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Found 35 results

  1. Rashaan Salaam had two *major* football achievements: 1) He won the Heisman Trophy in 1994 2) He was the youngest NFL player ever to rush for 1,000 yards in 1995 Tragically, Rashaan Salaam passed away today. May you have found peace, sir.
  2. I think the greatest multi-pro-sport athlete of the modern era (so post Jim Thorpe) was Bo Jackson. Perhaps his two most amazing moments herewith: Bo Scales The Wall In Baltimore Bo Jackson 91-Yard Run vs. Seahawks, Nov 30, 1987 And, this was incredible too: Bo: The Throw Finally, for those interested, ESPN did an excellent "30 for 30" documentary, which covers the entirety of his amazing but tragically truncated career. The documentary has been removed from YouTube, but you can still probably find it somewhere: "30 for 30 Film 'You Don't Know Bo' is ESPN's Highest-Rated Documentary" by Jennifer Cingari on espnmediazone.com
  3. Does anyone really believe that Seahawks player hit that ball out of the end zone accidentally? And why is this even a rule? Why penalize anyone for knocking the ball out of bounds any time they want, especially if its the defense? comments folks............... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLL1ByAJb6M
  4. FYI, Flutie is part Lebanese....while having absolutely nothing to do with this topic, he has likely enjoyed his fair share of kibbeh nayyeh in his lifetime. Although, as unbreakable records go, it is unlikely another part-Lebanese quarterback will win a Heisman....
  5. My high school was McCaskey High School in Lancaster, PA, where an upperclassman took me under his wing when I showed up for football practice in the early '70s as a rough sophomore ... and he showed me how to lift weights properly so I didn't hurt myself ... Doug went on to play for the Cowboys. This was also a time of racial tensions in America, and when our school was experiencing some race riots, "Dougie" made sure I was protected. As the African Americans were barreling out of their assembly area and heading for the school hallways to raise hell, he spotted me walking by, pointed to a side door, and said told me to get out of there before the chaos erupted.
  6. So one day my brother is changing flights in an airport. Stopping by the airport bar he sees Dan who really looks like he doesn't want to be bothered. My brother walks up to Dan and says "Jon W, Central Catholic class of 1982. Nice to meet you." Upon meeting a fellow Viking, Dan's demeanor changes. "Good to meet you. Sit down and have beer." They chat for a while when two women walk up and ask Dan if they can take a picture with him. He says, "Sure, but you have to have my good friend Jon in it, too." So somewhere out there. Some woman has a prized photo of herself and Dan Marino and my brother.
  7. I just read a statistic that's so amazing that it merits beginning a thread about Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts, 1998-2011) Here is the list of all-time NFL career receptions leaders. On it, you'll see that there are only 10 people who have 1,000 receptions or more. Number 7 is (the still-active) Reggie Wayne (2001-) Number 3 is Marvin Harrison (1996-2008) Both of these receivers have played their entire careers for the Indianapolis Colts.
  8. "Draft 2015" on nfl.com (with live telecast available) "2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Latest News, Buzz, Trades, Reports" on si.com "2015 NFL Draft: Bleacher Report's Expert Consensus Predictions" by Gary Davenport on bleacherreport.com "NFL Draft 2015: Final Team-By-Team Needs, Fits, And Predictions" by Ian Wharton on bleacherreport.com
  9. Wow. I pressed "Add Post" just as the clock ran to 00:00, so the game must have ended exactly at 10:08 PM, EST - any additional sentences are merely edits to the original post. List of Super Bowl Champions From Super Bowl I (Jan 15, 1967) through Super Bowl XLIX (Feb 1, 2015) on Wikipedia.
  10. Totally off the topic (sorry Don), but actually the most fun I had playing basketball was in the late '70s, living in St. Louis and going to grad school at Washington University. The NFL team back then was the Cardinals & their players would play b-ball at the Wash. U. gym on weekday afternoons (wonder if the coaching staff knew this?). At any rate, I got into a # of these games and got pushed around regularly by the linebackers who just mowed me over. But one day I was covering one of their players and Mel Gray (who was a great "small" receiver) set a pick for him and I tried to go thru it (after all, he was "small"). I ran full force into him and bounced off like a cartoon character, immediately going from l to __ , 90degrees down to the floor. He was solid as a wall. I still watch football with an appreciation for just how strong professional athletes are. And I'm still pissed at how funny they all thought it was. Served them right to wind up in Arizona.
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