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Found 17 results

  1. In the ice rink plaza over in Ashburn, Ford's Fish Shack is the third restaurant in the same space. Food-wise, of my first try, it's already blown the previous two out of the water. One of my coworkers had gone on and on about how much he liked the fish and chips. A buddy of mine and I went there for lunch. I had the lobster roll ($17), and if you use Mark Slater's definition of how trite it may be from another thread, well, this one is NOT trite. It was DELICIOUS. The lobster was nice and firm, the roll buttery, the combination with the just right amount of dressing fantastic. It came with s
  2. There has been an awning up for Saffron for a couple of weeks now. Given that they already have a restaurant in Broadlands, and that Curry Mantra 2 was in nearly turnkey shape, there shouldn't be much of a wait. Haandi can't catch a break, and maybe this time around, the competition will keep prices down: Both Haandi and Curry Mantra 2 were two of the most expensive Indian restaurants in the DC area despite being almost across the street from one another. "Curry Mantra 2 Is Now Saffron Indian Cuisine" by Sally Cole on fcnp.com
  3. Copperwood Tavern Website I didn't see a thread... Hubby and I wanted to go to Texas Jack's for July 4th, but they were out of bbq. So we kept going to Shirlington, which I was a bit hesitant about, but at that point I knew so little was open in VA and Hubby wasn't crossing the border into DC and wouldn't agree to go to Old Town. He had a decent brunch at Copperwood Tavern the other weekend, and wanted to go there. I didn't love the menu, I felt it was very heavy for the summertime, and really struggled on what to order. I settled on a Caesar salad and mussels. We were brought s
  4. There's a spot in a Centreville where restaurants go to die. After two Indian places met their maker comes a new contender. Frito Chicken. The place has an interesting story: Mar 15, 2018 - "Frito Chicken Gives Ashburn New Fried Chicken Option" by Chris Wadsworth on theburn.com My wife met the owner yesterday who invited us to give it a try. She was very nice and we didn't feel like making dinner tonight so we gave it a try. "Frito Chicken is the brain child of Amina Khan. She’s was born in Pakistan, raised in Canada and has collected a wealth of recipes. Over the years,
  5. Spurred by my failure to obtain reservations for a birthday dinner for 4 during "prime time" in DC (despite starting my search two weeks out), as well as a desire to stay closer to the homestead and avoid a 45 minute drive, I've decided to narrow my search to the Leesburg/Ashburn area. I've been to AhSho and Aggio several times, so I'm looking for a new spot. Does anyone have recent experience with Casa Nostra, Lightfoot, or possibly French Hound Brasserie? I'm looking forward to sage advice from a group I trust. Thanks!
  6. Pizza has always been a source of contention in our household. I don't love pizza but can tolerate a good pie with fresh ingredients. My wife does love pizza and is perfectly happy with a Dominoes thin crust that leave me feeling both hungry and like I swallowed a bowling ball at the same time. But finding good pizza with fresh ingredients that has convenient takeout (that is highly subjective based on where you live and what you consider convenient) has always been a challenge. Pair this disagreement with the fact that my wife is pregnant (which means she wins almost any disagreement)
  7. With all of the chatter about the Isabella Galleria deal, as well as the regrettable (already) deal that the Nationals struck to rename the Red Porch as the Budweiser Whatever, it seems that the news this week that was overlooked is that the Redskins have partnered with some restaurant group to open a Redskin-themed restaurant at One Loudoun. You sub-50 year olds will be able to find and post links easily, so help me out. Interesting that the Redskin name itself is not part of the branding. Will not be going unless I see 10+ favorable reviews on this forum...
