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Found 159 results

  1. Hi all- Thank you for your advice and suggestions! I apologize for the delay in the write up.. parent/teacher conference week is a killer. So.. the blizzard kept our wanderings to Manhattan but I have one new place to put on the radar for DRers... Totto Ramen on 51st between 8th and 9th. We were looking for a hot dinner and found it on urbanspoon.. it was really great. A basement 20 seater where everyone who works there communicates in Japanese. 10 seats at tables, 10 at the bar next to 3 giant pots of broth and 3 large Japanese men assembling the bowls for all. We both had the chicken broth with chicken and minimal add-ons but I would go with pork next time after watching them crisp a tray of the pork meticulously with a blow-torch. The broth was incredibly flavorful and the house-made noodles still had a nice bite. Some notes- cash only (ramen about $10) and enter the covered basement steps and put your name on the unattended clip-board and DO NOT LEAVE. If you leave, they move on. The line moves fairly quickly as it doesn't take that long to eat/drink a bowl of ramen. I will visit this place again on my next trip, even if I am not staying in midtown/hells kitchen. http://tottoramen.com/
  2. So what are you doing now? Making dinner? Throw it away. Grandmother's funeral? She liked your sister more than you. Getting married? You know half of those end in divorce, right? In Fairfax and feeling hungry? There we go. If you like Ramen, you should check this place out. It looks like it is an old pizza hut. I went at 7:00 on a Friday and had to wait 10 minutes for a table. It was worth it. According to their website, they spend 12 hours making their stock. Verdict? It's good - damned good. I had the Shio Ramen with the recommended extras of marinated egg and pork belly. Holy crap that was good. In fact, when I go back, I will order the same thing and have them hold the ramen, the pork belly was that good. Hell, my 7 year old son proposed a toast to the pig that died to make us that pork belly. Normally for Ramen I go to Tanpopo in Annandale. Always solid, always steady. I am not sure if I will go back now that this place is around. It was really that good. Now it was Friday and the place was mobbed, so service was a little slow but seriously, that soup was so good. I'm looking forward to whatever excuse I can come up with to get out there again.
  3. I tried the new-ish sushi and Japanese steakhouse in the old chili's spot on Rt 1 and cherry. Sushi was all fine to very good--better than maintenance sushi but not Sushi Sono. Place was basically empty. Pretty questionable starting the same concept that failed there before them, in a shopping center that is annoying to access. But I hope they survive.
  4. Went here last night for dinner. Hadn't been in probably over 10 years. I was happy that it looks like they have done a slight remodel (new paint and carpet). My wife and I ordered from the korean menu. I had Sashimi Dub Bap and my wife had Dolsot Seafood Bim Bim Bap. Both were very tasty (well mine was at least, the wfie didn't complain which means she liked it). Mine was a mixture of sashimi on a bed of lettuce, including tuna, salmon, flounder, squid, imitation crab, yellow tail, and flying fish eggs. There was also some seaweed salad. They brought us some banchan which were pretty run of the mill. At the table next to us there were to older Korean men drinking soju and beer, they had a huge assortment of banchan, got some sort of whole crab dish and then a huge sahsimi platter that made me jealous. I need to go back and get that sashimi platter!
  5. I know that Murasaki on Wisconsin Ave. had it for a while. I don't know if they still do.
  6. 06/12/2015 - "Morihio Onodera Turns His Culinary Artistry Into Pottery Creations" by S. Irene Virbila on latimes.com (Note that Chef Onodera sold Mori in 2011 to Chef Nagano.)
  7. Curious if anyone here has tried this restaurant in Tysons? It is in the same space where Konami used to be, right on Rt. 7 very close to a BP gas station, down a block from the Olive Garden. You don't see too many Ramen places in Northern VA. Feedback from some other sites is generally mixed and wondering if anyone here has thoughts. Thanks!
  8. Kana Sushi is a new sushi restuarant out in front of the Springfield Plaza on Old Keene Mill Road. It is very small, with only four seats at the sushi counter and a few tables in the front, and 3-4 more down the hall towards the Old Keene Mill exit. [Perhaps the highlight of the meal was the conversation I overheard between the manager of Kana and a couple who, as I heard (they were loud) had just come over from Italy to open a new pizza restaurant in Springfield Town Center. They were heavily accented, so I'm guessing Springfield is soon to be getting a real pizza restaurant. Or maybe I'm just being hopeful.] I'll start with Kana's negatives....someone needs to tell the management that the sound track is too loud and too targeted at Millennials. My first conversation with the waitress was drowned out by Beyonce, but that conversation was about whether or not they served brown rice. She was enthusiastic when she said that they do, and it's organic! Unfortunately, as she was being drowned out by Nikki Minaj on her return trip, I think she was saying that they didn't have brown rice. They ran out! So I ordered the sashimi platter while my tablemates tucked into a variety of sushi. Here's another drawback -- whoever is preparing the sashimi is slicing the absolute largest pieces I have ever seen. These must have been 2-oz. pieces of sashimi, and were somewhat difficult to eat with chopsticks. I was tempted to ask for a steak knife to cut them in half. However, on the positive side, the quality of the fish was impeccable. I don't know where they source their product, but it was pristine last night. Also on the positive side, the pricing appeared to be reasonable by suburban sushi and sashimi standards. So, I just might pop in my ear plugs and return a few times, but only if I call ahead and determine that brown rice is available!
