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Found 110 results

  1. From Rockville Patch, from some other website: Rockville Allegedly a "Top 10 Foodie City"
  2. Greetings folks, I've mostly lurked on this website (and have admittedly been extremely inactive). --- 3 months ago Taipei Cafe took over the the space formerly occupied by Ambrosia Grille (Mediterranean grill). What is most interesting about this new restaurant is that it is headed by the former head chef of Bob's 66. Rumors suggest that Bob and the chef had a falling out of sorts, and the chef decided to (quietly) open a restaurant about a mile away from Bob. The menu is nothing new, in fact it more or less contains every item that Bob's 66 sold before the location moved. If you frequented Bob's in years past, you will find the exact same dishes at Taipei Cafe. It seems like the chef is adding a lot of more traditional Taiwanese desserts/appetizers as time goes on (things that Bob's did not offer before). I saw items like "not stinky tofu", "ba wan (Taiwanese gelatinous meatball)", and "tong zai mi gao (sweet rice with sauce) on the menu. Taipei Cafe also accepts credit cards. I ordered 2 plates of pork chop rice (pai gu fan), oyster pancake (oh ah jian), sweet rice with sauce (tong zai mi gao), 2 braised pork rice bowls, and a 4 gods soup. The dishes were all delicious, and tasted the way I expected them to taste. This is a description that I understand is hard to visualize, but the closest term I can think of is "it tastes legit". I will be back to test out the other dishes, I used to frequent Bob's 66, but since their move the dishes have started to taste a little off. My family heritage is Taiwanese, and my parents currently live in what is basically Little Taiwan in California. For a 1 person test drive: I suggest you order 1 order pork chop rice, 1 order oyster pancake, 1 order 4 gods soup, and take 1 order braised pork rice to go. The pork chop rice (depending on how much you can eat), may be enough for 2 people though. The portion sizes were ridiculous(ly huge).
  3. La Bohemia has opened. The two friendly guys from St. Michel are working the counter (and baking). The new owners are from the Czech Republic. They are starting slow- all the breads and pastries are made the way St. Michel made them and with the same ingredients. I bought some canneles and a bread pudding cupcake and thought they were delicious. They plan to slowly roll out non-French items such as a Bulgarian bread and a dark, rye-based, sour Russian bread. The co-owner says she has a special honey cake that will be coming soon. They are eager to hear feedback and suggestions for additional products. Really a good group of people making good products that should get our support.
  4. Has anyone tried it? http://www.shebarockville.com/ There is a $15 for $30 on DealChicken today and I'm very tempted. I've been craving Ethiopian for a while and I just don't find myself on U Street very often and though I work not for from Ethiopic, I'm never in when they are open... Thanks!
  5. After reading about it in the Post last Week, I put Saint Michel Bakery on my list of places to check out for lunch. I'm not thrilled about the options in the lower part of Rockville (or North-North Bethesda), but I know I'll be back here to try more of their sandwiches. http://www.washingto...9060200792.html I had the pan bagnat; tuna on baguette with anchovy, egg, tomato, olives, and peppers. The baguette was great, crisp outside, soft inside. The tuna was solid (nothing spectacular, made with a touch of mayo), but the anchovy gave it a nice salty kick. The eggs added a creaminess to the whole sandwich. The 1/2 baguette sandwich (probably 9-10 inches) for $6 was delicious; too bad there is nowhere there to eat it. Carry out only. I also got some mini raisin buns and apple turnovers, to enjoy tonight. Before going, be sure to map the address. It is an easy place to miss.
  6. Read about a new place on Chowhound. Can't find a website or even their operating hours online. Does anyone know if they do brunch or when they open on weekends? Yelp reviews indicate they do brunch but don't open until 11:30. It kills me that all the places that do northern Chinese brunch other than A&J don't open until 11 or later.
