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  1. City Taste Asian Cuisine opens today at 930 Wayne Ave., in Downtown Silver Spring, featuring up to 50 percent off sushi rolls: https://www.sourceofthespring.com/city-taste-restaurant-opening-today/
  2. I went Matasuke last night for dinner with a group of friends, specifically to try their hibachi. I found the experience to be kind of meh. My whole group ordered hibachi, everyone's dish was in the 23-25 dollar range and came with soup, salad and shrimp appetizer but the fried rice was an extra 2.50. To me this felt pretty expensive for the quality of food served to us. The miso soup was heavily salty. The salad greens were wilted and limp and drowning in dressing. The brighter side the fried rice was pretty decent, as was the vegetables. The steak was cooked to perfection but my chicken was a bit on the tough side. I suppose part of the 22+ entrees goes towards the hibachi chef who was sufficiently entertaining (he did a neat trick where he flipped an egg up in the air and caught it on a the side edge of his spatula) All in all I felt that the whole thing was kind of overpriced. The service wasn't very good and they were trying to rush us all night long. I had not had hibachi in 8 years so I probably won't go back for it for another 8 or so. A coworker of mine swears by their sushi though so it might be worth others to check out that. Address: 320 23rd St S, Arlington, VA
  3. Technically today is my Friday so when I saw the line for Buredo I decided to stick it out and take a little longer than I should for lunch. The staff was very nice and was handing out free wasabi peas to all of the people waiting patiently in line. I went with the Beatrix, which has yellow tail tuna and salmon sashimi, cucumbers, pickled napa cabage, green onion, 'tempura crunch' and unagi sauce. The fish was good quality - not Izakaya Seki or Sushi Capitol good - but not mediocre either. The rest of the ingredients were fresh and the size was bigger than expected. It cost almost $13 for finished product and I can't think of any other place in the neighborhood that you can get that amount of quality sushi for that price. Hopefully the amusement park roller coaster-esque line will shorten once the initial novelty wears off.
  4. Sunday night we went with my SIL to Rolls n Rice. She likes getting sushi here because you can get soy wrappers and she isn't a seaweed fan. The sushi isn't in competition for best of the DMV, but it is affordable and they have a nice selection of bento, normal sushi (very close to like quick made conveyor sushi in Tokyo, I am sure they use a machine to make the nigiri rice and they do it for speed, not for quality of the sushi), noodles, soup, etc. It is a fast causal order at the counter place. We have been before and the people who work there are very nice. They are really fast at making sushi. Once you order you get a number, they bring you salad, some dishes also get miso soup. I got a combo bento box with 3 pieces of nigiri, 4 pcs California roll, beef bulgogi, rice, 2 tempura shrimp and some tempura vegetables. It was really too much food, but I managed to eat it all. I should have saved the sushi for lunch today, as Matt overate his sushi and said we should have packed up a few pieces. The tempura was just as expected. The bulgogi was saucy, but good. This is definitely like fast-casual Japanese food, but it's affordable and a nice quick stop for dinner. We like going here, we think it's fun and we can swap things from each person's order to try.
  5. I will always credit Shimizu with helping me get my head straight when I was preparing to take the bar exam. No better way to calm nerves than a beautiful lunch chirashi presentation. And I try to stop by everytime I'm in the city. I didn't (and don't) know NY dining that well, and pretty much stumbled upon Shimizu by accident, but it's great sushi, 100% japanese staff, cozy and civilized.
  6. We want to grab sushi before the Caps game tomorrow. We live in Mount Vernon Triangle and will be walking over so we don't want to go outside of the immediate Penn Quarter/Chinatown area. The only spot we've been to is Momiji and it was mediocre. Any other recommendations? We love Daikaya, both upstairs and downstairs, but they're not a sushi spot. Seeing Sei, Absolute Noodle/Sushi, AOI, Asia Nine, etc. Any favorites or others I am missing? Thank you!
  7. "Sushi Chain Coming to Clarendon?" by Ethan Rothstein on arlnow.com I've been dying for a great sushi place in Arlington, especially Clarendon. I suspect this is not it. But I'm open to being wrong if anyone knows the brand!
