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  1. Big meeting at the office this morning, I had heard good things about Chewish Deli, so I pre-ordered an assorted half dozen (you can get them sliced or unsliced) and some plain cream cheese. I'm no expert on bagels, but the half of the asiago bagel that I had was very good. Tender, somewhat dense interior, chewy but not rubbery crust. Cream cheese was whipped but not airy, so a good schmear that didn't tear up the bagel. Plus, they have an assortment of flavors of cream cheese, lox, whitefish salad, and make bagel sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. https://chewishdeli.com/ Open 8-1 Weds - Sunday. I'll be back. Also, they are next door to MAS Seafood, where I picked up some excellent fresh flounder last week. Unfortunately, MAS wasn't open yet.
  2. Starting a bagels thread for NY-- Where should I go for bagels when I visit NY? I used to go to the H&H near Zabars for bagels. I also liked Columbia Bagels. Both now gone. Where is the go-to place for bagels in NY? Russ and Daughters? I went there for bagels last year and liked the bagels. I've also tried a place near Times Square which the internet said has some involvement by people who were with Columbia Bagels. Got the bagels to go. I had them on the train, and the bagels were on the harder side. --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Black Seed Bagels (goodeats)]
  3. I didn't realize this place had no topic on DR so adding it. I posted some of this in the Bagels topic but expanding the post the cover more of their offerings: Baked by Yael across the from zoo has been such a refreshing treat during the pandemic. As everything shut down and we didn't want to go inside any place, Yael Krigman, owner of Baked by Yael, has done a great job of setting up curbside pickup and deliveries for what I now think are my favorite bagels in the city. In the past few years, she has perfected her bagels so they are just the right size (think fit in your hand) with nice chew outside, and soft inside with good size hole. They are not overly puffy like a lot of places like Bethesda Bagels. Also, they are often warm and fresh still when you pick them up any time in the morning. Varieties are more limited - plain, everything, sesame, salt, and onion, but really great bagels. You can also get a few different cream cheeses, Ivy city lox or whitefish salad (the whitefish salad is really good), and sometimes salmon salad. Also makes my favorite challah (you can get a weekly subscription). So while my kids like the cake pops which I find a bit silly and kitschy, this bakery has great savory goodies too. Other treats we like are the cookie bars - really good cross between blondies and chocolate chip cookies, and good black and white cookies too. The raspberry bar is also tasty. They also have a bunch of gluten free options, and the whole store is nut-free. They are also kosher-certified. Starting this weekend, they've introduced Duffins - think doughnut/muffin. The idea is a muffin top and donut bottom - it is really like a more cake-like donut. We tried 4 types today - all the same base but with different coatings - chocolate frosting, glazed, maple glazed, and cinnamon sugar. The chocolate is very good - same frosting as the good B&W cookies, cinnamon sugar was also good. The glazed were also good but not as well-liked. I think the maple needs to amp up the maple flavor more. They also make plain. Try for yourself and share. Lastly, Yael and her staff are super kind. The Zoo being closed for so long hurt the business, but they adapted well.
  4. I live close to both Goldbergs and Bagel City and I prefer the latter. I agree with your assessment on the crust/chew factor. Tasty, good size. Goldbergs are a little too bloated though I do like the taste. Funny enough, I actually find the service to be quick and very friendly at Bagel City when I go on a Saturday or Sunday morning - while I feel like I've gotten a colder shoulder at Goldbergs. But I'm not too fussed, they're just fetching 6 bagels out of bins for me. Oh and the 'Saturday' part of Bagel City is a plus for this gentile.
  5. Super tasty takeaway from SCRAPPY's Bagel Bar, an 11AM to 2PM Sat/Sun pop-up located at Estadio in DC by Chef Rob Rubba and his wife Chef Deb Rubba. On Saturday night at 8PM, I pre ordered online via Toast and scheduled my pickup for 11AM on Sunday at the entrance of Estadio. So grateful I got to enjoy this delectable Spring Bialy of Ramps, Mushrooms, Ramp Cream + Pea Shoots AND Everything Bagel w/ Ramp Cream, which didn't make the photo! I highly recommend following SCRAPPY's Bagel Bar stories on Instagram for the latest updates. The chew, texture and taste is perfection. Best fresh bialy and bagel I've had in a long time!
