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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone have any recommendations in Amsterdam (or other areas of the Netherlands)? Thanks!
  2. 2019 marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt's death. There are multiple exhibitions opening around the world marking the anniversary. And course many articles being written. We will try to keep the more engaging material consolidated here. The New York Times is running two articles about Rembrandt Rembrandt Died 350 Years Ago. Why He Matters Today. Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat, Rediscovered Paintings and an Art-World Feud --- "All the Rembrandts" Exhibition at the Rijksmuseum "Rembrandt, Vermeer & the Dutch Golden Age:  Masterpieces from The Leiden Collection and the Musée du Louvre" Exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi "The Night Watch"
  3. "Why Rembrandt's 'The Night Watch' Is Still a Mystery" by Fisun Güner on bbc.com "The Night Watch" (1642, formally known as "Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq") by Rembrandt (officially known as Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn):
  4. Heineken Light is one of my swills-of-choice when I want to delude myself into thinking I'm not putting empty calories into my tank. I actually tolerate this beer *more* than the regular Heineken, but perhaps that's because there's "less of it to hate," or, restated, it isn't strong enough to smell like a skunk, which Heineken so often does. So why do I dabble in it? you might (intelligently) ask, and it would be an excellent question. The insufficient answer: Because I'm willing to fool myself into drinking diet soda as a zero-calorie caffeinated beverage - why *not* Heineken Light as a low-calorie beer? That said, there is some of the trademark Heineken skunk aroma, but not nearly as much as what's in their regular brew, so I not only get less calories - I actually dislike it less (you will not get me to state that in the contrapositive, no matter how logically you might argue). Heineken Light is available in poor stores everywhere, for about $13-14 per twelve-pack. I'll say something right now that you'll hear me say - perhaps in variations - in the future: If it's available in CVS, then it, by that very definition, is a lousy, mass-produced, industrial product. I won't go to Safeway, or Giant, or 7-11 just yet, because there's no need, but make no mistake: Drinking Heineken Light for alcohol is the equivalent of drinking Coca-Cola for corn syrup and caffeine, and don't think for a moment that this isn't true. --- Lurkers: Join our damned website and comment, damn it. Click here. It's quick, easy, PRIVATE, and FREE, I promise you. We're the best food-and-drink website in the world, so just join us, and feel free to disagree with what I say here - I'll respect you for it.
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