  8. Location: 20575 Easthampton Plaza, Ashburn, VA 20147 (Right off of the Loudoun County Parkway exit on Rt. 7) Website: http://drafthouse.com/northern_virginia/one_loudoun Menu (PDF): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30900543/menu_loudoun2013_web_reduced.pdf EDIT : there may be a 'bug' in reading the menu in a browser window - if things look bad or parts look as if they're missing, save it as a file and open it in the PDF viewer you use manually - that should fix it. ...or just click here and look at the image files: http://drafthouse.com/northern_virginia/one_loudoun/one
  9. Ashburn area restaurants? Does anyone have any recent ideas for restaurants serving good, fresh food--other than the usual chains in Ashburn/Dulles/Sterling area? Need something that is not more than $15. an entree (moderately priced and not too fancy). Thank you.
  10. Address (Sterling): 21305 Windmill Parc Dr #160, Sterling, VA 20166 - https://www.burger21.com/locations/sterling/ Address (Ashburn): 43800 Central Station Dr #100, Ashburn, VA 20147 - https://www.burger21.com/locations/ashburn/ Menu: https://www.burger21.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Sterling-2sided-Menu.pdf Yes, Rockwellians, another burger place (and a smallish multi-state chain one at that). I ate here tonight (the Sterling location) after a particularly shitty Saturday and not-much-better Sunday morning and afternoon, because well, why not. Also, I feel like I'm cultivat
  11. Habit Burger is my favorite chain burger in the country. I'm apparently not alone in this assessment. It will soon be in Ashburn, and I predict it will expand all over our metropolitan area. I love Habit Burger. I've eaten there often, all over Southern California, and I would choose it 9 times out of 10 over In-N-Out Burger. This is great news, indeed.
  12. So, a little birdy tells me that this past week, a couple of ex-telecom guys opened a scoop shop in Ashburn that specializes in some kind of Hawaiian ice cream that's supposed to be less sweet, but more fruity. "Hawaiian Scoop" is located at 20937 Ashburn Rd., north of Rt 640 (Waxpool Rd/Farmwell Rd). The ice cream is from Lappert's (in California?). Separately, they're also bringing in some kind of Dole fruit freeze that's supposedly only available in Hawaii and at Disney World. A friend of mine who used to live in Hawaii went to a pre-opening event and came back raving about it. That's all
  13. Kapao is located off Waxpool Road, in the same complex as Five Guys, V Restaurant & Bar, and a few other places. I've been meaning to write about them for a while, and I'm kind of glad I waited, as they just changed their menu. They do both take-out and sit-down and it's kind of set up like many take-out joints - you order right at the front, and then there's an aisle to walk down by the side of the open kitchen, and you pick up your own silverware and fill your own drink if you eat in. I tend to go in a bit late, so there's never really been a line. They're very big on being "fresh" a
  14. To continue the journey though Loudoun.... Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque is a pretty solid rendition of Eastern North Carolina style barbeque. That is typically, whole hog, with a thin vinager-based sauce. I am not sure if it is whole hog, but it is definitely sauced with the vinager based sauce. In the past I remembered thinking it tasted watered down from being on the steam table too long. Today it seemed pretty fresh. In fact it was quite good, not as good as the better places in NC, but at least in the same ballpark. Super casual place good for lunch. I didn't try the ribs or beef bbq,
  15. I just posted this review on Chowhound and am reposting it here as a PSA so as few people as possible get suckered into wasting money at this joint. Mrs. W. and I tried this place last night, before catching a movie next door at the Fox Theater. One of the worst meals we have had in a long time. Based on the name and the beautiful contemporary decor, we were expecting a menu full of interesting seafood dishes. What we got was a skimpy menu that looked like a Cliff Notes version of the menu at On the Border, Chili's, or a similar craphouse: burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas. I had to look clo
  16. When I got home from work last night, I found that my basement was starting to flood and had about an inch of water on the floor, soaking the carpeting and starting to creep up the baseboards. Google pointed me in the direction of Flood Doctor. I called them around 10 PM and talked to Frank. He was extremely helpful and efficient during the call and assured me that he would have somebody out to the house around 2 AM. I was nicely surprised when Frank himself showed up with two other guys at 11:15. They went about their business very quickly, cleaning up the water, ripping up the carpet, d
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