to trying once they opened, and saw activity inside. It turned out they were having a soft opening and it was their second night open. Because it was a soft opening, I won't report in any detail other than to say we enjoyed our meals thoroughly. (We liked the music, too - it was loud, but it was not EDM which can set off headaches for me, but rather a good mix of some '80s/'90s/'00s energetic music). They had a more limited menu than they will for the true opening, but there were still plenty of things on it and we were quite happy. It's mostly Asian-inspired street food / bar food (including several kinds of bao, steamed dumplings, and at least one vegetable side). We had one of the nicest and most attentive (in a non-annoying way) servers we've ever had, too. We definitely plan on going back and may become semi-regulars.
  5. I didn't see a thread about this new addition to Clarendon so thought I'd start one (feel free to modify or move if I'm incorrect). My wife and I went a few nights ago with high hopes but were disappointed. We live in the area and love ramen, but I doubt we'll be back to Hanabi. We ordered the tonkatsu and the miso ramen. The tonkatsu broth was just one note, none of the depth of flavor I'm used too. Similarly, the miso tasted like the same broth but with an overwhelming amount of chili oil. Different noodles were served with each bowl, but the flavor and texture were off on both. The tonkatsu noodles especially were too overcooked, and too thin. Fix-ins were fine, but nothing outstanding. Sadly, our bowls hardly compared to the standout places in DC, let alone what we remember from Tokyo. Perhaps we caught them on an off night, but next time we're feeling ramen we'll head into the city.
  6. Pamplona soft opened yesterday (food is 20% off yesterday and today), and their official opening is tomorrow, Thurs, Jan. 12 (Washington City Paper).
  7. News from ARLNOW Well at least it's not political...... "Is Clarendon's Oz Restaurant in Trouble" on arlnow.com
  8. I see that Sehkraft appears to be finally making progress. They've got the giant fermenters in place and I see tables and chairs. Any word on when this place will open? An Arlnow article said they were aiming for late August, which was obviously wrong. (In case folks here aren't aware of the place of which I speak, it's a sister restaurant to Westover Market Beer Garden.)
  9. "Sushi Chain Coming to Clarendon?" by Ethan Rothstein on arlnow.com I've been dying for a great sushi place in Arlington, especially Clarendon. I suspect this is not it. But I'm open to being wrong if anyone knows the brand!
  10. In the general culinary wasteland of suburban Virginia within walking distance from my office - Cosi or Boston Market for lunch - there is a pretty little restaurant worth checking out. Minh's sits a few blocks away from Courthouse metro and turns out food that tastes and looks better than it needs to at average entree price of $8 a pop. The dining room is cool and serene, the staff obliging, if a bit slow, and the food is a bit more refined and carefully prepared than one would expect. I started with shrimp cakes, which were good-size fritters of butterflied shrimp with bits of sweet potato wrapped in batter that was neither greasy nor overpowering the delicate filling. They come with a ramekin of clear and spicy dipping sauce, and the "cake" size makes it convenient to dip without making a spectacle of yourself. Onward to caramelized catfish with green onion in a clay pot. This is everything you'd expect from the name - a delicious, gooey stew dotted with chunks of comfortingly fatty catfish and onion sprigs. Dump the rice that comes with your entree in the pot and whirl it around thick, sweet fish gravy for a wonderfully satisfying lunch break. This can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place (apologies if it is) but curious to see what everyone's three favorite restaurants are along this area? My 3 in no particular order 1. Pho 75 2. Cava Mezze (esp Brunch) 3. TNR, go to Fish in Szechuan Broth Honorable mention: El Pollo Rico, Green Pig Bistro
  12. This is great news for Clarendon, and Arlington as a whole. Reported by Northern Virginia Magazine, Passion Food Restaurants (DC Coast, PassionFish, Acadiana etc) is opening a Mexican restaurant in Clarendon. With a tequileria on the first floor . Knowing this restaurant groups heritage, I'm predicting a KILLER fish taco, very excited.
  13. Admittedly late to the discussion. Whatever your "impression" was, based on that eG thread, please don't wander in to touch me anywhere. The state of restaurant coffee is slowly improving, but is still generally very poor... in DC, and pretty much everywhere else. There are too few exceptions. To disagree with this statement is an understandable and common ignorance about coffee.
