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Found 15 results

  1. Eastern Kabob & Sweets is located in the Sugarloaf Shopping Center in Germantown. They have a buffet all the time, but I haven't tried it yet. Each of the last two times I have visited I ordered chapli. Each time it was amazing. The first time I got the beef and my friend got the chicken. Both were good, but the beef was better. It had a nice char on it which added an additional layer of flavor. The dish comes with two "patties" on a bed of rice, with shaved onion on top. The platter also comes with so stewed chickpeas and naan. It is a BARGAIN at $11.99. There is a ton of flavor in the chapli. The rice is also well seasoned and slightly spicy. Each time I ordered the dish spicy, but the heat was a bit restrained--that's okay because it was packed with flavor. As far as decor goes, it is bright and clean, with some flat screens playing Pakistani videos. The staff is nice enough. They also have some disco lights going. They are open late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  2. Website They are on Amazon delivery, so I am a bit surprised the only mention is on a thread for another restaurant. We ordered one of the spiciest chicken vindaloos I have ever eaten from here. I like spicy food, normally food has to be pretty spicy for me to even register it- this was spicy. Not bad at all. We also got chicken kadai - which I really liked, it had a nice mix of chicken and veggies. We got a side of spinach- fine not special, but I like a little more veg- and some veggie samosas, which were very large, and had a nice filling. We also got some naan and kulcha- to be honest, I couldn't tell a difference and I think maybe we just got 3 naan, they weren't super light, more dense, but not bad. They delivered via Amazon very quickly inside Arlington. I would order from them again.
  3. A new carryout place just opened in Shepherd Park. It's on GA Ave between Geranium and the library. They did a soft opening a couple weeks ago and we tried stopping in but chose the one night they closed to work out the kinks learned during the soft opening. We happen to have some friends who have done extensive traveling in Nepal and benefited from them getting some carry-out tonight and bringing it over for dinner, we live just a couple blocks away from the restaurant. Our friend went in hoping to speak Nepalese with the owner and found that the owner is Pakistani, but was told all the other staff were Nepalese, though none were there at the time. They ordered pork, beef, chicken, and vegetarian dumplings, though for some reason, one of the chicken orders was switched to beef. Our guess was that they ran out of the pork as the dumplings are probably made ahead of time and reheated as ordered. They also got two orders of chicken curry which came with rice and chickpeas. The dumplings were all good with nice seasoning, more than one gets from most Chinese dumplings. Even though a little spicy, as noted by the kids, they still loved them. The fillings are predominantly meat, without a lot of other filler. I personally, prefer a little more vegetable mixed in, and these were really filling. They provide three different dipping sauces, a spicy sauce, more traditional (so we were told by our friends) tamarind sauce, and then a light sesame dressing sauce. I used a mix of the spicy and tamarind sauces. Our friend's assessment was that the dumplings were authentically Nepalese style in taste and of average quality. The curry and chickpeas was pretty much what you might get in any of the Indian restaurants around here. The rice though was a blend of rice and various other seasonings and additions, not plain white rice. It was flavorful enough to stand on its own. Unfortunately, since we didn't pay for the food, I have no idea about the price. We will definitely be going back on our own as it's just a couple blocks away. Probably not something to make a special trip for, but if you're in Silver Spring and want to make a little detour for carry out, might be worth a try. It is definitely a nice addition to the area which seems to be oversaturated with Ethiopian restaurants and I think given the option of dumplings here or McDonalds across the street, my kids might actually go with the dumplings. One warning if you are taking the food far, with the new regs on carryout containers they use a cardboard based carryout container that does not hold up to the curry at all. When we opened up the bags, the curry containers were close to total deterioration. The dumplings came in tin containers that probably should be used for the curry as well. Moh-Moh-Licious Facebook Page
  4. Charcoal Kabob House at the KMart shopping plaza in Herndon off of Elden Street is their main location. Been there for years. They are one of the few who actually use charcoal to cook their selections. This place is great! They recently updated the interior and added nicer seats and basically updated it. Reasonably priced and great chicken, Koobideh. The restaurant is run by brothers, I think 3, who are all very gracious and appreciate your business. The sides are always good too. The consistency of the clientele is a testament to their quality and value. The shopping center has quite a bit of turnover so it is nice to see a place like this succeed for many years.