  7. There's a dearth of good Korean BBQ places in Rockville so I was excited to hear about Iron Age, which opened up about a year ago. Unfortunately my experience here wasn't positive. I went with about seven other people for a meetup group. Between us we split a shabu shabu pot and the pork BBQ set. The BBQ portion is all you can eat for $18-$22 per person. For this reason they were really strict about the shabu shabu people not sampling any grilled meats. Service was poor. Our server seemed incapable of multitasking, despite the fact that the restaurant was nearly empty. He flat out refused to take orders when he was busy doing something else. We didn't even get our first glass of water until the grill and the shabu shabu had been set up. On the plus side, he was prompt once he decided to graciously accept our request. But I'm willing to forgive bad service for good food, and the food was not good. We asked for lettuce and we got this sad looking bowl of diced up greens dressed in a sweet soy sauce. I'm accustom to having some sort of wrapper (lettuce or wontons or something) for KBBQ and we didn't get anything like that. The dipping sauces were anemic: both the ssamjang and the chili sauce were watery. The complimentary gyeran jjim was a joke: completely flavorless. The other banchan were mostly misses: a potato salad that was too sweet and a sludgy kimchee that, while sour (the way I like it), had no texture and tasted mushy. As for the meats: the pork belly was expected. Thankfully it's hard to mess up. Next came the beef brisket, which was still frozen and the fat parts were disintegrating. The soy marinated pork had an off taste. I was disappointed they didn't offer a gochujang-based daeji bulgogi which would've been a better use for the meat. So this place is a far cry from Honey Pig or Shin Chon, which are my primary experiences with good KBBQ. Based on my experience here I can't reccommend it, but I wanted to do a write up in case someone does a search.
  8. New steak frites restaurant coming to Rockville Town Square. From the Rockville Town Center announcement: "82 steak out will offer a truly unique steak frites dining experience modeled after a long time European tradition, now with an American flair. Enjoy Steak and Fries (or sweet potato fries) with your choice of house or Caesar salad served with our super secret sauce for only $18.82!"
  9. Found ourselves in Rockville today, doing some holiday shopping and needing a snack...out of the corner of my eye I spotted Greenberry on the other side of the plaza from Filene's. We thought we'd give it a try since we didn't have time for a "real" lunch! First, the women at the counter said they have only been open for about 2 weeks, and that this is the first franchise for Greenberry yogurt. Ever. She mentioned her brother-in-law and another sibling, I believe, came up with the recipe themselves and don't use any powders. She said that they are not affiliated with any other "berry" or froyo venture. So that makes me wonder if they are even related to the Greenberry Coffee and Tea? On to the taste--I must say, this is one of the best I've had...probably second to the froyo we had at Yogurtland in Hawaii this summer. Smooth, creamy, with no "dry" aftertaste. I had the original (tart but balanced) mixed with dark chocolate (intense), with marshmallow, chocolate Flake and candied pecans. Mr. S had the strawberry mixed with dark chocolate and said the strawberry was exceptional.
  10. Thanks to all the guests at Passage to India, Bethesda whose continued patronage and support encouraged me to open my second restaurant SpiceXing in Rockville Town Square. The menu features contemporary Indian dishes and a lot of dishes influenced by the foreign cultures that came to settle/rule the Indian subcontinent. Once again the recipes are original as collected by me from various households and I am indebted to all those friends who tolerated my persistence in US and in India. There are a lot of small plates, which make sharing several of them quite enjoyable. Look forward to meeting all the DonRockwellians in Rockville. Sudhir Seth www.spicexing.com
  11. I finally got around to trying Niwano Hana a couple of weeks ago. My mother and I stopped in for lunch and I was surprised, based on the outside, at how cheerful it is inside. Book, cover, etc. Mom is not an adventurous soul, so she ordered a roll combination - tuna, cucumber, and California rolls. All the rolls tasted as I would expect. I got a seaweed salad (way too sweet), and and various nigiri sushi - my benchmarks. Yellowtail was good, tuna surprisingly flavorless, and the saba was unpleasantly fishy, even for saba. The eel tasted good, but very few places manage to screw up eel. The prices seemed unremarkable, not cheap but not too high either. The miso soup was pretty wan. There were a few special on the blackboard that looked interesting, so we may give it another go for dinner if not for sushi. Greeting was very cordial and the service was attentive. Niwano Hana 887 Rockville Pike (Wintergreen Shopping Center) Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 294-0553
  12. This place has become a regular for us since we can all find something we like. No wine list to speak of, but the food is very good. Taste of Saigon has some of the best Vietnamese food in the area. Their specialty is a black-pepper sauce that is a perfect combination of spiciness and sweetness and can be served on a variety of meats and seafood (I really like it on the soft-shell crabs.) My wife goes for the soups normally, and my son and I are almost certain to have a steak, especially with the black-pepper sauce. Another favorite is the lime-marinated steak. I have also enjoyed the steamed whole rockfish with black beans and scallions and the venison with curry and coconut sauce. The menu includes over 100 dishes, including a range of noodle dishes and several of French origin. The restaurant is located in the back of an office building on Hungerford Drive (355) but the atmosphere is cozy and elegant. In good weather, you can sit outside in a really nice patio dining area with trees and shrubs that seclude you from the parking lot. Service has always been good and the prices are reasonable.
