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Found 20 results

  1. To get this topic started: Kyirisan is at 1924 8th St. NW (between T and U). We enjoyed our first meal tonight. It is a pretty and hip space, all very stylish including decor, plates, people, etc. The menu is not huge but everything we had was good. They say it's "Chinese-French" and I guess I can see that. As you can see online, the menu is divided into three categories: basically, vegetables (though NOT all vegetarian), meat/fowl, and seafood - in each category there are smaller plates and bigger plates. "All meant for sharing," ok whatever. A shot of good rum and a shot o
  2. The +1 and I headed to lunch on H St. yesterday and wanted to try somewhere we hadn't eaten before. We were late enough we didn't really want brunch, so we decide to try Khan's Bar & Grill. It's pretty straight-forward as Mongolian BBQ places go, but did have a list of appetizer type things that could be ordered in addition to the buffet-style entrees. There's also a full bar, and a lot of TVs (including a massive projection screen) around the whole restaurant. When we were there it was mostly college basketball on, but I believe Khan's is a big soccer bar. Seems like a good place to sett
  3. I always get excited at the possibility of good Cajun/Creole food. For years, I worked at a place in the Atlanta suburbs called Comeaux's - the owner was from Lafayette and the food was amazing, and it set my expectations pretty high. I have yet to find crawfish etouffee (outside of Louisiana) that matched the version I would routinely eat after my shift. So, Jason and I visited Po Boy Jim last Friday night, and I worked pretty hard to temper myself. The two-story space is nice - we ate at the bar upstairs. Service was good - the staff seem pretty enthusiastic about the restaurant and it
  4. (Search returned nothing and I don't recall seeing a thread, so here goes) I had a lovely dinner (with a large group, none the less) at the new Liberty Tree last night. Pizza and small plates on H street, I believe they've been open a whole two weeks or so now. It feel strange to tout the virtues of a salad, but the "rare tuna" was pretty wicked. Spinach, Kalamata, white beans, topped with seared tuna with some pine nuts. Seriously, best salad in a while. And the salads come in two sizes, thank you very much (I hate not knowing if it's going to be huge or small...at least with two sizes
  5. Opening day drink menu Opening day menu Their imminent opening on H Street intrigues me, and to tell you the truth I'm not sure what to expect. The charcuterie and cheese has pedigree, the team looks pretty solid, and the menu looks fun as well. The "featured cocktails" exude confidence on paper; I've had the Lion's Tail at the Passenger and at home many times, and it's not an easy recipe to execute. Ditto, to a lesser degree, for the Seelbach. And the Five and Dime (ROOT, maple syrup, egg white, and Black IPA) is only locally eclipsed in opening menu audaciousness by SOVA/Derek Browns'
  6. Mythology is now (soft) open at 816 H Street NE. The concept has been in the works for years and comes from former Atlas Room GM (and Mark & Orlando's owner) Mark Medley with his business partner Todd Luongo. Mythology opened quietly last night. With little fanfare, Mythology lined up the talented Chef Joseph Harran (formerly of Woodward Table, Bistro Bis and Vidalia) to operate the kitchen. If you don't know Chef Harran (and I did not), note that our fearless leader DonRocks has described him here as "exceptionally talented" and a "Top 20 Chef in the city." Our preview meal confirmed
  7. Tom Sietsema's first bite tomorrow is on the Atlas Room, which opened about a month ago on H Street. We've been a few times and love it -- it's definitely elevated the game on H Street. Not only is it the best place to dine on H Street, but IMHO it is a truly great neighborhood restaurant and as good a spot for a nice meal as most any spot on greater Capitol Hill. Has anyone else been yet?
  8. I've been meaning to start a thread on this for a while, but then Tim Carman's review today spurred me into action. I have been convinced for the past few years that this spot, directly on the SW corner of 14th and H, right next to Tony's Breakfast, would never open. There would be construction, and then it would stop for months. They'd appear suddenly close to opening, and then there'd be no action. The sign itself was actually up for I think at least a year before they finally opened earlier this year. I've only been there once, so Tim's review is much more comprehensive, but we enjoye
  9. From Frozen Tropics: Soft Opening tonight from 5pm-10pm Send reservation requests to: info@ethiopicrestaurant.com http://www.ethiopicrestaurant.com/ Very excited for this new Ethiopian place.