  6. I wrote this up several weeks ago, but worth repeating. The Copper Crust Company is a god send to this carb addict. Its located right inside the Central Market in downtown York. The owners are originally from NY, city proper, I may add. They brought their skills to town. An everything bagel that a New Yawker would eat!! Although, I do believe the secret to NY bagels & pizza dough is the water. This should be on a list of MUST eat places while visiting the area, among many more. But rec needs to wait til my next review!! building suspense, kat
  7. Did not see a Call Your Mother (Timber’s bagel spinoff) thread, so I’m putting this here, but feel free to move this to wherever it should go if not here. A word of warning: I am always on the hunt for a great bagel in the DC area, and had seen the hype Call Your Mother was getting, so I was excited when Dolcezza announced they were carrying Call Your Mother bagels at their locations (as there is one right next to my office – much closer than Columbia Heights). I stopped in to try one this morning and got the za’atar bagel, untoasted with cream cheese. This thing had roughly the same texture as a supermarket bagel, and was essentially tasteless. It tasted like it was at least a day old (possibly more), which for good bagels makes an enormous difference. I haven’t been to CYM to have one fresh so I can’t rule out that their bagels don’t just suck in general, but it seems Dolcezza locations are getting maybe two shipments a week and selling them until they’re gone, which basically makes these things tasteless hockey pucks. And at $4 (with cream cheese), they are not exactly cheap (and several days old are a rip off). Anyway, short version: don’t get a Call Your Mother bagel at a Dolcezza, and if I was CYM I would be highly concerned about losing business over this (i.e. I had wanted to make it up there before to try them out, but now have zero desire to).
  8. Bethesda Bagels, on Bethesda Ave. near the Barnes and Noble also makes authentic NY style bagel* that are first boiled, then baked. My mother (who is now 96) told me that when she was young she used to make her own bagel, when she lived in places where they were unavailable. When I was growing up in Los Angeles, we lived in a Jewish neighborhood where there were many bakeries and delis. Bagel, along with onion pletzel, bialy, corn rye and challah, were always in the house. My mother always preferred "egg bagel," which had egg in the dough and were a bit softer, over "water bagel" which are the denser, chewier NY style. Interesting to learn today, via one of Darkstar's posts, that Montreal bagel have egg in them. My mother's preference may reflect her Canadian childhood: though she lived in Winnipeg, not Montreal, it's my understanding that many Canadian Jews emigrated from the same general area in Belarus during the years leading up to WW1, often heading first to Toronto before moving to other Canadian cities. Mimi Sheraton wrote a fascinating history of the bialy. I wonder if there is a similarly well-written book about the bagel. *my father, a notorious language pedant, always insisted that the plural of bagel is bagel. I often lapse into the Americanized usage of the plural but since I am talking about my family history here, I'll respect my father's nitpick.
  9. Seriously, places like Au Bon Pain and Panera Bread don't sell bagels. I know they sell things they call bagels. But, with the wrong inputs, no proofing and no boiling, they're selling rolls. Bad rolls with holes in the middle. Dunking Donuts may have decent hole-ified rolls you like but, again, I can't imagine they're actually bagels. --- [The following posts have been split into separate threads: Bruegger's Bagels (DonRocks) Georgetown Bagelry (darkstar965) Brooklyn Bagel Bakery (cheezepowder) Bethesda Bagels (zoramargolis)]
  10. I picked up a dozen from Goldberg's New York Bagels in Silver Spring yesterday. They may or may not be authentic NYC-style bagels, but they meet my three criteria: chewy exterior, correct ratio of inside to crust, and salt on the everything. They have a variety called a "black Russian" that I have never seen; it's a pumpernickel that smells oniony and has sesame seeds on the outside. We'll see how they keep in the freezer. The tub of veggie cream cheese I got to go with was nothing special and wildly over priced at almost $8/lb. Several people ordered sandwiches while I was waiting to pay and they looked pretty good. They offer breakfast egg sandwiches, tuna salad, egg salad, veggie burgers, pizza bialys, and the usual cream cheese spreads. Forgot to add: Goldberg's New York Bagels 9328 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910 240-450-4177
  11. Bullfrog Bagels did a few pop-ups around the city, but has now opened a permanent store on one side of the Star and Shamrock bar on the East end of H St. I stopped in around 8:30 this morning, and there was a line of about 18 people. The selection today included all the standard bagels as well as a reasonable looking bialy. I needed to get in and out quickly, so decided against any of the breakfast sandwiches (egg & cheese, lox, smoked whitefish, etc.), and got a sesame and everything bagel to go, with sides of scallion/chive and smoked salmon cream cheese. The little guy got a bialy. The everything bagel was indeed everything. Almost, but not quite too salty (which is the perfect amount of salty for a bagel), with a shiny, dark brown outside and perfectly chewy inside. This was a damn fine bagel. The sesame looked like it could've used a few more minutes in the oven, and was a bit pale and soft on the outside. Overall, it was still a pretty good bagel, but didn't compare to the other. I'm not much of a bialy expert, but this one at least looked like the ones I remember from NYC. Nice softened onions and poppy seeds filled the middle. Given the crowd, they're definitely filling a need. Another day, another quality opening on H St.