  9. Walked by the restaurant which looks to be under construction at the Mosaic. Anyone heard any news?
  10. With Matuba closing, Azami's Japanese model railroad club is looking for a new place to hold their monthly sushi lunch. They've had an occasional lunch at Satsuma, but Satsuma won't work as a long-term solution. The most important criteria are a) reasonably priced (i.e. like Matuba); b ) good at handling large groups; and c) in Bethesda. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. If this restaurant is already in the Dining Guide, then please move this post. But I couldn't find it and it's not a chain, so here I go....good find! Shiki Sushi had me expecting a typical suburban sushi place with some Asian fusion and so-so sushi. After all, the good sushi places are all downtown, right? Get your butts to Shiki Sushi in the Ballston Mall, and get there soon, before they discover that their quality is high above the typical suburban sushi joint. The sushi in this place is pristine as all get-out, and the quality is top notch. Lady KN and I had ample amounts of tuna, salmon, toro, shrimp and eel nigiro -- each one was spectular -- as well as spicy tuna roll and spider roll. I would eat here daily if I could. What a pleasant Mall surprise. I asked and asked and asked again, and they are not part of a chain. I don't know if that's good or bad in their case, because Mall rents can be rather hefty, but this is a first-class sushi restaurant. But this place is quite the surprise as far as quality goes, and I'll need to circle back to confirm that over multiple visits and multiple menu selections. But suffice it to say, as Northern Virginia sushi is concerned, Shiki Sushi is now in my rotation. http://www.shikisushiballston.com/
  12. Bubble Mix got sold, and reopened between semesters as Yami Yami. They still have good bubble, and also offer a few sushi rolls and salad bowls- typical college fare. I prefer their bubble to the CPK Ten Ren- I will frequently go to TR for food and around to Yami Yami for bubble.
  13. At my desk craving sushi and had no idea where to go for take out. Google search and this place came up. Website offered lunch special - $9.95 for three rolls. I'm game so I head over - crazy strip of haphazard stores facing Shady Grove Road on one side, this place around the corner facing Gaither Road. Ordered yellowtail roll, Philadelphia Roll and Spicy White Tuna roll. Got some eel nigiri too. I'm no sushi expert but the fish was fresh, rolls presented nicely and held together well, and the eel nigiri provided generous portions. I thought the yellowtail roll was kind of small so I'll stick to nigiri yellowtail next time. Staff was friendly and restaurant area had a few lunch patrons on a rainy day. I'll go again for sure. Nancy
  14. I was walking up 18th St. NW yesterday, and noticed the renovation of a storefront just past Mandu. The awning is pink and reads Cherry (or Cherry Hill, can't remember exactly), and announces a new sushi bar/ Japanese restaurant. Interesting! No opening date posted. Anyone know anything about this?
  15. Tonight.... left the restaurant at 9:30 and bopped over to Tako Grill. Perfect Toro sashimi. Like jelly, melt in your mouth smooth with real wasabi and nuta sauce. Well worth the 17.00 price tag Ankimo Sashimi- big cuncks on the first order, thinner center slices on the second. Orange soy reduction with green onions and baby ginger shoots. Again, perfect. Grilled things- tongue, eggplant, asparagus, fried tofu, garlic cloved- good to great items. The tongue especailly. Takua Shisho hand roll, Ume Shisho hand roll, two pieces of Uni. The Uni was serves without the traditional cup of seaweed to support it- it was that firm. The tow handrolls were superb, tangy pcikles and the perfect balance of stuff to rice. Ichinokura and Suishin Sake - 3 tokurri of cold sake, very flavorful Suishin won the night. Total bill just $100, well worth it for the exquisite stuff we had. Tonights meal was a bargain compared to our last meal at Kaz (way more expensive) and Kotobuki (way cheaper but no where near as good). Good value doesn't always mean cheap. I'd rather drop $100 at Tako than $60 at Kotobuki. I feel more pampered and more satisified.
  16. This place opened a few months ago and I've become a big fan. There's a sushi bar (sushi is decent but not the real star)and other Japanese dishes. There's chawanmushi (an egg custard soup) that's very tasty, as well as delicious onigiri ($2), Japanese rice balls filled with either dried plum, seaweed, or grilled, salted salmon. There's a separate room with 6 tables with grills built in for Japanese barbecue, Yakiniku. There's a choice of several types of meat (short rib, skirt, tongue, etc.) and I've tried most of them and was really impressed. Please let me know who else has been there and what you thought. Website is at: www.satsuma-jp.com
  17. This is a hidden sushi gem in a city crawling with sushi joints. You almost don't want to share it with friends because it could mean that in a restaurant that only seats around 25 you may not be able to get one. Where else can you find the best scallop around for a dollar a piece and toro for less than $2? One my first visit I asked if they had natto, fermented soy beans that many Japanese restaurants do not carry. On my third visit the waitress, who remembers me each time I go, mentioned that they had started carrying natto and would I like a roll? One of the highlights that makes this restaurant so special is the house made soy sauce. This is no Kikoman you are dipping your fish in. Keep in mind though that it is only available if you eat in. In addition to sushi they also serve eel, chicken and vegetable kamemashi, a Japanese hot pot rice dish served in an iron kettle. One a cold winter day, or cool summer evening, it is perfect. Along with the rice you are served a wonderful assortment of three side dishes, the likes of which you rarely see in a typical Japanese restaurant. For more information check out their web page.