  5. Tried Dera Restaurant today after a previous visit earlier in the week to Thai Ghang Waan which I liked albiet I don't know if it was a clear first in the DMV. Nevertheless, I digress, the mall Thai is in is mostly South Asian and boy is it huge. Out of all the strip malls I've visited this is one of the biggest conflagrations. I knew I had to come back and do more work on some of these restos which I finally got to tonight! I went to Dera Restaurant as I had previously read about it and it seems to be the most "renowned" of the Pakistani fare at this mall. It's a funny place as the dining room is cavernous but doesn't have quite enough tables. Next door they have a wedding hall party place kinda thing. Anyway, I had a nice meal here, not quite as good as Khan Kabob but still worth a visit as I expand my restaurant holdings (I'm at 120 as of now). I got the Chicken Karahi and the Beef Boti Kabob. Both were respectable indeed the kabobs were better then I thought they would be being nicely spiced with a good flavor. Usually I find ordering kabobs at a non dedicated kabob Pakistani restaurant isn't the best move as an aside. The Karahi was not the absolute best I've had but also a respectable attempt. I would recommend coming here especially if your in the area but if your not I would trek to Khan Kabob over Dera.
  6. The best naan in Northern Virginia. That's right, I said it. Let m back up. As a GMU alumni I follow Tyler Cowen. A few months back he wrote this place up. I used to work near it so I had been years ago (right after they opened). I had not been impressed at the time. Being in their recently, they either cleaned up their act or changed hands. My kids have swim lessons at the Swim School in the same shopping center. I got the bright idea to take them their Saturday night for the open swim which runs right until bedtime. Keeping small children up late had an obvious result, chaos. My 4 year old was in full on rampage mode (Like something out of Archer, but without the guns). It was 8:00 and against our better judgement, we took them to a restaurant to feed them instead of ta place they could trash and still allow us to get out with our dignity intact. It was amazing..... tood got my kids to shut up, be still, and eat quietly. We ordered the lamb korma, butter chicken, chicken kahari and two kids meals (chicken kabob and seekh kabob). My 6 year old loved the chicken, my 4 year old loved the seekh kabob. The other entries were fine. The kahari was the star. If/when I go back I will err towards the Pakistani side of the menu. With all that said, if I want chick peas, Rawal Kabob is better. I prefer the kahari at Khan Kabob. But the bread.... oh my, the bread. Bug huge flufy fresh pieces of Naan. Perfectly cooked. Not dry and the perfect texture to sop up some sauce or another. I'm not sure how well it would travel, but eating it fresh out of the oven there..e highly recommended.
  7. Rounding the corner after a very satisfying meal at Mama Chuy the other day (go!) I saw Salt and Pepper Grill, a new Pakistani/Indian place on Georgia Ave right across the street from Howard. Has anyone been? Any reports? The menu is pretty typical Indian restaurant fare, but there are a few things I'm looking forward to trying like lamb karahi and and a few goat dishes. Too bad they don't have halim or other Pakistani specialties. The address is 2632 Georgia Ave, phone 202-588-0666. Edited to add: first attempt to use this phone number has not been successful as it's been busy all night, but that's what's printed on the menu.
  8. What do they say about restaurants? Location Location Location. This one sucks. The food on the other hand, doesn't. Between this, Rawal Kabob and Food Corner Kabob house we have entered a golden age in Chantilly/Centreville ethnic cuisine. I've been 4 times so far and have not had a bad meal yet. Especially noteworthy are their excellent redntition of the obligitory chick peas. With the chicken Kabob you can really taste the difference in their marinade. the real star here is the Kahari Chicken which is delicious (granted I have not had it elsewhere but it was damned good). If you beleive Yelp it is owned by Tariq Khan the original owner and founder of Ravi Kabob . I'd verify with the website but it is down right now.
  9. So I had lunch at Z Kabob the other day. It is in the shopping center across the street from World Market with the party store. I wasn't expecting much, but I really liked it. They had great briyani, which you get a side salad that is forgettable, but also that day came with chickpeas that were good. They also had curries, kebabs and all sorts of other things. My hubby had a gyro that he thought was good too. He has had more of the menu than me as he goes for lunch. I was surprised with the menu, pleasantly surprised. Anyway thought it deserved it's own thread. Edy's Chicken and Steak is in that shopping center which is good too. I like their chicken and sauces.
  10. I searched and couldn't find a thread for this place which is a shame because I think they may have some of the best Kabob's in the area. My office goes here all the time and they do a brisk carry-out business. I've been going here for years and I don't think I've ever had a bad meal here. It's one of those places where you walk down the hall and say "Anyone want lunch?" and people demure saying that they have leftovers from home. You come back down the hall and you say "Anyone want Kabobs?" and their leftovers go back in the fridge. I'd like to say that I have explored a lot of the menu but I have not. I either get the lamb kabob or the Rawal kabob special (a skewer of chicken and a skewer of seekh kabob). All meals are served with nan, rice, salad and vegetables. I always get the channa masala which is always excellent here. This shopping center really is a culinary mecca. Picante, Minerva, Thai Basil (when it is good, which hasn't been recently) and Rawal Kabob. All in a low rent out of the way strip mall.
  11. I saw a food cart tonight in Clarendon across the street from the Clarendon metro on the block with the bank (diagonally across from Hard Times Cafe). It's called Metro Halal food cart. It had chicken and lamb dishes and gyros. I had just come from dinner so didn't try it.