  12. In business more than 30 years, Georgetown Bagelry is the best bagel provider in the greater DC area imho. They boil, which eliminates most of the chains and others around from real competition. Beyond that, the flour, technique and ingredients they use all reflect a business serious about creating a high quality, authentic product. Finally, Georgetown Bagelry (though not in Georgetown) is a small local business with good people and values. They deserve lots and lots of support.
  13. Funny coincidence. One of our favorite Szechuan restaurants, called Legend of Taste, is diagonally across the street from #1 on that list, Utopia Bagels. We’d never tried their bagels, so last time we went to the restaurant, we bought bagels to take home. The texture of their bagels was better than any other place we’ve used in NY (& we’ve had a lot of bagels!) but, weirdly, they were all virtually tasteless! Kind of shocking. We’ll try again next time we’re in the area - maybe they just forgot to add the flavor packet.
  14. I patiently waited for a legit bagel place to open near me in DC, and one did (Bullfrog Bagels)...less than a year before we moved away to Houston. Underwhelmed with what folks called the "best" bagels in Houston (Hot Bagel Shop), we began patiently waiting again. Reader, my wait is over. Golden Bagels is the real deal. Perhaps the realest deal I've had since Pick-A-Bagel. I've had both the everything and the sesame. My standards. Firm. Chewy, but not overly dense. These aren't shitty coffee cart bread circles. The spreads are all made in house, and more than get the job done. Sesame bagel + scallion is my #1, followed closely by everything + lox cream cheese. The bialy we tried was a little too puffy for my tastes, but YMMV. They recently launched lunch, which is sure to be popular among the Heights crowd as well. My "build your own reuben" with an everything bagel + pastrami + sauerkraut + mustard was delicious. The pastrami is sliced thin and griddled with melty Swiss cheese. The top/bottom of the bagel is sliced off to give a flat sandwich service.
  15. I'm a little surprised we don't have a thread on Bruegger's, although there is scattered conversation about it here and there in other threads. I had a Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese ($2.61 with tax, if I recall), and like usual, I found Bruegger's to be one of the best of the large chains (which does not include Goldberg's). It has drinkable coffee, and I prefer it to Einstein Bros (which also has drinkable coffee), and strongly prefer it to Chesapeake Bagel Bakery (whose bagels, to me, are more like torus-shaped rolls). No, it's not great, and a purist wouldn't even think it was good, but in a carb-craving pinch, I've found myself in Bruegger's several times in the past, and haven't regretted it yet. I've never tried anything here other than bagels and coffee, but in general, I find what Bruegger's is to bagels to be something on a par with what Qdoba is to burritos. I also prefer the one in North Georgetown more than the couple of other locations I've tried, although I could have just hit them at a good moment (which is *easy* to do at bagel bakeries). (All this said, I just put it in the Multiple Locations Dining Guide, spending a few minutes trying to figure out where to rank it under the "Bakeries" category, and I have it ranked pretty low, so I guess I don't like it *that* much.)
  16. What about Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse? According to their website, they "kettle boil" their bagels. http://www.brooklynbagelva.com/home.html Overall, I like Brooklyn Bagels. Bagels generally chewy but I've had a bagel on occasion that was on the harder side, almost like it wasnt fresh. I haven't been to Georgetown Bagels for comparison.
  17. I'm taking my kids to NYC for a quick trip later this month. I think I've got our schedule roughly mapped out, making our meals my next step. I'm looking for any recommendations y'all can offer! I'll be with my 6 and 8 year old boys who are, on the whole well behaved and fairly adventurous eaters for their age but we won't be at Le Bernardin. 1. Sunday Brunch, either near our hotel in the Upper East Side or near One World Trade. I was thinking maybe Balthazar's. I used to love this spot in the late 90s/early '00s but 20 years later, is it still worth a stop or is my nostalgia getting the better of me? 2. Sunday dinner. No real restrictions in location here but I'd like somewhere with great food since its our only dinner. We may go see a show that night so perhaps somewhere near Central Park South? I don't want to eat in Times Square. 3. Monday morning Best NYC Bagels. The kids haven't really had bagels (other than Bodo's in Charlottesville) because we don't really eat them around here so I'd like to introduce them to a really great bagel. I greatly appreciate any recommendations! Many Thanks!!