  14. I'm surprised about the line out the door too. I haven't been there since the beginning, but after trying a slice of pizza and a sub, I thought they weren't going to last. I haven't been back since. (Not sure if you want a separate thread for Bronx Pizza or to move this to Dining in Clarendon)
  15. I guess Boulevard Woodgrill doesn't have its own thread, so I'll post my brief comments here. We had a late lunch/brunch there over the weekend while running some errands in Clarendon. I was looking for more sandwich options, but the brunch menu was pretty heavy on breakfast items. I wound up ordering the French Onion Soup and the Woodgrilled Miso Chicken salad. The +1 kept it light and ordered the Roman Salad (arugula w/feta, onion, tomato) with an egg (sunny side up) on top. Everything was OK, nothing stellar or very interesting, but all serviceable. The onion soup was middle-of-the road, not drowning in cheese, and inoffensive. My salad was a hearty portion (as they usually are there), with a lot of shaved chicken breast on it; the Roman Salad was overdressed to the point that the +1 asked for a new salad with the dressing on the side. The sunny side up egg came over easy. Service wasn't off, it was just kind of 'eh' - disengaged and disinterested. On the other hand, it looked like several large groups of 20-somethings were having a great time - must be a good spot for a brunch gathering. In hindsight, I wish we had walked down to Earl's for a sandwich. We'd have had plenty of change left over from $40+ (inc. tip and a bloody mary) we spent.
  16. What does $4 buy these days? Sadly, not much! But for $4 one can get a delicious fresh burrito made with high quality ingredients that has more flavor than the burritos as big as your head that McDonalds Chipolte serves. The green sauce is potent and has a nice amount of heat. According to the owner, they make their own sauce because commercially available salsas have too many chemicals and do not appeal to the tastes of El Charrito's target market. 2710 A North Washington Blvd Arlington VA 22204
  17. I have never been in SoBe's in Clarendon but it appears to be trying a new concept with the grand opening this week of the Rock and Raw Bar at Sobe's. If the product is quality it might be a nice addition to the area. It woud appear to be a niche not yet filled in that crowded neighborhood.
  18. Pizza by the slice, Pizza very nice, C'mon and get your Mario's pizza! For the best piece o' pizza for miles around, It's Mario's Pizza House, in Arlington town! I assume Mario's is still selling pizza by the slice in Arlington "town". It was never "very nice", though.
  19. We stopped by last night for happy hour and had a great time! We arrived shortly after 5 pm...it was quiet and we took 2 seats at the bar. The long bar is made of poured concrete, and has these uniquely rounded corners that make sitting at the bar with a group of 4 enjoyable. The ceilings are high, and the exposed original woodwork was quite impressive. By the time we left, around 730ish, the place was hopping (but not too noisy for us), standing room only...I was so happy to see this place doing well even on the 2nd night open. We had the house-roasted olives ($5) and the cheese plate ($8 or maybe it was $10, I forget), along with a few glasses of wine. The olive assortment was served piping hot, in a 2x3 enameled casserole, and were roasted with sprigs of thyme, thin slices of lemon peel, and probably other goodies I didn't catch. They were a great bar snack. We also enjoyed the cheese plate (one a cheddar, one a blue, the other I forget it but was semi-firm like a gruyere, but less nutty). The only drawback was the toasts...there were only 2 on the plate, and they were overly toasty and fell apart. We asked for a few more and the bartender quickly brought some for us. But here was our favorite part. After we ate, the bar manager, Steve, asked us how our experience had been thus far...I mentioned the toasts were too few, and too toasty, and he thanked me and said he'd tell the chef because that's exactly the kind of feedback they were looking for. A few minutes later, Steve came back out and said the Chef said thank you...as we were leaving, Dave - who greeted us on our way in - asked how everything was...I mentioned the toasts, and he had already heard! This underscored how thoughtful the service was from start to finish. It was obvious to us that this group pays attention to the details. We'll be back many times, I'm sure.
  20. I am pleased to announce the A Day At The Beach Wine Dinner at Tallula on Tuesday, July 19th @ 7:30. The dinner will consist of a four-course meal with wine pairings plus a selection of the Amuse Yourself items from the regular menu. We have room for 12 people. The cost is $95.00 which covers everything - dinner, tax, tip and paypal fees. Prepayment will be required. Please email me if you are interested or have any questions. The menu for A Day At The Beach Wine Dinner includes: Starter Shrimp Broil - Carolina shrimp, baby corn, and fingerling potatoes seasoned with Sierra Nevada and Old Bay paired with a 2004 Domaine d'Eole Rose Second Course Duo of Chesapeake Crab - Jumbo lump crabcake and tempura softshell crab paired with a 2003 Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling Main Course Grilled Maine Lobster with lemongrass risotto and basil hollandaise paired with a 2004 Brampton Viognier Dessert Funnel Cake with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream paired with a wine selected by our staff
  21. Have folks tried Rien Tong which is located where Hope Key used to be? Their menu is half Chinese, half Thai food. We've ordered delivery from them a few times, and we've liked the dishes we've tried so far. I don't know that it would be worth a special trip to go there, but seems like a decent delivery/neighborhood place. I had a crispy fish filet with basil and hot peppers that was still crispy when it arrived, and their kung pao tofu is pretty good. The steamed vegetarian dumplings taste similar to the ones that Meiwah has - which means some may like them (like us), some may not. They have a thicker, doughy shell and the filling has thin noodles, egg, and vegetables.
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