  18. First, let me point out that I'm not a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine, so hopefully someone that is will jump on this and give you a better overall opinion of this place. Personally, I'm just happy that in the space of a few weeks, south Dupont opened two spots with ramen in a few blocks of each other...this place, and Oki Ramen down the street, which I haven't tried yet. As you can see there's lots more than ramen at Nagomi. Nov 2014 Lunch Menu Nov 2014 Dinner Menu So look at this as a very quick, and totally incomplete, preview. I had a very solid bowl of shoyu ramen...the other choices were, um...well, I'd tell you if the menus weren't so damn slow to load. Hopefully they'll work on that. Anyway, it was a very traditional bowl...noodles, soft boiled egg, sliced pork and some veggies. The noodles didn't quite have enough of a chew for my taste, but the broth was excellent, and I'd go back again to try the other varieties. Which are...come on...getting there....aha, shio and tonkotsu. So please, if you're an izakaya fan, go on by and fill in all my blanks...this has been a pretty cursed location, so hopefully this place can change that.
  19. We were up Kentlands way today and stopped in here. Ha Ku Ba has been operating for at least several years and I'd been 2 or 3 times previously. Vague recollections of it being a decent, lower priced, sushi spot but it didn't quite reach that level tonight. The "ninja" sashimi platter ($27.95) would have been enough to share if 20% of the fish wasn't tilapia (!) which we didn't eat. I'm not sure I've ever seen Tilapia on a sushi/sashimi plate before unless it was there posing as red snapper or something else as happens too often. Tuna, fluke, and salmon were fine--at Sakana (Dupont) level. The octopus was a bit stringy and overwhelmed a bit by orange roe. An order of tamago ($3.45) was of the plasticene variety. We ordered a nice specialty roll with spicy tuna and eel on top ($9.95) but, sheesh, did they have to call it a "Viagra roll" and then, add insult to injury by having another maki option titled "Viagra II"?!?!
  20. Thirded. I've been here several times over the years, most recently last week. The fish is a very slight step down from Kotobuki, but still pretty good. Toro was not available, but they did have chu-toro. I also like the spider roll, which can be inconsistent in quality though (some rolls have more crab meat than others). The only reason why we don't come here more often is that the Tysons Galleria is a short walk from our office next door. Very convenient for business lunches. But after yet another mediocre meal at the mall -- it's never a good sign when your "best" options are Lebanese Taverna and The Daily Grill, and the other choices are Legal Seafood, Maggiano's, P.F. Chang, and The Cheesecake Factory -- I will not hesitate to make the 5-minute drive here (or to Shamshiry).
  21. I'm starting a topic for a restaurant I've never been to, but goodeats was kind enough to translate something for me, so I thought I'd share the information. Namely, last week I went to the estimable Elephant Jumps for some fried watercress salad and banana blossom salad, and while there I saw that the nearby Jasmine Garden had set out a couple of boards with Chinese upon them: Blackboard and Whiteboard Specials at Jasmine Garden (Note, I tried embedding them but they were just massive.) As I'm always interested in finding out "what's on the board" in any restaurant, but especially Chinese ones, I imposed upon goodeats to see if she could translate them and, perhaps, figure out what cuisine they might specialize in. Her response: Now I suppose a question is: has anyone ever tried the "on-the-board" specials here? I'll admit the ones on the whiteboard sound good to me. Or, I guess, anything here. Their regular menu does seem to be a bit of your standard American Chinese/Japanese food, with a few more less common dishes (three cups chicken, fish fillet in superior pickle sauce, etc.)
  22. An interesting corner of Springfield is at the corner of Backlick and Commerce -- kitty corner from Mike's is Springfield Plaza, and in the back corner facing both Backlick and Commerce is the amazingly good Flame Kabob, only a few steps away from Veronica's bakery (the Latino equivalent of Le Bledo and Dalat, which in turn is the Vietnamese equivalent of Veronica's), and opening soon, Bento Box Sushi. Sushi options in this neck of the woods are slim, so this will be a welcomed addition. I'll keep an eye on the space and provide updates. By the way, across Commerce is Bangkok Noodle and Merkamo Ethiopian, so within a short walk there's some significant eats. This corner of Springfield is on a par with the Brookfield Plaza, not even a mile farther south on Backlick. [My favorite name for a road in the entire Metropolitan area is Backlick. It would be my second favorite name if there was a Frontlick, but alas, there is not.]
  23. Has anyone ever used sansyo? How closely are the leaves related to the peppercorns? Same tree, obviously, but are there similarities in culinary properties?
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