  18. "DC's Newest Breakfast Food: B-Holes: Really - It stands for bagel holes. Get your mind out of the gutter." by Jessica Sidman on washingtonian.com I was thinking bung-holes, especially since they stuff sh!t inside.
  19. I was in New York for to run the NYC Half Marathon last month and the one thing I really really wanted to do was to get bagels, cream cheese, and lox at Russ and Daughters. I stayed with my cousin who had moved from the Bowery to Tribeca since my last visit and he convinced me to go to Sadelle's instead as he had a friend involved in the business side of the place so I agreed and asked a Jersey City dwelling friend to meet me there for brunch on Saturday. My cousin's friend had graciously called in my name ahead of our brunch trip so my friend and I were able to get seated as soon as we arrived around 11:30am despite a 30-45 minute wait for others. Despite recommendations to get the sticky buns, I wanted to stay on the healthy side and ordered the whitefish salad with an everything 2.0 bagel while my friend had the smoked scottish salmon with a plain bagel. While we waited, the restaurant brought out two large glasses of mimosas for my friend and I and we toasted to our reunion. Our smoked fish came out on a tiered platter along with lightly pickled red onion, cucumbers, cream cheese, and capers so we decided to share the fish so we could get a taste of both. The bagel was fantastic (the New York Bagel of my dreams) and the smoked fish and accoutrements were good as well. I haven't been to Russ and Daughters for two years so it may be nostalgia, but I do remember the salmon at Russ and Daughters to be quite a bit better. It was great to catch up with my friend and I am glad to get my NYC bagel fix. Next time, I do need to get to Russ and Daughters because the Super Heebster is still calling my name.
  20. Since I was making a trek to Chinatown and wouldn't be too close to Russ & Daughters, unlike my last trip, I thought I would search online to see what bagel shops were nearby there. Apparently, Black Seed Bagels is gaining quite a reputation, as evident by my "many folks in front and behind me" line, when I visited. Black Seed is a hybrid-bagel shop, apparently, mixing the Montreal- and New York-styles together, with it being wood-fired finished, but boiled instead, in Montreal-style honey water. While not as "airy" as its Montreal-counterpart, the bagels here do contrast its dense cousins found at more traditional New York bagel shops, with a slight less chew, but containing some "fluff." I think my mind was confused by this hybrid and can't figure out if I like it or not. But I think, imho, these bagels don't travel as well (probably due to improper storage on my part), as they lost some of its luster when toasted the next day, for me. I definitely will make another trip here, to sample more, as they have a diverse menu, and it seems all freshly made, etc.
  21. I got home tonight to find the neighborhood listserve abuzz with news that the bagel shop in Bradlee Center has been served notice of eviction. There was a link to this petition for signing, and I'm curious if there is any way to find out the facts about what has happened.
  22. Okay, this is one of those mornings where I *have to have a bagel*. Don't ask my why; I just do. Bullfrog Bagels is closed on Monday (and yes I *would* have driven to H Street to get one). I've heard good things about Bagels, Etc. on P Street in West Dupont. Can anyone vouch for them?
  23. Jeremiah Cohen, former GM of Hotel Tabard Inn, has started making NY style bagels. He will be selling them at Cork Market through this Sunday and next weekend, June 6 through 8. disclosure: I worked for him as special events chef at Tabard
  24. I wouldn't bother writing this, but the Harrison Street (Arlington) Chesapeake Bagel Bakery has signs up saying that they're the "only deli in Arlington that roasts their own roast beef and turkey." (Earl's, you might want to take note of this.) I was going to order something very plain, but ended up dropping $7.80 on a roast beef and cheddar sandwich, on a plain bagel, with lettuce, tomato and light mayo. Aside from the fact that they forgot the cheddar, if this roast beef was roasted in-house, I'm the King of Siam. It was *disgusting* - that same grayish-brown, fat-streaked, garbage that you get on any cheap party platter. I haven't had Subway's roast beef, but I suspect it's precisely at this level of quality. We've all seen it, and it's nothing like freshly roasted beef. I'm not saying they *didn't* roast it because I can't prove it, but if they did ... why bother? Horrible. This is false advertising unless my palate has betrayed me ("Have you ever mistaken a Rhone for a Burgundy?" "Not since lunch.") In case anyone didn't know, Chesapeake Bagel Bakery was purchased by the same company that owns Einstein Bagels and Manhattan Bagels in 1999. However, when you go to the Einstein Noah Restaurant Group website, and click on "Our Brands," there's no mention of them. That either means they divested, or they're just too ashamed to admit they still own the brand. Either way, a smart move. There is no separate website for Chesapeake Bagel Bakery that I could find; only this.
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