  8. It's very easy to get "uramaki" into your memory, and keep it there. This post will be somewhat puerile, with shameless anthropomorphism, but its ultimate goal is for you to remember the word uramaki, so bear with me: Most people (most people here, anyway) know that Sushi comes in several basic types. Three of these types are, by far, the most common, at least here in the states: 1) Sashimi - Sashimi is actually not sushi, since sushi by definition implies the existence of rice. Sashimi is just the fish, has no rice, and is therefore not sushi - if you know this distinction, you already know more than most Americans (seriously, you do). 2) Nigiri Sushi - Nigiri Sushi is what most people think of when they think of sushi - the hand-formed "pieces" that you always see, with the fish on top of the rice. 3) Maki Sushi - Maki Sushi are rolls, not individual pieces - the roll is formed, then cut into individual cylinders (usually six). Why did I present these three terms, in this order? Because if you're "going out for sushi," i.e., not getting food cooked in the kitchen, and want to do it in a typically Japanese fashion, you'll order your meal in this exact order: sashimi first, followed by nigirizushi (*), followed by makizushi. Course it out this way, in three separate courses. Obviously, there are no "rules," and you can do whatever you wish (even the most hardened sushi chefs will tell you to do whatever pleases you), but this is a very "Japanese" way of ordering sushi, and there is no need, or expectation, to place your entire order at once; enjoy your sashimi, then order whatever nigiri you like, then order your maki based on what you're still in the mood for. Ordering at three different points will often change what you order, as your hunger level and palate mood will change over the course of the meal. You may have noticed that Uramaki contains the suffix, "maki," and that's because it is a variant of maki. However, although it's made in essentially the same fashion (rolled with bamboo, then sliced into cylinders), what makes it uramaki is one, simple thing: the rice is on the outside. Most people who have enjoyed sushi have encountered uramaki many times, without necessarily knowing what it's called. Here is a platter of all four types of sushi we've defined, and you should be able to easily tell which is which: And here's another picture, this one an imaginary picture - imagine one day you're out for a walk, and you come across an "inside-out roll," lost, lonely, and scared, because it doesn't know what type of sushi it is. With a reassuring confidence, you look right at it, and say in a calm, soothing voice, "You are a maki." (*) For those wishing to dig a bit deeper. If I ask the sushi chef for "one little thing" after my maki course, I'm often given a Temaki - sort of like having an ice-cream cone for dessert ... happy hunting.
  9. I saw a post on Matsu Sushi in the Chantilly thread, but I couldn't find a topic, so I started one. Website Hours: LUNCH Mon-Fri 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM Sat 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM DINNER Mon-Thurs 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM Fri-Sat 5:00 PM - 10:30 PM Sun 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM I went there for lunch with my brother today as it was close to his office and I haven't had sushi in a while. For lunch it was extremely efficient and you can definitely get in and out on a reasonable lunch time schedule. We both got sushi with miso soup and salad. Their salad dressing was fine, but not my favorite. Their miso soup was a bit too cloudy, but again was fine. The sushi was very uniform and neat. The rice was nicely prepared and I thought they did a very good job with the rice. I thought everything was very fresh and they had a nice selection. It wouldn't be my top sushi choice in all the sushi places I can go to, but I was really impressed at the service, how fast and efficient it was and how fresh everything was for a shopping center in Centreville. THAT would make me go back.
  10. Co-worker is raving about this place...anybody been? Emphasis on fresh seafood. Website 829 Frederick Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228
  11. My co-worker asked me for recommendations on an inexpensive but good sushi place between work (downtown DC) and her apartment (Woodley Park). She generally goes to Umi in Woodley Park but says she ends up spending more than she'd like there ($25) and is looking for other options. I am not familiar with the options on that side of town and could only think of Kotobuki in the Palisades or Momiji in Chinatown. Is there any other place I can recommend to my co-worker? I want to keep my reputation as the office guru of DC restaurants. Thank you!