  12. 15521 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20905 301-879-0044 It is open late, till 1am on Friday and Saturday. The food off the steam table, the sides mainly were a little tired looking but the two i tried were nicely flavored. I had a dish of greens with potatoes that really came to life with a little lemon juice. My main was 2 seekh kabobs that were well flavored but just a tad dry from over cooking, but nicely charred from an obviously hot tandoor. There were nice with the chutney but if they can dial in the cooking time, it will be really incredible, Indique level or better. $7.99 for both and a tandoor baked naan which was uneven, thin and crackery in parts, chewy and soft in others. It was stuck on the side of the tandoor a few seconds too long. The chutney was good once I asked for it. Also came with a little salad but it was undressed and needed something. I also had a chat samosa, the samosa, maybe a little greasy, was covered in nicely spiced, very soft garbanzos in a great sauce/gravy. Very rich.The grease may have come from either the frying or the steam table garbanzo beans dish. All in all, if they just tweak the cooking times a little and get the naan more even before putting it in the tandoor, this place will be a great stop for late night dinners. For just being open a short while, I think it is a great addition to the area and well worth repeat visits. $10 and change. Next time I will try the lamb kebab.
  13. I feel like I am on a mission to find really good, fast, and tasty lunch places while working downtown near Metro Center for this month. Today's find was based on a recent post for quick lunch ideas near Metro Center (see post #12 for original suggestion), specifically, a recommendation for Mayur Kabab House. Having driven past there numerous times, but not brave enough to go in until today, I was quite pleased with the results. For lunch, the best option is their Lunch Buffet for $8.00 (tax included). The buffet, which can be dine-in or carry out (I chose the latter) includes four vegetable dishes, chicken curry (bone-in), chicken kabab (also bone-in) and rice and baked naan. The portions were HUGE, to the extent that I now have dinner too. The vegetable dishes for today were: daal, paneer with peas, an eggplant dish, and a cauliflower dish. The eggplant was very soft and flavorful and the chicken kabob and curry chicken both very moist and not dried out from the burners. Would definitely go back.
  14. I had lunch today at this recently opened Halal-meat hamlet, in the same shopping center as Caribbean Grill, Yorktown Bistro, Saran, etc. on Lee Highway and George Mason Drive. Just look what $6.95 bought me ... A lunch buffet, served 11-3 M-F, with four different Halal meats: Tandoori chicken tikka Goat curry with squash Paya (trotters cooked overnight on low heat) Dal Gosht curry with beef as well as pure vegan options: Chana Masala (chickpeas) Aloo Gobi with fresh carrots Saag (spinach) Biryani and the charming Ms. Khan even brought me out a fresh-baked round of naan. Weekend specials include Mukta Gosht (lamb or goat shank cooked overnight), Degi Cherga (a whole chicken, deep-fried and steamed), and Nehari (beef shank cooked overnight). As much as I love a good hamburger, let's maintain some perspective: This is a husband and wife team, trying to eek out a living in a busy, but somewhat blighted strip of Lee Highway. $6.95 for all-you-can-eat high-quality meat and fresh vegetables, well-cooked, and backed by friendly family owners who couldn't even conceive of hiring marketing agents, and have probably never heard of this website. I'm HAPPY to support them. Open until 10 PM, seven nights a week, with carryout menu and catering available. I was the only person in the restaurant the entire time I was there, and that should not be the case. I realize this place isn't trendy or buzzy, and never will be, but come on. Cheers, Rocks.
  15. A friend of mine has been telling me that I should definitely try this place located in Arlington on the N Glebe road while driving up to Ballston on the right hand side next to a Suntrust bank.(enough directions?) this is a place which you wont expect alot. there is no ambiance no decor there is no nothing but chairs , tables and the counter where you order your food. The prices are cheaper if you compare to Moby Dicks but you get the same amount of food . Now that Im Turkish , call it eather Middle east or Europe I dont care , we have good kabobs in Turkey. As a matter of fact those Turkish restaurants that claim their kabobs are good , they are nothing comparable to the ones in Turkey. What Im saying is I know a good kabob and the best ones. I ordered the lamb chops because my friend told me everytime he orders those, and my companion ordered the Ravi kabob special. Both meals are served with homemade pita (I think better than MDicks) with salad , rice and chick peas, and some yogurt sauce. yogurt sauce is not that good, its just ok . Ravi special is chicken kabob and ground beef kabob combined. but this chicken is the most tender and moist and flavorful chicken ever as a kabob. I havent eaten a better chicken kabob in United States. Lamb chops were great also but alittle oversalted , but hey , who gives a damn. I`ll keep going to this place just for the chicken kabobs. There is not much else to say, total check was 26$ including 2 bottled drinks.
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