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Found 1 result

  1. FINALLY got to go to Universal Studios Hollywood! We missed the window early into our move here because we were maxing out our season passes to Six Flags and then were busy with babies for a while. I'm glad we went later, however, because it meant that we got to see the relatively new Wizarding World of Harry Potter during the Holidays!!! Which is great because we probably won't be back until the boys want to go. We had a wonderful time but when the ride descriptions say that they are not for folks subject to motion sickness, they mean it. I was prepared with a bucketload of mints because stronger meds make me sleepy and dizzier, and still spent most of the day at least slightly queasy. That said, no one forced me to get on all of the rides (including the HP Forbidden journey X 3) and I enjoyed each and every one. Almost every ride has at least some component of a virtual reality, most shake, rattle, and throw mist/water at you, and several had a 3-D component. Oddly enough, I did better on the 3-D rides, as the more immersive experience seemed to help my equilibrium, but my husband felt the opposite, so YMMV. Also, the park isn't all that large and there aren't that many rides, so the proportion of nausea-inducing rides is quite high. Even though the park is smallish, the lines can be long, so getting into all the rides and attractions might not be possible unless you strategize. We bought our tickets online, which come with a early admission (an hour, sort of). This, coupled with the fact that cold (for LA) winter mornings seem to be a less popular time for attendance, was essential in getting to see everything. We were ready to go as soon as they opened the gates for us at 8:30 AM and had fun walking around the HP area with such a reasonable crowd. Note that HP is pretty much the only thing open that early, so only go for the early admission if that is what you want to see. Hogsmeade is gorgeous and cobbly and atmospheric and adorable dressed for the holidays, complete with "snow" falling gently a few times each night. Because we got there so early, we were able to ride the HP Forbidden Journey ride twice with essentially no line (which, incidentally, set me up for hours of queasiness), as well as the wee roller coaster (very gentle). We had a short wait (<10 mins) to get into the Simpsons Ride, and then raced down to the lower lot just as they opened at 10 AM. That left us again, with very short waits for Transformers and the Mummy, which finished us out for the lower lot as Jurassic Park is currently closed for renovation. We hopped on the studio tour with no wait after that, so managed to get all the rides/experiences that typically have longer waits all done by noon and still didn't get to see everything until the last tick of 7 PM, when the park closed. This all a very long way of saying that, if you have limited time, want to see everything, and not as much luck/will to hustle, buying into the express passes or VIP tours might very well be worth it. More later..
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