  13. I'm not even sure how to classify this restaurant, but my brother just texted me and said he has 35,000 tickets on his Dave & Buster's card. I do so love paying money to shoot 17-foot free throws on an 11-foot basket with a 14-inch rim, wondering why I'm air-balling everything.
  14. Hi -- my first post. Oro Pomodoro, a new pizza/Italian restaurant will open for business for dinner this Friday. The menu and decor look interesting and inviting. I'm not connected with the restaurant, but am looking forward to going. It is located in the new Rockville Town Center across the square from the Library, between Lebanese Taverna and Greystone. Steve
  15. Meeting an old friend for brunch on Sunday and I would like something nice where we can catch up. She loves French Toast - so I guess plan b is where have you had the best French Toast? Is Volt brunch worth it? Anything closer that would fit the bill?
  16. I have been negligent in posting, but have been super busy if that's any excuse! We went here by accident on my birthday in December, and liked it so much that we've already been back once. And we will be back more often; just wished it was closer to where we live! I recall reading somewhere that this place was in the works as it is run by a relation of the people who ran Fred and Harry's in Four Corners. I think it is a nephew? Anyway, they apparently opened in October. It was a snowy evening and after seeing the Hobbit in Silver Spring we were looking for a casual spot to try something new. Decided to check out Quench in the same shopping center, but as we were parking I noticed Nantucket's Reef further in the center. If we had parked on the street I would've totally missed it! But recognizing the name as having read about it, and remembering I wanted to try it, we decided to give it a go. And we are very glad we did. Mr. S noticed they had short smoked salmon on the menu and he has not seen it on a menu other than Artie's, which is too long a haul to frequent for us. The fish was cooked perfectly and was just as flavorful as the Artie's version. The mashed potatoes are skin-on, lumpy and delicious. He had the in-season veggie medley which was grilled and well prepared. I had a special fish of the day, but can't recall which one at the moment. It was a white fish that again was deliciously well prepared. I had a spinach side that I have never seen before--it was red and I thought perhaps prepared with beets. But it was just a red spinach! The service both times we were there was friendly and not obtrusive. We were almost too full for dessert but decided to give it a try. Loved my bread pudding (which is toted by the servers as one of the favorites, for good reason) and Mr. S also enjoyed his pumpkin cheesecake. But we knew we wouldn't be able to order a dessert the last time we were there since the serving sizes were generous and we were too full with the calamari appetizer. Those of you in the northern Montgomery County area should definitely give this place a try. Dining in Gaithersburg/Northern Rockville is definitely looking up between this and the opening of Brasserie Beck in the old O'Donnell's space. http://www.nantucketsreef.com/
  17. Hi, I'm Michael, a DR.com supporter and friend and owner of Quench, in Rockville MD. In April 2013 we were named favorite new restaurant by the Restaurant Association of MD, and now we're more actively branching out into catering and events. We've hosted class reunions, weddings a bat mitzvah and numerous parties and corporate events ranging from 20 - 120 people at our restaurant. We also work off-site, providing catering services for The Glenstone Museum, Mercedes Benz, Medimmune and countless others. Again, size of event is not an issue, as we've done everything from a 10 person private dinner to 900 people at Euro Motorcars Bethesda. We'd love to work with the Don Rockwell community, so email Michael@quenchnation.com if interested, and if you mention that you found us here, we'll give you 10% off your group or catering event. Thanks!
  18. Interesting about Seasons 52. A quick look at their website reveals low-calorie meals but salt contents equivalent to dining at McDonalds. 1700 Mgs of salt in a 10 oz. vegetable soup, for example, vs 1000 for my junk fix of choice, a Big Mac (though I usually add more salt). 1100 for a filet mignon vs. 1120 for a 10-piece McNuggets. If you can't use fat, you've gotta torque the taste up somehow. The real originator of this stuff, though, of course, is Michel Guerard who won three Michelin stars with his famous cuisine minceur in the French spa town or Eugenie les Bains. Sadly, the English-language site has even less info than the French page -- you can find it if you click around -- the the French page does have pictures of what I want to eat next time I try to drop 10 pounds. Edit: Oh wait, is this off topic?
