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Found 14 results

  1. We don't seem to have a thread on Top Chef on the Bravo network. Season 3 starts this Wed, June 13th at 10pm. Does anyone else watch it? I'm hoping Season 3 will be better than Season 2 (as in, less drama), although the previews don't make it seem that way.
  2. Who knew that "Soul Train," with legendary debut host, Don Cornelius, had a 35-year run?! Just look at Michael Jackson's early version of the Moonwalk (technically, "The Robot") at around the 1:20-ish mark of this video - I saw The Jacksons in person once (even sitting directly behind The Jackson family!), and I can vouch that very few people in this world had body control on the dance floor like Michael Jackson did. Wow!
  3. So here I am flipping channels on the cable box when I accidentally wander into the broadcast network zone, and hear a familiar noise on Fox. That gravelly, husky sound. The perky attitude. Yes, it's Rachael Ray, and her show. (Tells you how often I watch broadcast...last time I checked, she was still on Food Network.) I stare, transfixed in horror. What have you done with the original, cute, harmless Rachael Ray, talking alone to the camera? Or travelling to distant cities, inappropriately moaning over a bargain dessert? In her place there is the new RR. Her makeup and wardrobe assistants have decided that with her new look she should channel Sally Field circa 1976. There is an audience. Routinely, the camera switches to a reaction shot of their strangely synchronous applause. I think they're on loan from the Emeril show, but they must have eaten earlier - no lip-smacking going on. Rachael is cheerfully extolling the virtues of lemons. She zests one vigorously over some rice. She grips another and shows the audience her special squeeze - cut-side-up, so the juice runs down the rind and drips off the perky pointy end. I step into the kitchen for a spot of breakfast. That's when hell, previously wearing a Joker-like rictus and chained to a four-burner stove, breaks loose. From the other room, I can hear the TV. A mother is complaining about her daughter's suggestive wardrobe. The daughter giggles that her mom is old and wears '80s clothing. A voice asks the mom who is buying her income-less adolescent these clothes. That voice. A cloud of dread forms as I realize...the show hasn't changed. It's RR solving domestic disputes a la Rikki Lake. Or maybe Jerry Springer, or whoever it is that does that kind of thing. I change the channel quickly and find a Ken Burns documentary to clear my mind. But the nightmare remains. "I'm Rachael Ray! On today's show, we're going to rescue an 1100 pound French chef trapped in his apartment! And I'll show you how to make a delicious cous-cous! On the Rachael Ray show!"
  4. No, I didn't just watch this film; I watched it when it came out in 2006 - this is around the time when Sacha Baron Cohen was a household word ... I wonder how often you've heard his name recently. I'm one of the least "politically correct" people you know - in fact, I despise political correctness. On the other hand, I despise stupidity and meanness even more, and this was about the stupidest, meanest film I have ever seen, post-1954. First of all, do people realize that Kazakhstan is approximately the size of what we think of as Europe? This isn't including the ex-Soviet countries, Scandanavia, or the United Kingdom. Take a look at a map, and see just how large Kazakhstan is: It's the 9th-largest country in the world. Up until I saw this movie, I thought Cohen was mildly amusing with his fake interviews; after I saw it, I never had the desire to see him again. I don't like the term, "mean-spirited," but "mean-spirited" is precisely what this movie was. Am I imagining things, or did Cohen's career go downhill almost immediately after this film was finished raking in money from all the college kids who made it a quarter-of-a-billion dollars? Cohen played the ignorant American public for the uneducated fools that they are. I hated this movie, and this movie made me strongly dislike Cohen. I'm very curious to know what other people think, and also what has happened with this embarrassment of a human being. And if anyone points out that Cohen is worth $100 million, I'll reply by pointing out that Adam Sandler is worth $300 million.
  5. The answer about Donald Kreuzer: He works at Watergate Dental Associates which is inside the Watergate building, so hopefully he's still enjoying life in his old townhouse. Apr 14, 2006 - "Foggy Bottom Dentist Loses 'Blockbusting' Suit against GWU" by Bill Myers on washingtonexaminer.com
  6. I just got a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey. Any ideas on cocktails, recipes, etc.? I think if I drink it straight, I'll end up with a sugar rush and hangover.
  7. This is truly amazing when you think about it: a picture of Pluto taken on the far side of the planet, looking back towards the Sun. That's not the Sun you see, but Pluto's atmosphere, lit up by sunlight. *Pluto*! "NASA Got Up Close and Personal with Pluto, The Data Blows Their Minds" by Drew Olanoff on techcrunch.com
  8. I watched "The Departed" today, and while I loved the film, I'm a little surprised it won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Picture. It was an excellent, thrilling, double-twisting, head-scratching, mess-with-your-mind, crime thriller involving mirror-image good-and-evil juxtapositions that make you thankful you're watching it on video, since you're camped on the rewind button for half the movie. A great picture with mega, mega-stars? Yes! Best Picture of the year? Boy this must have been a very lean year, not that the Academy Awards are any arbiter of truth; still, I just don't see this as even being in the running, although the Academy has shocked me in the past with its mediocre winners. Don't get me wrong: It's an outstanding crime thriller which I really enjoyed; I'm just surprised so many critics thought so highly of it. How many films have you seen lately where Matt Damon is arguably the third-biggest draw, and where Alec Baldwin is perhaps the sixth-biggest? How much did they spend on salaries? I am very much in the minority in that I find Quentin Tarantino terribly overrated, and someone who relies far too much on excessive violence; this film clearly had a Tarantino-like influence over the far-superior Scorsese. Did he really need to make this such a bloodbath? Well, it added something, I suppose, and also like most audience members, I'm starting to become numb to gratuitous splatter films, so as long as movies aren't torture porn (and this didn't go that far) they've become socially accepted, and not even all that shocking which I think is a real shame.
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