  10. There's a place on H and 12th (or thereabouts) NE called "Philadelphia Water Ice." Has anyone popped in there? I LOVE water ice, but haven't made it there yet...
  11. Okay, so it's raison d'ètre isn't to be a restaurant, but many people don't know that HR-57 has a $3 corkage policy, and that's good enough to get my attention. HR-57 (House Resolution 57) recently closed it's location on 8th and H Street NE, and that location is going to be filled by Fever Bar & Lounge. HR-57 reopened last Friday in its new location, two blocks east.
  12. Does anyone know if Pho Bar and Grill is closed or if they'll actually reopen? They've been closed the last few times I've walked by there with a sign that they're closed temporarily for renovations and training. No work appears to be taking place inside.
  13. I just couldn't let the Virginians have all the fun. Seriously, Jason and I have been craving some social time, and it would be great to meet up with some of our DR neighbors in NoMa, H Street, Atlas District, Trinidad, etc. Anyone up for a get-together sometime soon?
  14. We were looking for a place to watch today's World Cup game, when I read about a NEW place called Biergarten Haus on H Street, right next door to the Rock N Roll Hotel. Apparently they just opened a couple of weeks ago. Given the 99 degree weather, the outdoor BeerGarden didn't sound quite so appealing at 2pm, so we went elsewhere (Flanagan's Harp & Fiddle in Bethesda), but LATER (around 7pm) we decided to check it out. It's a 21+ only place, so it's not a kid friendly place to dine. Once you walk in, you feel as if you've walked into a nice, dark, cold bar in Germany, with oodles of Germ
  15. Souk a small Middle Eastern restaurant opened at 1208 H Street earlier this week. It's a tiny operation that seems to be run by a husband and wife team with seating for dine-in and take out available. At first glace, it looks like a great addition to the neighborhood with a very inexpensive menu of Middle Eastern staples (hummus, baba ganoush, grape leaves, schwarma, falafel, kafta, kebobs, etc). The opening menu is attached.Souk.pdf
  16. The Batter Bowl Bakery. Keep in mind I am but one voice, and all of my neighbors publicly drool over it, but I am not a fan. Croissants made of phyllo dough, not flakey or buttery, but weirdly dense in the middle. illy coffee, eh. I am a big fan of the illy espresso cups, have a set at home, but we have better options in DC for coffee. Frenchie's during the H Street Farmer's Market is sooooo much better. Better isn't even the right word, the product is totally different.
  17. The H Street Corridor - A Closer Look Barely scratching the surface with our recent H Street Dishcrawl, The Atlas District has so many more incredible eateries just waiting to be discovered so we're going back for Part Deux! On Wednesday, May 15th, join us as we take you to 4 more eateries on H Street, NE that will have your taste buds rejoicing. This thriving community is filled with trendy bars and restaurants just wating to be discovered. Don’t wait, get your ticket now! It's a guessing game! We’re keeping the names of the restaurants we will be visiting a secret for now, but here and
  18. Dangerously Delicious Pies is coming to DC, opening very soon at 1339 H Street (next door to H St Country Club). They had hoped to open before Thanksgiving, but have not quite yet finished everything. Thanksgiving pies (apple, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato) are available now via telephone order at (202) 398-PIES. I haven't been to the Baltimore location, but I hear they are very popular, and they get some serious love in the dr.com thread on Pies. Here's what "thelistareyouonit" has to say about them:
  19. Wandering around H Street, we were looking for a place to have a few drinks and some snacks before indulging in 11pm ramen. The words "Pork Shoulder Tacos" scrawled on the glass underneath the image of a fruit bat stopped me mid-stride. "Nicky- Fruit Bat!" I'd made my decision. The place is pretty darn tiny, and I have to image the kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. At 9:30pm on a Friday, they were more than struggling with kitchen stock. They were out of the tacos. They were out of the guacamole. They were out of the blueberry caipirinhas. I didn't really care. The music was great, the
  20. I had read almost nothing but good things about Smith Commons in the blogosphere the past week or two so was excited about trying it out. We have been frequenting Liberty Tree, but there's some competition now! My +1 and I went for dinner tonight and I'm looking forward to more meals there. Walking in it reminded me a bit of Birch and Barley with the stairs immediately up to the second floor and a warm, wood-filled dining room to the right. We only briefly checked out the second floor, which consists of a second bar, a few tables and some loungy tables and chairs, but it looks like a nice pla
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