  12. The same guys that own tako, own the small sushi carryout in the shoppes at glen echo (goldsboro at macarthur blvd) its awesome, inexpensive and cool. No seating , just carryout. (Little industry secret, this is where the top caterers get their sushi from)
  13. I could only find one mention of this place on the site, and it was in passing. Anybody have a thumbs up/down opinion on this place? The reason I ask is that I got roped, not all that reluctantly, into going to the following event at the Bethesda location: "Nov. 1 is "Sushi Day". $20 worth of sushi for $11.01. Only from 5:30-6:30pm." which apparently means you get: "2 pieces of tuna, salmon, eel, and shrimp, 1 piece of yellowtail, flounder, salmon eggs, 3 pieces of california rolls and salmon skin rolls, and miso soup." Which certainly sounds like a healthy amount of sushi, and I'm wondering where on the spectrum of sushi quality it will likely land. Specials like this make me skeptical about food quality, but I'm also a sucker for a good deal, so... Also wondering if anybody else was planning on attending. The 5:30-6:30 thing is definitely a hindrance, but might be less of a problem if you're already out near Bethesda for work.
  14. I've never considered Cafe Asia's sushi anything other than mediocre. CA's a better meet market than restaurant. When the resident sushi 'chef' is from Myanamar, I wonder...
  15. Tried Sushi Seki based on proximity to the show we were going to (Allegiance, starring George Takei about the Japanese American experience during WWII) and the desire to try some of NYC's reputed best sushi. They have seatings as late as 11:00 for dining so had my dining partners not wanted this, I would have been able to go on my own after the show. The other three in my party got the pre-theatre menu which they all enjoyed, but also needed to get some extra sushi to supplement in order to be filled. The omakase sushi selection came with 16 pieces brought out in groups of four, plus one hand roll. All the varieties were tasty, but this is by no means traditional sushi. It is more along the lines of creative sushi with garnishes such as jalapeno, tomato, and tempura. There is not a diversity of fish, more diversity of preparation. Chu toro made multiple appearances as did salmon and hamachi. Everything was very fresh, highlight was probably the uni which was like butter. Low was probably the closing hand roll which was a spicy scallop. I really detest the use of spiciness in sushi as it masks the taste of the fresh fish which is what I really want to taste, and putting the spice on a scallop which should highlight the sweetness of the scallop is disappointing. Impressive about the handroll was how quickly they got it to the table after being made because the nori was perfectly crisp. At $130 for 16 pieces and and hand roll, I felt it was worth it from the perspective of creativity that went into the creations, but I would much rather spend that $130 at Sushi Taro in DC for their omakase which is in a more traditional style and in addition to the sushi being more diverse, also features additional dishes as part of the omakase. The a la carte menu appears to be pretty reasonable given the high end trappings. Things like edamame are available for what I would expect at any Japanese restaurant. I just had hot tea, but they purport to have an extensive drink menu. Surprising was that it was not very crowded, though we were there very early in the evening with a 5:45 reservation and were out by 7:30.
  16. This is a cute little place that opened last fall. My husband and I have stopped in for lunch several times (they have lunch specials), and have been very pleased with the experience. We've tried a variety of dishes and all have been excellent. Most recently, my husband had the Sushi special and I had Tuna Tataki. Everything was very fresh and tasty. They serve beer and wine. The space is bright, modern and attractive.
  17. First of all, apologies if there is already a thread on this. The search function wouldn't let me search for something with only three letters, and I looked through all the threads and didn't see anything. So has anyone ever been to Uni? What did you think? I'd never heard of it but am going with a couple of co-workers for dinner on Friday night. The Wash Post entry on it is interesting. "James Tan's neo-wave take on Japanese otsumami (small dishes) is a mix of tradition, innovation, trend and theater. He manages to keep all these plates in the air, although the juggling act gets a little uneven every once in a while."
  18. BarredInDC.com has announced that Japonè (2032 P St.), Cafe Japonè, and its lounge, Sango Sho, have closed - the two-story operation has been open since 1986 - (congratulations, by the way, on a 27-year run). Of the three Japanese restaurants on the south side of P Street in West Dupont, only the more traditional Sakana (2026 P St.) remains, as Uni (2122 P St.) also closed within the past year.
  19. I tried the new-ish sushi and Japanese steakhouse in the old chili's spot on Rt 1 and cherry. Sushi was all fine to very good--better than maintenance sushi but not Sushi Sono. Place was basically empty. Pretty questionable starting the same concept that failed there before them, in a shopping center that is annoying to access. But I hope they survive.
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