  19. I couldn't find Nick's Chophouse in the Dining Guide. I had lunch there today and it deserves some serious love. Nick's is a lovely place in the King's Park area, with a bar on the immediate right as you walk in the door, a nice dining room and a spaceous outdoor dining area. The menu features the typical chophouse fare, with Black Angus steaks and lots of salads, seafood and chicken all over the lunch menu. I went with the Special Lunch Menu where you pick an appetizer or soup or salad along with an entree. My $15.95 special began with the "Today's Hummus" and was followed by the grilled BBQ shrimp with grits. The hummus wasn't bad, but how hard is it to make hummus? It's not the best hummus I've ever had, but it was certainly an adequate starter. The grilled shrimp was a hit. They were medium-large, grilled to perfection, covered with a spicy Coca-Cola sauce, sitting on top of perfectly cooked grits, and topped with sauteed spinach. This dish was very enjoyable, and it demonstrated some serious kitchen skills in pulling it all together. I would eat this dish over and over again, but there are some other items on the menu that I intend to try on my next visit, whenever that is. Table mates had the flatiron steak, the petite filet, and the grilled salmon. Each plate, like mine, was completely wiped clean, even prompting the waitress who cleared our plates to remark that we must have really enjoyed our meals. We did. http://www.nickschophouserockville.com/
  20. I was driving around Rockville this afternoon, and noticed that Paisano’s, on North Washington Street, has been converted into “Bob’s 88 Shabu-Shabu,” by the owner of Bob’s Noodle 66 across the street. The Shabu-Shabu menu is thirty-eight items long, and he is also serving sushi, Tariyaki and a number of familiar dishes from the original Bob’s. Judging from the large number of customers happily “shabuing” at 2:30 PM, it appears as though this will be a most welcome addition to the dining options there, especially in light of the chain restaurants leasing space in the new Town Center.
  21. We've seen the slow renovation of El Patio into a pizzeria over the last several months, and after an aborted attempt a few weeks ago (they closed a bit earlier than we anticipated), we carried out a pizza from Crust. They have 14" and 20" pizzas, comparably priced to most local competitors. The space is big--for some reason, I didn't think that El Patio was this large, and so they must have opened up the space quite a bit. There were 5-6 tables occupied at 9 PM on a Friday night, and the openness is nice. I'm not sure about the layout--a long counter where it looks like you could sit and eat a meal is empty, and without seats; a row of chairs by the cash register (for take-out orders, I assume) seems like an afterthought. Service was straightforward, welcoming but not effusive, but then again I was only there for take-out. The servers' interaction with the tables seemed nice. And the pizza: it was good, with a nicely browned, crisped on the bottom, a bit doughy on top, crust. We ordered sausage and artichoke. The sausage was nice; the artichokes a bit off for me--too vinegary, I think that they had come directly from the can/jar, and a water rinse would have been much nicer. The sauce was sweet but not overly so, and the cheese was good. This is NY-style pizza, though many NY-style afficionados would likely take issue. But if judged objectively, I think it stands up pretty well as a solid pizza. With Pizza CS just down the street, so to speak, Matchbox (which some people love, I'm a bit less of a fan) just a few minutes away, and Mamma Lucia down the road, there are suddenly a lot of pizza options in this area just off of the Rockville Pike. As a Neapolitan-style fan, my first choice is pretty clear, but I'd happily go back to Crust.
  22. A relative from across the river has planned a father's day outing at this restaurant in Rockville...it doesn't appear to be new, yet I've never heard of it before. Anyone ever been and have any comments? Baronessa
  23. Slice of Rockville is hidden in the Woodley Gardens Shopping Center, which you can see traveling on 270 northbound, but is not so easy to find unless you are familiar with the back roads of Rockville. I would not call this a destination spot, but you could do worse in that neck of the woods. I have been hitting this spot a couple times a month for the last year or so. The pizza is more than serviceable, if not spectacular. I tend to favor the sandwiches. They are a tad more than basic, with several of them quite good such as the Downtown (turkey breast, romaine, and cranberry relish) and the Rock Creek (Virginia baked ham, brie, honey mustard, and fig jam). In the winter months they offer a rotating selection of homemade soups, which I have also enjoyed. More importantly, perhaps, is the homey vibe this place exudes. Every time I stop by for lunch seemingly many of the customers know each other and the staff and do a little catching up while placing their orders. It is quite small with only a handful of tables, but is a nice neighborhood spot worthy of some support if you find yourself in the area.
  24. Check out this article about Peru's National Day. There's a small sidebar dedicated to Peruvian food and drink.
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